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by JavieR / December 8, 2012 / 16:15
Welcome back. It is time for me to make a mega update adding all the Futurama fan comics that I've collected from many artists, now that I've some free time for today.

Comic "30" by Inquisitor-HeinI'm going to star with a biiiig comic that started a long time ago by Inquisitor-Hein. The comic called "30", and features a long story of the Amazonians searching for a baby. In the search, they find a lost city in the jungle with some stone warriors. Meanwhile in NNY, Fry has to buy a Valentine's present to Leela that he forgot. He is still writing this comic, so I'll upload the next pages when he release them.

Other comics that Inquisitor-Hein created include: "The Butterjunk Effect: Alternate end", "Slenderman vs Futurama", "Love and Rocket: Alternate end", "Human breeding program" and "Futurama Halloween 2012".

Some other new comics come from SuperPrincessPink, 2 of them to be specific. The first one is called "Lucas' nightmare" (Ft, the OC Lucas, Fry's son) and the other with Bender and Fry called: "Dealing with the Mafia".

Fry's Loss comic by MissFuturamaI've added many great comics created by MissFuturama. 6 comics where around and I forgot to add them sooner (I'm sorry Vik).

The first one features a 2 pages comic called "Terribly Humane" that I don't know if it is complete or not, but has great image quality and colors as usual for her, and involves Bender and Alice (Miss' awesome OC). There's a cute story of other 2 OC Julie and Arthur (younger Fry and Leela kids besides OC Alice) called "Freak: Julie's Revenge". "Zim's new robot slave" is a fun story with Zim, Gir and Bender.

There's also the comic called "Leela's worst nightmare" and envolves her, (adult) Alice and Zapp... The featured image is from the comic called "Fry's loss" and a very fun one named "Kill all humans! And Zoidberg" (the title says a lot haha).

Finally, the last artist with more comics is of course Alanquest with 5 new ones. There are 4 Futurama mini comics that you'll like: The Metal Hunst'bot, Hardcore Pizza, Watch YoursELF and a no named mini comic #15. The last comic is a big one, currently with 10 pages, and it is called Ceres Secret.In this comic, the crew has to traver to a Dwarf Planet in the Asteroid Belt that is very dangerous. Cuberts acts like a stowaway in the PE Ship to get some geological samples for his experiments... read the rest (the comic is in development...)

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