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by JavieR / February 25, 2010 / 21:50
Well, when one great artist works with another great artist, amazing stuff happens, and is even better if the theme of the art is Futurama's Leela! That's why today I decided to feature this image of Leela sitting in a deathball.. ball (thereby called: Leela's Deathball) that was created by FuturamaFreak1 (Freako) a few months earlier. As you can see in the thumbnail, it has now some great coloring created by El-Man, another Futurama fanartist.

Deathball Leela (recolour) by FuturamaFreak1 + El-Man

Fry's Daydream by FuturamaFreak1I've also added some other fanart created by Freako (that I don't know why I didn't upload earlier). 2 images that where meant to be wallpapers but I forgot to ask for higher resolutions called: Leela Chest Rub and Leela Face Rub and by the name of the 1rst one, you noticed that is a kinda sexy one (I'll add them as wallpapers later). The other fanart by Freako that I forgot to add, is a promotional image of Futurama called Fry's Daydeam (featured today too) that is very very funny.

About FuturamaFreak1's upcoming comic, is a neat one called "The Surrogate Mutant" and it will be available in the main Futurama websites soon. You can find some neat previews at his PEEL thread!
by JavieR / February 24, 2010 / 09:34
Planet Express Starship by MrRonsfieldWell, another day people. Is time for some new fan stuff over here at TFP from two Misters. I'm glad to add these two 3D renders created by MrRonsfield. One of the images features a clasic view of the Planet Express building, and the other, a clool image of the Planet Express starship in space. Both 3D arts are nicely done, so please take a look!

Bneder: Bite my Shiny Metal Ass by mr35mmThe other Mister of the day is mr35mm, that created a neat Bender image a few days ago that as usual, I forgot to add earlier (Sorry). As you can see in the preview, you'll find Bender with his bottle of beer and his badass attitude saying to you: "Bite my Shinny Metal Ass!". Of course, you can only imagine that if you read this, but you can also click over the image and see the entire image...

That's all for now. I've seen many people joining the TFP Facebook page, what are you waiting for. If you're not a Facebook user but a Twitter one, you can then Follow @slurmed :)
by JavieR / February 21, 2010 / 22:10
Welcome to Robot Hell by TheFighting MongoosesIs always great to add new Futurama fanart (or fan stuff) to TFP.. it reminds me that the fans made a lot for the Series that arecoming back in June, 2010 on Comedy Central. I'm gonna start today with an artist with many nice images over here, TheFightingMongooses. I've added 3 new fanarts, featuring Calculon with Bender, the Robot Devil, and Zylex.. the new character that appeared in the 1st DVD movie: Bender's Big Score (and never appeared again :P)

Amy Wong in 1974 (with a Porsche in the BG) by Gulliver63I'm gonna finish this update with 4 new images from an artist that enjoys to create parodies of Futurama with other situations and series. I'm talking about Gulliver63, and the images of today feature Amy and Kif in 1925, Amy and Kif in 20.000 B.C., Amy in 1974 (today's thumbnail) and finally, a parody between Scooby Do and Futurama, with the spaceship as The Mistery Machine and the mixed characters. Enjoy!
by JavieR / February 21, 2010 / 20:43
Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis hardcover (perhaps official)As you knew according to the previous article posted over here: Hardcover version of the Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis comic, the Crossover Crisis comic will be published by imprint Abrams.

I didn't found the real cover of the comic, until today, thanks to the Futurama-Area.de. The image of the hardcover comic is now available in Amazon Germany (but in America, you can Preorder it at Amazon.com). As you can see (click the image for a bigger preview), there is 1 big book inside the external cardboard cover, that it should hold all the 4 comics, part I (2 comics) and part II (2 comics) of the Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis. In case you're wondering, I created the English cover based in the German one, there's no official cover in English yet...

Source: Futurama-Area.de, Amazon.de
by JavieR / February 20, 2010 / 21:02
Time to say hi to a new artist over here. You already know his name, casebasket, but I bet you have not seen his amazing fanart. I've added today 3 images to the fanart section of TFP. One is a sketch of a Bender close-up.. the other 2 I can guaranty you'll instantly love. One of those images features Bender holding his martini, but the coloring of the image is amazing, very metallic, and if you take a closer look to the number of lines it took to do that, your mind will blow up!. The 3rd and last image features Fry holding his right sock, and he is holding it like a puppet, very funny, and it has the great neat coloring efect too!

