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by JavieR / December 31, 2009 / 15:14
What a better way to say goodbye to the year 2009 than with an amazing new Futurama/Space Invaders game for all of you to enjoy. That's right, Oktay "Shinobi" Akbulut created an amazing game, revamping a the famous classic arcade videogame Space Invaders, designed by Tomohiro Nishikado back in 1978. Here you go an example of the game:

As you can see, the game was inspired also by the Futurama episode "3avc18 - Antology of Interest II: What if life were more like a video game?". You'll find dialogs of the episode that are very funny while you play it. This revamp also features a 3D version of the game, with a nice background and different spaceships (even the Planet Express ship helps you sometimes).

I've to admit that the game is very addictive.. and I'm sure you'll find it great too. Please be sure to download it and play it. Just in case, you only need to unzip it and run the game! Don't forget to visit th creator's website and find more games at www.shinobis-place.de

by JavieR / December 24, 2009 / 20:32
Perhaps is already Xmas in your place, perhaps not yet, anyway, don't forget to close your doors because Robot Santa, Kwanzaa-bot or the Chanukah Zombie (or the 3 together) are coming!!

The Futurama Point wishes you a Merry Red Xmas!
by JavieR / December 22, 2009 / 23:26
Merry Xmas from Freako (FuturamaFreak1)Well, at least thanks to one fanartist, today is Xmas time at TFP. I'm talking about the latest image created by FuturamaFreak1, this time is a fanart that features the Planet Express crew (well, most of the crew) in a snow fight. You can see Professor Farnsworth (naked haha), Leela fighting with Fry, Zoidberg having some fun, and Bender using a snowgun (apparently he has one inside his arm). Check it out, is very funny, a characteristic of Freako's Futurama images!

I've also added today, 2 fanart by Sof-Sof. One of the images is about Bender saying that Fry is his meatbag.. kinda awkward, the other features Fry again but this time with Zapp, Bender and Leela.. is a kinda bizarre image. Check them out.

I guess that's all for today.
by JavieR / December 20, 2009 / 19:28
Brittany Murphy (Collen's voice) dies at 32This is very sad. I was going to add a normal TFP update, but now I've to inform you that Britanny Murphy, the voice of Fry's girlfriend, Collen, in The Beast with a Billion Backs (the 2nd Futurama DVD movie) died today at the early age of 32. The several reports say that she had a heart attack.

She was well known for her roles in: Sin City, 8 Mile, Just Married, King of the Hill, Girl.. Interrupted, and many other early movies and series...

My deepest condolences to her husband, family and friends.
by JavieR / December 16, 2009 / 23:13
Shangai Shangfu (Amy and Fry) by Cap'n SkustingIs true, this fanart is a special reserve from 2006. Like many other people, I didn't remember that this image was first scketched in November of 2006 (not even the author if this awesome image remembered when the preview was added).

This is why I'm very glad to present you with the latest fanart by the unique Cap'n Skusting, an image named Shanghai Shangfu, and features Captain Fry Sparrow and Shanghai Amy, both individually featured in the Cap'n Skusting's gallery years ago, but now together for all of you to enjoy, 3 years after the 1st scketch!

I've also added a new image created by Leela's Loyal Slave that features the Robot Devil palying his golden fiddle (the one used to compete for Bender's soul in episode "1acv09 - Hell is other Robots").

That's all, have a nice day!
by JavieR / December 15, 2009 / 23:00
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been seaching for a new AGP video card (I know, is old) because I my current video card is kinda dead. I've started today with some fanart by Pong123. The images feature the Gender Bender, Bender riding the Crab (aka Dr. Zoidberg) and the final one... Fry, Leela and Professor Farnsworth in a band. Enjoy!

Amy (possibly naked) inside a Hot Rod by Kaspired (Mike Jessen)I've also uploaded 5 new images created by Mike Jessen (Kaspired). The fanart features a sketch of Amy as a Headhunter that really looks promising, Leela with a Dalek from Dr Who (is a nice mix of series in my opinion, can you find the error on this image?), the same one.. but the original sketch, Mom testing a experimental oil with Tinny Tim (this one was a colaboration with MissusPatches and her lineart). The final one and my favorite (being an Amyolic) is one featuring of course Amy inside a future Rat Rod.. she is naked, at least that's what my imagination says =D

That's all for today, I'll try to update tomorrow!
by JavieR / December 10, 2009 / 19:33
Hello once again. I've been lazy, that's why the site has not been updated. Right now, checking the list of fan stuff that I've to add, I'm gonna start with some nice fanfics. 2 new fanfics created by DSS, this time with the main theme: Shippy. The 1st one is called A Shy Fry - Leela now has a full interest in Fry, but Fry all of the sudden feels shy when Leela is around. What could Leela do about this? and the second one is called Pool Party Shock - Planet Express is having their first Pool Party. Everyone is excited, especially Fry and Leela. But the both of them will soon find themselves in an embarrassing situation that they hope no one will see!. BTW, both stories are actually related. They're the first 2 parts of a 4-parter Fry/Leela Shippy Story.

Futurama as Team Fortress 2 by kik0thek1llerThe other artist today is here with Futurama fanart! She is kik0thek1ller and I've a neat fanart that someone has already seen around the twittersphere. As you can see the image featured today has the Futurama main characters mixed with Team Fortress 2. You'll see some nice versions of the characters, I like how Kif was drawn on this fanart! Enjoy.
by JavieR / December 6, 2009 / 15:17
Hello people, I'm glad to be back around here! I had problems with my main PC again, but hey, have you noticed the new Xmas layout of TFP, red , with snow in the background and with a Xmas character at the top. I hope you enjoy the Xmas skin this December.

Roberto: Stay back! I've got hostages! by Leela's Loyal SlaveWell, I've uploaded some fanart that I couldn't add in the past few days (because of the problem mentioned above). I'm gonna start with a new fan artist over here, he is called Leela's Loyal Slave and I'm glad to add 5 of his fanarts featuring Clamps from the Robot Mafia, Calculon screaming "Noooo!", good ol' Roberto stabbing (featured today) and 2 Leela images for you to enjoy, one with a gun, the other reporting for duty.

The other artist here this day is Sof-Sof (Yume93) with a new Fry image of Fry called: "Other side". It features Fry with an evil shadow of himself, like a some sort of joker.
by JavieR / December 1, 2009 / 15:10
Annie Award nomination for Futurama: Into the Wild Green YonderGood news everyone! Futurama is again nominated for an Annie Award, this time with the last DVD movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder for 2010. The nomination is for Best Home Entertainment Production, all the nominees are:
  • Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas - Universal Animation Studios
  • Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder - The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • Green Latern: First Flight - Warner Bros. Animation
  • Open Season 2 - Sony Pictures Animation
  • SpongeBob vs. The Big One - Nickelodeon
Futurama has won two previous Annie Awards in this category with Bender's Big Score (2008) and The Beast with a Billion Backs (2009). In case you want to know, the 37th Annie Awards are scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2010 at UCLA's Royce Hall in Los Angeles, California.

More information at the Annie Awards nomination page
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