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by JavieR / December 31, 2008 / 18:11
Hello, and have a Happy New Year 2009!
tfp wishes you a happy new year 2009!

This has been a nice 2008 over here, with the Futurama movies and news around them. I hope you liked the updates by the fans ar for the fans and the sections I've added to the site this year.
I apologize for the small periods of time when I didn't update TFP, when I forgot to add something a fan sent, or if I didn't answer an email you sent.
BTW, I've changed the news icons at the bottom of each news entry, it looks more harmonious with the rest of the new design (that I still has to name, mmm, I'll leave that for 2009).
by JavieR / December 26, 2008 / 21:17
Thanks to Hodge for the info. has Into the Wild green Yonder listed with an alternate cover of the Movie (click the image for full view):
Into the Wild Green Yonder alternate UK DVD cover

So, is posible that the movie could be released with this alternative cover, but only time will tell. Don't forget to check out the item.
by JavieR / December 26, 2008 / 21:05
Leela's foot over Fry's Head by Frygirl (Yume93) I really hope you had a great xmas, I had a nice one. Today's update (that I was gonna add earlier) features two artist on the Fanart section. The first one is Maria M Salazar with 4 new images.. 2 of them featuring Fry and Leela, and the others are a Mythology parody and A Clockwork's Orange parody. The other artist is Frygirl (Yume93), and I've added 5 or her images, featuring 2 Leela and Fry shippy pics, one of Leela and the Robot Devil (a present for MissusPatches), an image of Fry and Bender and other of Zapp and Fry (two 'not usual' situations that Sofi is used to draw).
by JavieR / December 22, 2008 / 23:55
Futurama Xmas Trilogy (Kwanzabot, Robot Santa and the Hanukkah Zombie) Wallpaper by JavieR (javoec) Hello again. Like I said before, I've not created a Xmas Layout this year, so instead, I've created a new Xmas Wallpaper for all of you to enjoy. This background features the 3 rulers of Xmas in the next millenium, they are called, the Futurama Xmas Trilogy.

From left to right: Kwanzabot, Robot Santa (also known as Santabot) and the Hanukkah Zombie. This wallpaper was based in the first Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score, so now you can have them in your desktop for this holidays. BTW, the preview over here is a crop of the original wall, so be sure to check it out.. and who knows, maybe I will come up with the widescreen and dualscreen version, but only if I've enough time.
by JavieR / December 21, 2008 / 17:42
You maybe noticed the change this morning, and well, it was time for a change.. the past layout (now in the Past Designs section) was great, but I wanted a fresh start in 2009 (fresh = green). Let's begin with the features I've added to this new design:
  • New slide show at the top of the site. You'll find there, the more important TFP news, info about the new movies and interesting news that need to be noticed in all the sections
  • You can choose, fixed or wide design... change it anytime with 2 small grey buttons, at the top left of the content box.
  • You can now show/hide the main sections of the site clicking over the headers (info, media, budds...) if you're short in space, or if you just don't wanna see something (the header will turn gray)
  • 3 Top Buttons for quick access to the futurama news, movies and rss sections of the site.
I've yet to change the design of the Share Item and Go to Article buttons of each news item, and I'll change the design of the guestbook very soon. If you want to suggest something about the design, colors, or if you notice any error, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

It should be rendering fine in Firefox, IE7, IE6, Opera 9 and Safari.. please let me know if you're having issues because I've only Windows to check for those issues. The reason why the design is not in CSS only is because of IE6 and because many of the sections are very old and I've to change those ones to CSS too (and that's a lot of work right now).

Well, that's all, enjoy it, and sorry, no Xmas Layout this time.. but I'll add a new xmas wallpaper very soon, so stay tuned.
by JavieR / December 21, 2008 / 01:38
The Beast with a Billion Backs nominated for an Annie Award Is true, a little late, but is true. The 2nd Futurama Movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs was nominated for an Annie Award in the Best Animated Home Entertainment Production category, just like Bender's Big Score was nominated, later won that award last year. The nominees in that category are:
  • Batman: Gotham Knight (Warner Bros. Animation)
  • Christmas Is Here Again (Easy To Dream Entertainment)
  • Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs (The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)
  • Justice League: The New Frontier (Warner Bros. Animation)
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (DisneyToon Studios)
Lets wait and see if Futurama can take that award once again, giving FOX one other reason why Futurama must return as a TV Series. Don't forget to check out all the 2008 Annie Award Nominees.
by JavieR / December 18, 2008 / 11:19
Futurama Vol. 6 - Movie Characters by Gedeon Maheux Well, is time for a new update over here. I've some nice news about the official Futurama website. finally re-opened with a neat design featuring Farnsworth's Lab. You can play with some of the devices and go to the different sections (screenshots, videos, info of the movies, ). Overall it looks like a more organized site compared with the previus version.

