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by JavieR / September 25, 2008 / 15:58
Futurama: It could have been HD Ready since 1999 According to an article by TVWeek.com featuring Futurama Producer/Associate Producer Lee Supercinski, the series were supposed to be produced in High Definition since the first episode back in 1999, but in those times according to the article: "[..] money and technology for HD weren't up to par, and the idea was scrapped".

Today, the four Futurama movies were produced in High Definition thanks to Lee, but in a first moment, FOX didn't want to increase the budget for that to happen.. only when they knew that it could cost only 2% more, FOX said yes.

The changes included only more disk space and the change from 4:3 to 16:9 format. The changes were minimal, but even then "[..] Fox still was skeptical enough to not release the first two movies on Blu-ray, although a HD master tape exists"

As you know, the first 2 Futurama Movies didn't appear in Blu-Ray when the HD master tapes exist. Bender's Game will appear in Blu-Ray, but there's no green light yet for Bender's Big Score or The Beast with a Billion Backs to appear in the HD format.

by JavieR / September 24, 2008 / 10:36
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs at Comedy Central on October 19th, 2008 Sunday, October 19th of 2008 is the date when the second Futurama Movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs will air at Comedy Central as a four-part epic, as happened on March 23th of 2008 with Bender's Big Score. Is assumed that it will have some extra stuff to make the movie look like episodes adding a "Previously on Futurama" and perhaps some extra material.
This date is not yet added in the Futurama schedule at Comedy Central, but it was added at the Comedy Central Press Central, for more information please follow the article.
by JavieR / September 23, 2008 / 21:24
Epic: Zoidberg Jesus vs. The Robot Devil by MissusPatches Ok, is about time for a new update.. since there's no interesting news about the 3rd and 4th Futurama Movies, this site has been kinda slow, but since I don't like to abandon it for a long time, I've some great images today for you. Do you remember MissusPatches, well I've added today 3 new of her fanarts featuring Bender stealing Leela (includes a closeup that you don't wanna miss), the Robot Devil playing his fiddle... and the one featured today, an Epic battle between Good and Evil.. Zoidberg Jesus vs. The Robot Devil.
So, in case you didn't know, I'm still busy with my work, so updates are kinda slow for now, sorry... but I'll keep adding more stuff like today, so you know for sure that you'll be seeing more this week.
by JavieR / September 18, 2008 / 12:05
Metal fever by Yume93 Time for a quick update. I've been busy for real, so today I've added 5 new images by Yume93 that features Fry, Zapp, Leela and Bender in a roller coaster, Fry playing with dolls, Fry alone and the one featured today that is called Metal Fever (or Fever of metal) with Leela and Bender.

I haven't found any important new info about the upcoming movie 3, Bender's Game, if you know something about it, please let me know, contact me.
by JavieR / September 12, 2008 / 22:13
Planet Express crew prody by Maria M Salazar Ouch, my foot hurts a little afther a football (soccer) game.. Today is a new day (is about 00H20 of Friday over here) and time for a new update. I have today 2 new images from Meagan that feature Leela huging Fry and Fry, both in a different style. There's also new stuff by Maria M Salazar, that this time has 5 new images for you to enjoy. The fanart features two images of herself with Fry, one of Leela as a gymnast saying goodbye to the past Beijing Olympic Games, a Zombie Fry, and the last one (featured today) is named 'Future Meninas' (and some of the guys too).. a parody of an Spanish artist style, Velazquez (Inspired by the Futurama 2009 Art Calendar). Enjoy and Goodbye.
by JavieR / September 9, 2008 / 22:41
Bender's Game Screenshot (Zoidberg, Bender and Leela) Thanks to the Futurama Madhouse, there's already the 1st review of the Futurama Movie 3, Bender's Game... The people from Screen Jabber already has a copy of the movie, and they say that "it's the funniest Futurama film yet".
About the plot [SPOILER WARNINGS]:

[..] Cubert, Dwight and some of their little friends playing Dungeons & Dragons [..] Bender wants to join in and play with the kids, but robots don't come with imaginations installed [..] Bender takes this whole imagination thing a little too far, and develops a slight problem telling fantasy from reality

[..] the price of dark matter [..] has gone through the roof. And guess who controls the supply of dark matter on Earth? That's right, it's the welcome return of Mom Corp

Professor Farnsworth was actually the mad scientist who created an energy crystal that turned all the dark matter in the universe into fuel. [..] he accidentally created an 'opposite' crystal made of 'pure anti-backwards' energy [..] if the two crystals are ever reunited, all the dark matter would be rendered utterly useless, and strange things will happen.

So, according to the review: It's Futurama at it's best, just as we love it, and who can ask for more than that? Oh, and there's a bonus, too. We finally learn why Farnsworth hate Professor Wernstrom so much!. Is nice to read that, because it seems that this 3rd Movie is better than the first 2 (that in my opinion are very good, specially BBS). One of the extras of the DVD is the preview of the Futurama Movie 4, Into the Wild Green Yonder. According to the review, Fry gets killed in the Movie 4... so it looks like a neat history with all the twists that we all like. For a lot of more details please visit the ScreenJabber.com article.

I've updated the info at the Futurama Returns! Movies and Multimedia sections with the info and screenshots of Bender's Game.
by JavieR / September 7, 2008 / 16:33
Older Fry and Seymour by echidnite Ok, I've no excuse why I didn't update TFP.. I'm a lazy person, although last week has been weird in my opinion. Today I'm glad to present a new artist around here. She's from australia, and today I've added five of her great fanarts.. please welcome echidnite. This time her images feature Fry in many situations, Walking on Sunshine, Wondering with space and a rocket, a neat 'I see what you did there' version, as Lars (sorry for the spoiler) and Fry and Seymour from BBS Movie, featured today.
Is my time to go (to sleep) I reccomend you to also take a look to her gallery at echidnite.deviantART.com where you'll find other subjects such as: Dr. Who, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) and Original characters.
by JavieR / September 2, 2008 / 08:50
Robot Devil and Bender by MissusPatches I'm back again over here.. I was supposed to update the site today earlier, but I had to go in a hurry so I'm now updating it very late (23H55 EST) because I should be sleeping. Today I want to share with you some great Futurama fanart created by MissusPatches. I've added 4 new images by her, featuring the Robot Devil with Leela from the final episode of the series 'The Beast with a Billion Backs', The Robot Devil with Bender in an awkward closet situation, another one where Beelzebot ask Bender if he's ready to pay for his sins, and the last one, my favorite and featured today, a close up of the Robot Devil talking with Bender.. as you will see, there's a lot of Futurama Hell on this images, be sure not to miss them.

In other news, I just wanna say thanks a lot to Alex for the movie..
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