Martini time Bender (Fanart) by casebasket Fry's right sock (Wallpapers) by casebasket

In fact, these 2 last images are so awesome, that you can have them as wallpapers too. Like you read me, you can have them on your desktop, and in the highest resolutions available. You'll find the 1600x1200 (Fullscreen 4:3), 1920x1200 (Widescreen 19:10) and the 1920x1080 (Widescreen Full HD 16:9).
I've also added an extra big resolution for you guys with extremely big screens (I'm a bit jealous, is true!). A resolution of 2650x1600 (Wide Quad 16:10) is also available.

 BTW, by the time I'm writing this (02H14), by a coincidence, it is also casebasket's birthday, so Happy Birthday!!
by JavieR / February 18, 2010 / 16:05
Welcome back everyone. Is time for another update, this time featuring 2 artists that return over here. First, I've added some new fanfics, created by DSS. She sent me 2 stories, the first called Summer of Two Blondes (a follow up of Pool Party Shock):

"Since the pool party incident, Leela and Fry had been the laughing-stock of Planet Express. But then they do something to put the incident behind them: dye their hair blonde and amaze everyone. But will it last?".

The 2nd one is named Nickelback-A-Rama (A follow up of Summer of Two Blondes):

"Leela is a huge fan of the Canadian rock band Nickelback. Fry decides to suprise her by getting tickets to see Nickelback live and back-stage. During the concert,Leela is chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime opprotunity."

Unusual Suspects (Fry, Leela, Bender) by coldangel_1The fan artist that returns today too is the one an only... coldangel_1. Yes, is true, he is back with a new fanart, e very neat one that features Leela, Fry and Bender being arrested.. acording to the author: "The trio have been involved in some kind of ruckus and gotten themselves arrested". Is a very interesting image, and acording to the iamge, very tall =D. I'm sure you'll enjoy this image.. so go ahead and take a look!
by JavieR / February 16, 2010 / 23:47
Wallpapers by Dave51495 and GlaDOSHi people. Is very late around here, and so is this update. Time for some brand new wallpapers to cheer up your desktops. The 1st one today is a background created by Dave51495, that features the Planet Express logo in a neat effect, kinda like a neon light.. you'll find a standard 1024x768 px (4:3 resolution) and a full HD 1920x1080 (16:9)

The other artist over here is GlaDOS. He is new around here, and today I've added a neat wallpaper called "I Love you Leela". It features Leela and Fry sitting on a bench.. and Fry has moved the stars again for her, meanwhile, Bender steals Fry's wallet. It has some interesting resolution. The 1st one is a fullscreen 1600x1200 (4:3 resolution) and I've added other 3 versions for very big screens. The standard 1680x1050 wide (16:10) and 2 special ones, the Wide Quad Extended (2560x1600) and the Wide Quad Ultra Extended (3840x2400). Enjoy!
by JavieR / February 16, 2010 / 01:18
Great news everyone! These are the 3 possibly upcoming figures by Toynami, perhaps Series 9 and 10 of Futurama. I'm talking about Wooden Bender, Morbo and URL (robot peace officer) appeared in the Toy Fare 2010 thanks to Figures.com:

Futurama/Toynami figure - Series 9: URL (robot peace officer) Futurama/Toynami figure - Series 9: Wooden Bender Futurama/Toynami figure - (possibly) Series 10: Morbo

According to the photos, the Futurama Toynami Series 9 will be Wooden Bender and URL. I personally really like the Wooden Bender, and it looks very nice already. URL kinda needs more work but is also a cool one. The other figure, Morbo, is a great add too. It could be part of Series 10 and of course, it needs more work with his head veins, but the 3 figures are pending from approval.

I'm gonna sleep now... I would have added some fan stuff today, but I arrived to my home at 00H45 of today, so I'll do that in a few hours.

