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by JavieR / May 22, 2011 / 00:39
Futurama Season 6B (Season 7) - 8 first premiere datesHello people. I've some nice news for you. Here you go the first 8 premiere dates of the Futurama Season 6B (Futurama Season 2011) with the respective short description, that will appear on Comedy Central, starting with 2 back-to-back episodes on June 23, 2011 at 10pm/9c.
  • 6acv20 - Neutopia
    June 23, 2011
    The crew encounter a bizarre alien with power to change their characteristics
  • 6acv17 - Benderama
    June 23, 2011
    Bender gains the ability to replicate himself
  • 6acv19 - Ghosts in the Machine
    June 30, 2011
    Bender's disembodied software haunts the Planet Express building after he dies
  • 6acv16 - Law & Oracle
    July 7, 2011
    Fry quits his job and becomes a police office
  • 6acv14 - The Silence of the Clamps
    July 14, 2011
    Bender goes into hiding after testifying against the Robot Mafia
  • 6acv21 - Yo Leela Leela
    July 21, 2011
    Leela becomes a Hollywood big shot after her series creation
  • 6acv23 - All the Presidents' Heads
    July 28, 2011
    The crew alters history when they travel back in time
  • 6acv15 - Mobius Dick
    August 4, 2011
    Leela hunts down a mysterious four-dimensional space whale
  • [NEW] 6acv22 - Fry Am the Egg Man
    August 8, 2011
    Fry nurtures an alien egg that then hatches into a monster
  • [NEW] 6acv18 - The Tip of the Zoidberg
    August 18, 2011
    The crew uncovers a dark secret about a covert mission
  • [NEW] 6acv24 - Cold Warriors
    August 25, 2011
    Fry's sneezes reintroduce the common cold to the world of the future
  • [NEW] 6acv25 - Overclockwise
    September 1, 2011
    When Bender increases his processing power, he becomes godlike
I don't know why Comedy Central decided to change the original production order, perhaps thy think it would be more interesting.. I just hope they didn't miss any detail that required some episodes to be in the original order.

BTW, this info was also updated in the Episode Guide, ordered by season, that is the original season broadcast order since the series started back in 1999 on FOX (time seasons 1 to 5), Comedy Central (time seasons 6, 7 and counting)

One interesting fact is the description of episode 6acv21 - Yo Leela Leela that says: "Leela becomes a Hollywood big shot after her series creation". That is something that we didn't know earlier. We know that the title is a parody of Nick Jr. TV Show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", and that's a show that started to gain popularity online before it got picked up by a major company, so Leela might go that way too... who knows...

This info of course is not official, but the source, MSN TV, posted the Season 6 (6A) dates in 2010 and nailed every single one of them.

Source: MSN TV
by JavieR / May 16, 2011 / 02:01
Real Leela by  No SoHi one more time people. I'm back from my job to bring you some neat Futurama stuff. The first artist today is a new one, he is called No So and he created a real version of Leela, because he didn't like the real Leela versions the he had seen so far. Is a nice version so please take a look.

Another neat stuff today, is the latest fanfic created by Gulliver63. The history is called Amy Wrong, and like the title implies, another Amy appears in the Futurama universe after one of the Professor experiments ends, as usual, with a failure.. a clone of Amy, but an evil Amy...

Futurama Comics: Zoidberg by AlanquestThe last artist around here is also a new one. Please welcome Alanquest and some of his neat fanart. 5 new images, 4 of them featuring parodies or different version of Bongo Comic Futurama Covers that look very well done and have funny situations (like the Zoidberg cover featured today). There's also a parody of Futurama as Pokemon.
by JavieR / May 10, 2011 / 02:15
Hello again people. I've some neat Futurama fan stuff for you tonight, but I'm gonna be kinda fast with this update, because I've to sleep too haha.

I'll like to start with a good artist called TheFightingMongooses, that has created 4 images featuring.. The Clamps, Bender & Elzar, Fry playing Mario Bros... and of course, Super King himself!! Those are really neat images because of the quality and situations, so please visit his fanart page right now.

Doll like Leela by MissFuturamaThe other artist of the day is a girl, she is a miss, she is MissFuturama. I've added 10 new images that feature mostly Leela and Amy. You'll see some neat versions like a gothic Leela, an evil Amy with Bender, Amy and Leela at night (neat art, Amy in the shower, Leela waking up in bed, 2 Amy portraits and a Leela one, Fry with a gun, and finally, featured today, Leela as a doll.

