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by JavieR / November 29, 2009 / 22:54
Doomsville main characters by TheFightingMongoosesTrue, but these fanart images are very nice and entertaining, that's why you've to say hello to TheFightingMongooses this instant. I've added his latest 6 Futurama fanarts, featuring different characters, like the Doomsville characters (alternative Futurama characters from an alternative title for the Series), the Robot Devil dancing with Leela, Leela in Blernsball uniform, Malfunctioning Eddie, Baby Bender, and The Fighting Mongooses.

I'll update more in the near future, right now we all need to rest a little. Enjoy.
by JavieR / November 26, 2009 / 23:23
Well, time for a new update around here. I've been dealing with a IE6 bug (since some people keep using that crapy browser) thanks to a Windows XP update. Well, today I've 2 new images by ProfessorZoidy, that has reapeared over TFP . The images feature 2 minor regular characters, Zapp Brannigan and Hermes Conrad, both hand colored and looking nice.

Robot Devil playing a solid gold fiddle by MissusPatchesThe other artist around here today is also back! I'm talking about the great MissusPatches with a new Robot Devil image she made for her Journal CSS at deviantART. The fanart, featured today, has the amazing coloring that she does, and it shows the passion of the Robot Devil palying with the solid gold fiddle, once featured in the episode "1acv09 - Hell is other Robots" (remember? The one Leela is holding in her hand while Bender is trying to scape from robot hell with her and Fry)

Not a lot of news about Futurama Season 6 (sometimes named Season 7), although I've read on twitter@slurmed that the next Futurama table read will be this coming Monday (November 30th)... from which episode, no idea...
by JavieR / November 23, 2009 / 23:02
Welcome back! Is time for a new update, is almost midnight over here, so I'm gonna add this one kinda quick. I'd like to start with a new Fan Video created by Sof-Sof. It features Fry and Leela, but the end of the video is kinda disturbing in some way, because of the jealousy.

Fry in OC by Sof-Sof (Yume93)There's also a bunch of 5 new fanarts created also by Sof-Sof (that's why this update's title has her name). The images feature 3 weird images of Fry and Zapp (not to weird like some other ones I've seen made by Sof-Sof, but weird indeed), an image of Fry alone very happy, and the last one that features Fry with a gun and Leela kinda scared because of that. That's all, I've to go now because I need to sleep and sleep!
by JavieR / November 21, 2009 / 21:54
Hi again people. Is time for a new updated around here, today with some nice stuff. I'm going to start with some great fanart. A new image by Pong123 featuring Bender in Heaven (a reworked version).. and you'll see the kind of heaven Bender likes!

Amy made of clay (lump) by Mike Jessen (Kaspired)I've also added 6 new fanarts by Mike Jessen featuring 2 LaBarbara Conrad images (one inspired by other artist), the second part of a blind date between Leela and Titeuf (involving Amy), Mom (the evil one), a funny image of Colleen with his 5 husbands (well, they are only her boyfriends in The Beast with a Billion Backs movie) and finally, his 100th Futurama fanart featuring Leela in a Bikini (that was 1st released as a TFP exclusive)!

That's not all! I've also 3 photos in the Phototrama section (featured today), also made by Mike Jessen featuring a clay model of Amy Wong. There's a lot of detail and in my opinion, is a nice version of her. I really like the hair interpretation (different from the Toynami official action figure) and some other detailsm, so don't forget to check it out!
by JavieR / November 18, 2009 / 15:35
Hello everyone. I have been busy not only with my job, but also with a virus in my home computer, that I don't know how is there in the 1st palce.. First, I wanna say thanks for all the retweets, follows and mentions at the TFP @slurmed Twitter account:

Bender's drinking problem by nymiI've today some nice stuff to add. First, a new pixelart by Cinzia-chan featuring Fry and Zapp about to fight because of Leela, check it out, is a very well done pixelart!. I've also uploaded 3 new images by nymi, featuring Fry and Bender admiring a Kill all humans poster, other of Bender hugging Fry and a 3rd one that features Bender drunk outside Moe's bar (from the Simpsons) and Fry next to him.

I'll try to update more, but I'm finishing a new installation in my PC + I've still a lot of work to do in my job :S
by JavieR / November 12, 2009 / 20:12
Is time to update TFP again. I've been really busy with my work, with the year ending (already is November) everything is more complex. I've for you today 2 new fanfics created by DSS. The first one is called Nanotyrannus: After finding the remains of the rare and controversial dinosaur called Nanotyrannus underneath Planet Express, Leela becomes a paleontologist... and the other one is called the Turangaraptor Chronicle: On the world of Jurassic Planet, we shall follow Leela, a female Turangaraptor, her mate, Alcazar, and their pack on a series of events that will change their life forever

Doomsville Leela and Fry by TheFightingMongoosesThere's also neat fanart for you to enjoy. TheFightingMongooses has created a lot of new images, 8 uploaded today, featuring many situations, like Leela and Fry from Doomsville (alternative versions of the characters), a Futurama returns ode, a french dressing Fry, Bender universe A (silver) and also Bender Universe 1 (Golden), Leela attaking Zapp, and a movie poster of the All My Circuits movie called Boxy's Revenge.
by JavieR / November 8, 2009 / 18:54
Hi everyone. First, thanks to Esther for noticing that some of the downloads were not working, now the problem is solved. I've some nice fan stuff today, and I'm gonna start with a new image by amanda-j featuring Fry, Leela, Bender and the Professor in a popart image.

Leela vs. Kiff in 35mm by mr35mmThe other artist here today is mr35mm, known for his Futurama animation shorts, is around here with 5 images. 4 of them are series of stills used in his last animation, The Brannigan Touch. One featuring leela punching Zapp, other of Leela slaping Kif, and the other shows Zapp showing his hidden arm. The 4th one is from the begining of that animation with the Nimbus and the Planet Express starship, and the last one is a walking Leela fanart.

I've also added a photo that is funny. The photo was taken by Tyler Fuqua and features the Box of the Toynami Professor Farnsworth action figure, but strangely, he received the figure packaged backwards, and like Tyler said: "It was so Professor Farnsworth"... it looks like he is saying: "Oh Whaa..?". So go ahead and check it out!
by JavieR / November 5, 2009 / 18:43
Matt in Futurama (for flamehead) by MissusPatchesYeap. I've some neat fanart. I'm gonna start with 4 new images by MissusPatches featuring: Zoidberg trying to Kiss Leela (imagine when Edna kissed Fry in episode "Why must I be a Crustacean in Love"... eww), a sad one of Fry mourning Leela's death, Matt.. a character by flamehead intervining in a date between Leela and Fry.. and the last oneof the Human Robot Devil sneezing stills.

I've also uploaded 1 new 3D image that was created by FuturamaFreak1, featuring Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth in standar poses. Is a nice render so I reccommend you to check it out!

About the blackout, is truly happening tonight because my country has climate problems in order to generate all the electricity needed for all the people living here.. so.. I'll read you in 3 hours!
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