Source: Figures.com « more photos
by JavieR / February 14, 2010 / 01:41
Ok, time for a new update because I'll not be around until this Monday in the afternoon. I wanna start with a new fanfic, this time created by Yubbles. Her second fanfic is called Earthquake, and it starts when an.. earthquake struggles the Planet Express building... check it out!

Futurama Egipt (Pharaoh Bender) by Fer GaliciaThere's also a new artist today at TFP. His name is Fer Galicia and I've added 3 of his fanarts. One features a Bender Sketch Card with his shinny metal ass. The other image features a very clool drawing of Pharaoh Bender with Leela and Amy next to him, Fry carrying him, and many statues in the back featuring Professor Farnsworth, Hermes, Kif, Zoidberg and Scruffy... believe me, is a pice of art that you don't wanna miss. There's also a 3rd one that features the lines of the previous featured fanart, also created by Fer galicia.

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day, don't forget to checkout the previews news item called: Futurama episodes to watch in Valentine's Day. That's all for today, I've to go!
by JavieR / February 13, 2010 / 18:47
Here you go a list of episodes that feature Love in Futurama. All of them are somehow related with Love, and many of them with Valentine's day (Now updated with the movies and Season 6acv):
  • Futurama episodes to watch in Valentine's DayLove's Labours lost in Space: How a Planet Express charity mission gets compromised when Leela gets involved with Zapp Brannigan
    • DVD: Volume 1, Disc 1, Episode 4
  • A Flight to Remember: The crew goes into the luxury spaceship Titanic.. where love and tragedy surprisingly appears
    • DVD: Volume 1, Disc 3, Episode 1
  • Why must I be a Crustacean in Love: Where love goes when a mating Dr. Zoidberg gets relationship advices from Fry.
    • DVD: Volume 2, Disc 1, Episode 5

  • Put your Head on my Shoulder: Love goes extremely wrong when Fry stars dating Amy, and at the same time Bender opens a dating service office
    • DVD: Volume 2, Disc 2, Episode 2
  • Bendless Love: The fight between 2 robots (with serial numbers that are expressible as the sum of two cubes) for a fembot...
    • DVD: Volume 3, Disc 1, Episode 6
  • Time Keeps on Slippin': How to wind Leela's heart and then forget about it because of a time colapse in the universe
    • DVD: Volume 3, Disc 3, Episode 2
  • I Dated a Robot: An army of Lucy Liu bots is the main reason why you must not date a robot, specially tomorrow
    • DVD: Volume 3, Disc 3, Episode 3
  • Love and Rocket: Is interesting how a relationship develops if you go out with someone that can carry you inside..
    • DVD: Volume 4, Disc 1, Episode 3
  • The Sting: The most dangerous mission of the Planet Express crew makes Leela go crazy because of Fry's death.. or not..
    • DVD: Volume 4, Disc 3, Episode 2
  • The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings: What a man with the Robot Devil's hands can create for the love of a cyclops
    • DVD: Volume 4, Disc 4, Episode 4
  • Bender's Big Score: Fry or Lars is the question in this movie with time travel, paradoxes and love.
    • DVD: Bender's Big Score
  • Into the Wild Green Yonder: Fry has a power that can not share with Leela because he want to protect her..
    • DVD or Blu-Ray: Into the Wild Green Yonder

  • Rebirth: The love between Fry and Leela.. and other Leela.. and Fry and.. well, check it out
    • DVD: Volume 5, Disc 1, Episode 1
  • Proposition Infinity: Love between a human and a robot can be real.. but not approved by society
    • DVD: Volume 5, Disc 1, Episode 4
  • The Late Philip J. Fry: A love story that litteraly goes to the end of the universe.. and the starts again 
    • DVD: Volume 5, Disc 2, Episode 1
  • Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences: Aliens have feeelings too!
    • DVD: Volume 5, Disc 2, Episode 3
Don't forget to watch those episodes tomorrow and have some fun!!
by JavieR / February 11, 2010 / 20:58
Fryscape (fanfic) promo by Kaspired (for Red_Line)Hi everyone. Time for another fan update! Today I'm very glad to add an excellent Futurama fanfic. It was created by Red_Line (Tim) for the 2009 TSFFC writing competition where it took the 1st place, I'm talking about the Fryscape: "The Planet Express crew are in for a busy night when an incident with a package causes Fry to leave a trail of duplicity and confusion".