I've uploaded some photos by Svip (that I should upload earlier, sorry...) featuring a real Xmas Card featuring the card that Dr. Zoidberg recieved from his cousin Zoidfarb.

Finally, and featured today, you'll find yet another new set of icons created by Gedeon Maheux from the featuring the characters from the movies like Nudar, Colleen O'Hallahan, Lars Fillmore, Yivo (inside Fry), and the Steamboat Fry and Bender (from the Beast with a Million Backs) and secondary characters like Barbados Slim, Bubblegum Tate, the Grand Preistess and the Hedionism Bot. The pack also includes full and widescreen silhouette wallpapers of the main characters.
by JavieR / December 16, 2008 / 16:42
Hello everyone, is time for the news over here (a litle late, I know). The cover of the 4rt Futurama Movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder (both DVD and Blu-Ray) are here, thanks to the people of (Click the image to see the bigger version):
Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD cover Into the Wild Green Yonder Blu-Ray cover
It looks like a very interesting cover in my opinion with Fry, Leela and Bender in that perspective, and also including details like a Dodo, an insect, a baby dinosaur, the Nimbus and a colorful planet in the center. Don't forget that you can already preorder Into the Wild Green Yonder in DVD ($18.99) or in Blu-Ray ($27.95).
The cover was found in the articles by, and
by JavieR / December 11, 2008 / 12:25
Into the Wild Green Yonder - Preorder at Amazon Good news everyone! At Amazon, you can already preorder Into the Wild Green Yonder in DVD ($20.99) or in Blu-Ray ($27.99). Remember that if prices drop more, you'll get the lower price ( Check out Amazon's Pre-order Price Guarantee).. and also, help TFP in the process.

Don't forget to visit the info of the 4th Futurama Movie.. you'll find info about the release date, plot, special guests, extras and additional info.
by JavieR / December 10, 2008 / 23:57
Pissed off Robot Devil by MissusPatches Oh my! yes... I've been working some more in the new TFP design.. I'm downgrading it becuase if I use CSS only, all the sections of the site must be updated, and it would take a lot of time that I don't have (also, is IE6's fault). Today, I've some neat fanart by MissuPatches.. 2 images featuring the relation of Bender and Leela (neat images and coloring) and other two, one featuring the Robot Devil as the Michigan J. Frog from the Looney Toones, and the last one also with te Robot Devil really pissed off.
by JavieR / December 5, 2008 / 22:57
Into the Wild Green Yonder Review at ScreenJabber Ok, is true, there's a very early review of the 4th Futurama Movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder. The people from emailed all the Futurama websites to spread the news, so here we go with the resume of the movie, (small spoliers warning):

We begin on Mars, which is where much of the first act takes place. Property developer Leo Wong (Amy's dad) wants to demolish an entire arm of the Milky Way galaxy to make way for the biggest miniature-golf course in the universe [..] An accident during some demolition work on Mars [..] sees Fry develop mindreading abilities when a piece of women's jewellry gets lodged in his brain. Which leads to him wearing a tinfoil hat to keep the voices out, and joining the super-secret Legion of Mad Fellows (led by "Number 9 Man" [..]). Meanwhile, Bender starts having an affair with the burlesque-dancer wife of Donbot, head of the robot Mafia (and yes, Clamps is back!) and Leela joins an eco-feminist collective and becomes an outlaw. Oh, and Professor Farnsworth is the scientist roped in to do the environmental impact report for Wong's planned mini-golf course .. which gets the go-ahead. The final piece of the galaxy in his way is a violet dwarf star, which plays a vital part in the climax, so I won't go into details. Except to say that once again, the fate of the universe depends on Fry

Interesting right... It seems that the last DVD will be great, since ScreenJabber gave the movie 5/5 stars. For more details about the extras and more info about this awesome review, please visit the original ScreenJabber article.

In some other news, Bender's Game DVD at Amazon is now only at $13,99.. so you should grab your copy for Christmas if you don't have it already.
by JavieR / December 5, 2008 / 07:10
Video: Beelzebot Can't Decide by MissusPatches Hi everyone. Is time for a new update around here, so here you go two videos created by MissusPatches. One is called Beelzebot Can't Decide, featuring the Robot Devil of course, and the other is named Bender's Love Is A Lie, featuring Bender (of course, again).

I've been busy, really busy, so I had no time to finish the new design, and I stopped updating TFP this week.. but I'll try to catch up.. is difficult, but not impossible
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