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by JavieR / October 31, 2011 / 23:31
Ok, I know I'm a little late tonight, but I had to add a Futurama Halloween update this year too. Last year, we saw some amazing images, and tonight you'll see some more!

I'm going to start with Gulliver63 and his special made fanart for today. The image features a parody of "The Thing" (a scary film from 1982). Zapp as a monster from the movie, hitting on Leela, even when she and the Professor wan to burn him to death. The other image made by him is actually a single page comic called Thing-erama, and features Leela trying to discover who is the alien in another "The Thing" parody.

Happy Halloween 2011 by Gulliver63 Thing-erama (comic) by Gulliver63

The other artist of this evil night is the well known Kaspired. I've added 3 of his great Halloween images, 2 of the featuring Leela as a vampire, that I've to say, it looks very very scary and has great detail (specially the close up image).. the second of those images shows vampire Leela attacking Fry. The third fanart features Amy with a nice/scary concept of her brain turning into a monster!

Vampierama part 1 (Leela vampire close up) by Kaspired Vampierama part 2 (Leela vampire attacks Fry) by Kaspired Amy Thing by Kaspired

Take care, eat a lot of candy and be very scared...
by JavieR / October 22, 2011 / 02:37
Hello everyone, long time no see... True, I've been in Robot Hell of PHP code, don't ask where.. not here of course. I'm back from it (but I've to come back on monday) and I've with me new Futurama fanart and comics for all of you to enjoy.

Steam Punkeerz: Leela & The Professor by KaspiredI would like to begin with a very well known artist around here, he is Mike Jessen, but he is more known in the Futurama community as Kaspired. I've added today his latest Futurama work, exactly 11 fanart images. Going from a M.C. Eschers Waterfall parody, Amy as a Sailor Moon, Amy and LaBarbara in Fleischer Style, 2 Picasso (cubism) portraits of Leela and Amy, The characters dealing with one of Nibbler's steamers, an evil Leela, 2 version of Amy, LaBarbara and the Professor going incognito (watercolor and markers), and the one featured today, steam punk style Leela and the Professor.

It is also time from some new comics, and I've plenty to mention today. I wanna star with a comic strip created by MissFuturama called Magnet, featuring her OC character Alice and his dear uncle Bender, and even when the comic is in Russian, it is very understandable, so I do recommend it.
Other comics today were created by Alanquest, a total 3 of them. The first 2 are a couple of mini comics called Cryptic and Larry, Walt and Igner in: Don't Bother Us, and the third one is a complete one with 30 pages (2 pages per image) called Womanly Gimicks.
The final comic of the night was created by MissusPatches and it is a simple but funny one called Ohh Mister Fry.

Falling in Parabox Love (Leela + Fry) by AlanquestAlanquest is also around with some new fanart. 12 new images featuring a steam punk version of Fry and Leela, some very funny parodies and Futurama comic front covers, Nibbler taking the Hedonism bot spot, a mix with other cartoon series, David X Cohen head-in-a-jar in 2 funny situations, some great silhouettes of Fry and Leela and the final one, both the normal and Universe A version of the Falling in Love (literally) image with Fry and Leela.

Have fun!!!!
by JavieR / October 10, 2011 / 00:59
Hello, sorry to mention this a little late. It is time to preorder the new Futurama season, this time, Volume 6 (Season 6B) that aired on Comedy Central in 2011. You'll get it just for Xmas because the release date is December 20th, 2011:

(Season 6B)

(Season 6B)

For more info about the Extras, Episodes and Features, please check out the previous news entry at slurmed.com

Amazon has not the cover added yet, so here you go:

Futurama Volume 6 Blu-Ray cover Futurama Volume 6 DVD cover

Have fun preordering and supporting the series, that will give us more episodes in the summer of 2012 and 2013!!
by JavieR / October 4, 2011 / 02:16
Leela in peril (w/ laser gun) by Ben CainHi people. The site is fully functional now, I removed some extra featured that added extra code and no really big benefits.

Today is fanart day.. and I want to start with a brand new artist around here. His name is Ben Cain and he recently sent me a couple of great Futurama images featuring every nerd's fantasy.. aka Leela. One art features her chillin' with her sunglass and a cigar (that he probably stole from Bender). The other is a nice action shot of Leela fighting with her clothes ripped, some bruises and a cool looking laser gun (featured today).

4 new fanarts were created by mej073 featuring some kinda strong Amy and Leela situations, an 2 images of Leela cosplaying Cammy from Street Fighter.

Futurama vs. Venture Bros: Common Ground! by Gulliver63 Gulliver63 is also around with 19 images featuring many different situations. A lot of crossovers, from Daphne (Scooby Doo), Harry Potter + Morgan Proctor, Amazonians can't dunk, Amy Hulk, Galileo, Futurama vs Venture Bros. (2 images), and others. You'll also can see some interesting ideas like a Teenage Leela in a real High School background, Ultra Amy, and many other images that you'll see and enjoy.

I'm gonna watch some Futurama and then sleep.. bye!
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