The surprise is not only this neat fanfic, but also that Kaspired (Mike Jessen) created a promo image for this story (img featured today), but wait, the real surprise is that Kaspired colored the fanart, something the author of the fanfic doesn't know until he reads this!

The other artist here with new fanart is the dear Sof-Sof. I've added her last 5 images, featuring 2 pics of Leela and Bender as a couple (called Leeler), also couples like Zapp and Leela, the classic Leela and Fry, and a B&W that features the song Bad Apple by Touhou. Enjoy!

More fanart and fanfics are coming in a very near future, way earlier than the future episodes of Futurama. BTW, this reminds me that there's a neat article called Futurama Cast News Round-Up where you can find a nice summary of the recent news of Futurama seanson 6.
by JavieR / February 10, 2010 / 16:08
Is true, I found another script cover, this time of the episode that apparently is being recorded right now in the Futurama recording studio (thanks to @kitchelfilms). The cover features episode 6acv14, and the name of the episode in the script is "The Silence of the Clamps" (click over the images for a zoom):

Futurama script cover of episode 6acv14 Futurama image detail of episode 6acv14 Futurama script finale of episode 6acvXX

Now, the 2nd image features the same episode but with a different name, "Bend on a Wire". That means that the name of episode 6acv14 could change yet again (although I like The Silence of the Clamps).

Also, in the second image we can see episode 6acv13 that features the Chanukah Zombie, and in a previews news entry, we knew that 6avc13 was an Anthology of Interest episode about the Holidays.. in fact, the name of the episode is "??????? Holidays" according to the image. The episode 6acv14 is written by Eric Rogers and directed by Ray Claffey (thanks Svip), and episode 6acv13 seems to be also directed by Ray Claffey.. also, episode 6acv15 seems to be written by Dan Vebber.

The 3rd Image show us a moment inside Professor Farnsworth + Sweet Clyde's heads when they are calculating something.. enjoy! Oh, is also apparently the end of an episode (it says there 6acvXX) we don't know if is of episode 6acv14 or other...

Does this means that 6acv is the production season code of all the 26 new episodes? If that's the case, when the Season 6 appears in Blu-Ray/DVD it will be a big box with 7-8 discs. I do believe Comedy Central will split the 26 episodes in 2 broadcast seasons.

Just when things settle down, another wave appears.. but in a good way. If you follow @slurmed on twitter, you will be more aware of that, but this news is very neat in my opinion. I say this because there's a lot of images added of the recording session of episode 6acv14. You can also see some at the TFP Facebook page.
by JavieR / February 8, 2010 / 21:24
Comic: After Rehearsal by MissusPatchesAfter a series of interesting Futurama news (see the previous posts) is time for a neat update featuring the fan stuff! I was supposed to add this about a week ago, but between the news and my lazyness.. well. Please welcome back MissusPatches and her last comic called After Rehearsal. The single long image contains the history of the Robot Devil and his crush on Leela.. is a very cool comic with nice shadings and story, so be sure to check it out!

I've also added one fanart my MissusPatches, this time featuring a situation between Mom and Tinny Tim (it was a collaboration with Kaspired, he drew the image and Missus coloured it). It has the neat shadings and colors that MissusPatches uses, and is a comic situation with Mom sitting over poor Tinny Tim.

And finally, after a few years, Brennan Young reminded me that I haven't added any Futurama Framegrabs... and is true, I stopped at season 1. That why today I've added framegrabs of the 3 first episodes of Season 2 (I& Second that Emotion, Brannigan Begin Again, A Head in the Polls), with 100 high quality images each for all of you to enjoy.. so, enjoy! (and I'll try to add more to catch up after 10 years lol)
by JavieR / February 8, 2010 / 00:13
Thanks to luvtheshows from Peelified.com and Tim from the Futurama-Madhouse.com.ar, you can see a sneak peak of the Futurama 100th episode (6avc12) script cover + some text from a page of that script (click over the previews for bigger images):

Futurama script cover of episode 100th (6acv12 - The Mutants are Revolting) Futurama script page of episode 100th (6acv12 - The Mutants are Revolting)

This episode was written by Mike Rowe. According to the cover, the name of the Futurama episode 100th is "6acv12 - The Mutants are Revolting". I don't know if that's the final name of the episode, probably it is! The inside page has some legible text, according to the fans at PEEL (Svip, Tedward, Frida Waterfall, soylentOrange), could be something like:

Nibbler: Congratulations, Dr. Wong!

