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by JavieR / April 26, 2010 / 23:52
Lovely Leela by TheFightingMongoosesHi everyone. Sorry for the not so recent updates. I'm going to start today with some new neat fanart created by TheFightingMongooses. I've added 6 new images featuring different characters. You'll see Destructor ("My leg feels funny!!"), Fry frightened by Zoidberg, 2 images from "Roswell that ends Well".. Leela and Professor Farnsworth undercover as a 50's husband and wife respectively, a mix between Professor Farnsworth + Pinky & the Brain and finally, the one featured today, the image called Lovely Leela, that has smooth coloring and looks very good.

Realistic Leela by ProfessorZoidySome other fanart of the day include one image by ProfessorZoidy that is back around here (and that I should ad earlier). The image features a realistic Leela that looks very nice in my opinion. The last image featured today was created by Leela's Loyal Slave, and is another parody featuring Leela with characters from another cartoon.
by JavieR / April 21, 2010 / 00:56
Bender.. Get them! by casebasketHi people. Another day at TFP with new fanart! I would like to to start with 7 images created by casebasket. 5 of them are the original versions (no cropping) of the wallpapers I added from him, so you'll find some interesting ones like Leela, the Robot devil, a sober Bender, Zapp and the Professor. The other 2 images feature Bender, one saying something like "Get them" and the other looks like he is thinking about an evil plot.

Shipper's worst nightmare (Collen) by FuturamaFreak1The other artist today with a new neat image is FuturamaFreak1 or Freako. He recently created a fanart featuring a shipper's worst nightmare.. I'm talking about Collen (Fry's girlfriend in "The Beast with a Billion Backs" DVD Movie) created for the Character Countdown Project at dA, and of course, a nice tribute to Brittany Murphy. It has that neat new effect that looks very very smooth.

I also uploaded 1 image by Vickram101 featuring his own birthday (with Fry and Homer Simpson in the fanart) and other single fanart by Tastes-Like-Fry that shows a very shocked Fry. Enjoy!
by JavieR / April 16, 2010 / 14:27
New episode names from Futurama Season 6Is true, thanks to Svip from the Infosphere.org, we have 3 new possible names of the upcoming Futurama episodes (I don't know if these ones will feature in season 6 or season 7):
  • In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela: A pun of the song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly (thanks to Angelikfire @ PEEL)
  • Lrrreconcilable NdNdifferences: Clever title, this one will obviously feature Lrrr and NdNd from Omicron Persei 8
  • Proposition Infinity: Mmm.. this one sounds interesting, perhaps and epic episode
Like the previous time I added possible titles of the new Futurama episodes, this info was retrieved from the Public Catalog from the United States Copyright Office website (with a little help from Svip). As usual, these titles could change in the future.. but who knows..

[UPDATE: April 16, 2010 / 17:34]
According to Eric Rogers at Twitter, the 1st and 2nd episode of Futurama Season 6 (6acv01 + 6acv02) will be a Double Feature on June 24th of 2010 on Comedy Central!

Source: Svip @ PEEL (more info), Public Catalog (US Copyright Office)
by JavieR / April 15, 2010 / 17:38
What a day. Is time to check 2 great wallpapers that I have the oportunity to show you and that you can use for your personal computer. I'm gonna start with the wallpaper by Bman2006 (the left one). He is from Argentina, and his 3D interpretation of Bender is by far the best one I've seen, featuring neat arms/fingers and eyes like cameras that make him truly realistic, and makes me think about a Futurama movie with actors and that Bender!

Real Bender 3D by Bman2006 Planet Express Fight by BeLayaBeL

The other wallpaper of today (the right one) is a neat piece of art digitally painted by BeLayaBeL. She is from Russia, and this image truly features the personalities of the 3 main Futurama characters. Leela as usual fighting against the many lasers shot to them. Fry running but at the same time watching back to see if Leela is OK, and Bender running away like hell to the belly of the Planet Express Ship, that reminded me his line "I don't remember fighting Godzilla, but that is so what I would've done."