Futurama Tattoo (for Paige) by  Michael BiancoFinally, the last one is a photo of a neat tattoo in the skin of a fan named Paige. The art was created by Michael Bianco, and is now part of the Photorama section. The tattoo is very colorful and with nice detail. Check it out!
by JavieR / May 2, 2011 / 13:57
UPDATE - August 31, 2011

Great news. USAopoly just released more photos of the Futurama Monopoly. First, take a look at the Bills:

The full bills feature:
  • $1: George Washington
  • $5: Abraham Lincoln (as far I can see)
  • $10: Richard Nixon's head-in-a-jar
  • $20: Horrible Gelatinous Blob
  • $50: NNY Supervillain governor (on Mount Rushmore from ep. "When Aliens Attack")
  • $100: Benjamin Franklin
  • $500: Al Gore
I'm surprised they didn't add Al Gore as a head-in-a-jar.

Next, there you go the board, the houses and hotels (renamed as Resi-Domes and People Hives):

Futurama Monopoly: House aka People Hives Futurama Monopoly: Play board Futurama Monopoly: Hose aka Resi-Domes

Full list of properties on the board:
  • Brown
    • Sewer City
    • Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium
  • Sky Blue
    • Antares 3 (from "Attack of the Killer App")
    • Vergon 6 (it was destroyed!!!)
    • Amphibious 9
  • Pink
    • The Hip Joint
    • Studio 122133 (from "Rebirth")
    • Elzar's Fine Cuisine
  • Orange
    • Robot Arms Apartments
    • HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots
    • Robot Hell
  • Red
    • Santa's Workshop on Neptune
    • Lrr's Palace on Omicron Persei 8
    • Snu Snu Chambers on Amazonia
  • Yellow
    • Head Museum
    • Underground White House
    • Planet Express
  • Green
    • Future-Roma
    • Lost City of Atlanta
    • Mars Vegas
  • Blue
    • Wong's Ranch
    • Mom's Friendly Robot Company
The Chance and Community Chest cards examples, renamed to "Attention puny humans" ft. Morbo and "Good news everyone!" ft. Professor Farnsworth:

Futurama Monopoly: Chance/Community Chest card - Billionaire bot Futurama Monopoly: Chance/Community Chest card - Robot Mafia
I don't know if those cards will be all white (and not dark orange and yellow like the original ones).

The transportation items are:
  • The Nimbus
  • The Momcorp Flagship
  • Nibbler's ship
  • Omicronian Mothership
The services are:
  • Central Bureaucracy Tax (pay $200)
  • Westside Pipeway
  • Applied Cryogenics
  • League of Robot's dues (pay $100)
I don't know why they don't used Smitty or URL for the "Go to Jail" image, and perhaps Roberto for the "Jail" image. I can think on many stuff to replace those and other items, but I guess the Monopoly needs to stick to the classic images for some parts of the game.

SOURCE: USAopoly Facebook page

Futurama Monopoly box cover (by USAopoly)UPDATE - August 3, 2011

Check the image of the tokens below.

Well, with the San Diego Comic-Con in its peak, FOX and USAopoly finally released over there, the cover of the Futurama Monopoly (click the image for a bigger preview), and not only that, but the release date for the preorder of the game (that includes the golden Bender token), set to September 1st, 2011.

According to MTV Geek, the properties include: "[..] Mom’s Friendly Robot Company and Planet Express Headquarters! Rather than buying houses and hotels, property improvements will be made with Resi-domes and People Hives just like they are in New New York!". I really hope I can use the 500 dollar bill with Al Gore on it.

In the USAopoly Futurama page, you'll also find a video called "Sculpting Futurama: Planet Express Ship Game Token" that features the process of sculpting the Planet Express Ship token, that will be one of the seven tokens. You can also watch it here:

SOURCE: MTV Geek, USAopoly Futurama


I think many fans (myself included) have been waiting for this game to appear. Finally, todays is the day when USAopoly announced the official Futurama Monopoly collector's edition that will be available for preorder on October 17, 2011.

The great about this, is that we can vote each day to define the 7th collective token (token is the item used to play the game). This 7th collectible item will have a gold finish and it will only be available if you preorder the game.

Futurama Monopoly tokens (from USAopoly)The tokens are:
  • Leela's boot
  • Bender's Head (GOLDEN: Only preordering)
  • Brainslug
  • Seymour
  • What If machine
  • Planet Express Starship
  • Hypnotoad
According to the fellas of USAopoly, Futurama fans are working closely with Matt Groening and his team for this project, so I believe they'll do a great work. The Simpson Monopoly has very good reviews, so if Matt, perhaps David X Cohen and the staff is working on it, there will be no inconsistencies (haha)!


Futurama Monopoly: All 7 tokens Futurama Monopoly: Golden Bender token

You can also visit USAopoly Facebook page (now available worldwide) for more info, but is fairly official since it has appeared in Comedy Central and Comedy central Insider websites.
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