- Kif pops open a bottle of champagne, starts to raise it to his lips, then reconsiders and tosses it away. Bender's arm shoots up and catches it, and he begins chugging it. (Cut)? to Nibbler pawing Leela's lap like a kitten. Looking hypnotized once again, she pets him, zombie-like. Nibbler (?)les once and goes to sleep. -

Perhaps Amy finally got her doctorate or something like that with someone in the Wong family... and perhaps something to do with Nibbler (remember, the script is quite unreadable in some parts). You can check more info about it at the Peelified.com entry and also at the Futurama-Madhouse.com.ar
by JavieR / February 7, 2010 / 10:32
Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder wins an Annie Award!The last Futurama DVD movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, won the Best Home Entertainment Production at the 37th Annual Annie Awards celebrated yesterday at the UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, California.

This is the 3rd award in a row for Futurama. In the 36th and 37th editions of the Annie Awards, Futurama took the same award with Bender's Big Score and The Beast with A Billion Backs respectively.

This news is now confirmed in the Annie Awards official page, and also by @aimeekitty, that went to the Annie Awards yesterday as one of the Futurama embassadors =P

I can say that this is one of the reasons why Futurama is back this June of 2010. This is a neat award, that Futurama has won 3 times in the last 3 years, so tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999... again!
by JavieR / February 4, 2010 / 11:47
Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis cover (Fanmade cover by JavieR/javoec)This is great for all the comic lovers. Art book imprint Abrams has announced that it will publish an Art-Book version of the Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis comic.

In fact, you can already Preorder the Hardcover version of the Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis comic at Amazon (for $16.47) with Pre-order Price Guarantee! The book release date could be on April 14, 2010.

The book will feature the 4 comics that are part of this history + these features:
  • Neat hardcover (the cover featured is NOT the real one)
  • A bonus facsimile reprint of the Eisner Award-winning issue of Simpsons Comics #1, first published in 1993
  • An introduction by Matt Groening
  • Supplementary Material
    • Preliminary sketches
    • Character designs
  • Exclusive pin-up gallery featuring 16 superstar comics artists like:
    • Michael Allred, Sergio Aragonés, Kyle Baker, Geof Darrow, Peter Kuper, Alex Ross, and Bernie Wrightson
For the people that didn't know about this comic collection:
  • Summary: "What would happen if the Planet Express crew and the citizens of New New York City in the 31st century met the Simpsons and the citizens of Springfield? Prepare yourself for a Simpsons saga filled with Futurama! A Futurama fable suffused with the Simpsons!"
  • First published in 2002 and 2005 as two two-part comic:
    • Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis
      • Somewhere Over the Brain-bow!
      • Liquid Diamond Is Forever!
    • The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis II
      • Slaves of New New York!
      • The Read Menace!
Sources: AbramsBooks.com, Post-Gazette.com, GotFuturama.com, TheInfosphere.org
by JavieR / February 3, 2010 / 15:01
Planet Express Building (closeup) by MrRonsfieldHi everyone. Is nice to see some 3D sometimes, and is even better to see some new Futurama 3D! That's why today I've added 3 images created by a new artist over here, his name is MrRonsfield. You'll see today three images (I think I already said that), one featuring a Suicide Booth (claimed to be real since 2008 =P), one of the Planet Express starship flying trhu space, and finally, one of the Planet Express building (featured today, but see the whole image because this is a crop of the real one).

I've also added a new fanfic, created by another new person over here. Please welcome Yubbles and her first fanfic called "From bad, to worse, to perfect" inspired by a fanfic called "Eight hours to Earth" written by Red_Line. Check it out!
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