So there you go, as usual, you'll find the more common resolutions, Widescreen 16:10 (were possible), Widescreen HD 16:9 and Fullscreen 4:3 (were possible). Have fun! ..and don't forget to checkout Bman2006 at deviantART and BeLayaBeL at deviantART for more neat of their art!
by JavieR / April 12, 2010 / 17:24
Hood Ornaments (Sexy Leela + XL Package) by KaspiredHello people. Is time for a new update after a crazy weekend. I'm going to start with a well known artist around here, you know him as Kaspired (or Mike Jessen) and I've 5 new images for you today, featuring some interesting characters. He created 3 images featuring minor Futurama characters for the Futurama Countdown Project by MissusPatches, including Dr Perceptron, the Chief Martian and the Planet Express ship with 2 ornaments: The LX package ornament + A very sexy Leela (a must feature of today). The other 2 images are kinda interesting and feature Amy, one as Mifretete (an Egypt statue) + the other that is a very surreal one called "Deep End"

Protection (Kif and Amy) by AlsizaI've some more fanart for today. First, a fanart by Alsiza that looks very good (a interesting + different style), it features Kif protecting Amy with a laser gun from some wierd tentacles. The last artist of the day is Leela's Loyal Slave with a crossover image of Leela and and Phineas from Family of the Future. I guess that's all for today, I'll try to update more often this week, but everything depends of my work...
by JavieR / April 8, 2010 / 00:11
The Robot Devil (wallpaper) by casebasketHi once again. I started to work in some fuzzy stuff of my work, so you might see me a little less this week. I'm glad to add now.. not only two but three new awesome wallpapers by the great casebasket that I couldn't add earlier (sorry).

As usual, these wallpapers will feature the Fullscreen 4:3, Widescreen 19:10 (normal and extra big size) and Full HD Widescreen 16:9 resolutions. Now, the backgrounds feature 3 different characters... Leela with a couple of Laser guns + a Sober Bender (both using a new tablet and a new coloring style) and the final one has a close-up of the Robot Devil face according to casebasket, and I think you'll love his version because he looks even more evil (look at the thumbnail).

What else is new around here... Of course, casebasket is now a father (about 3 weeks ago) so once again, congrats man! (you can also say something to him at his deviantart page) I guess that's all, I really need to sleep more.
by JavieR / April 5, 2010 / 23:18
Ultra Amy comic cover by Gulliver63Is time to ad many Futurama fanart for you to enjoy. Lets start with 14 new images.. yes 14 new images by Gulliver63. He created many different Futurama parallel universes, inspired by The Farnsworth Parabox episode. The fanart features an real evil universe, some images of the Liliput universe where Amy and Leela are the big people, there's also a cyclops universe where Leela is very happy, like a Rock Band from 1983... other 3 are the Naga, Waterworld and Dune universes, each one with interesting situations. Many others are parodies of the Futurama characters mixed wit Gilligan's Island, Simbad, Jack (Fry) and the Beanstalk, Avatar and others. There's also an original character called Ray Ray Johnson (1 body, 2 heads).

Ahh Fangirls (+ fembots) can dream by Sof-SofThe other fanartis of the day is the dear Sof-Sof. I've added 5 or her latest images, including 2 of them from the Character Countdown Project by MissusPatches that I mentioned earlier, those 2 ones feature the Brainspawn and the Brain Slugs. The other 3 images feature a fembot fangirl stalking Bender, Fry telling Leela to leave him, and the last one of Fry and Leela parodying the an anime called Umineko no Naku Koro ni
by JavieR / April 3, 2010 / 01:00
Hi people.. You've to understand that sometimes I'm busy with my work, that's why you didn't see many updates this week. Today I've some neat stuff for you.. starting with some clool Futurama Blobs Icons originally drawn by gotbob and then transformed to Windows + Mac icons by myself, JavieR. You'll find a lot of characters, about 29 different ones, including all the Planet Express crew and Ship, URL and Smithy, Mom, Morbo and Linda, Lrr and Ndnd + many other characters.

Futurama Blobs Icnos by gotbob + JavieR (javoec)

Wonder if this actually works (bender vs. Spock) by amanda-jI've to say that I've a big delay with the fanart from other artists.. I want to add some images today, starting with 2 fanarts by Vickram101 featuring Bender-vision and other of Himself with Fry. Another artist that returns over here is Leela's Loyal Slave with a new image of Leela in a peculiar style called: "Seductive little Miss Leela". The last fanart of the day is thanks to amanda-j with an image of Spock fighting Bender from the neat episode "Where not fan has gone before". Have fun!
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