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by JavieR / August 30, 2008 / 21:36
Futurama 2009 Wall Art Calendar - Month images Hi, time for some interesting stuff. As you know, the Futurama 2009 Wall Art Calendar can be bought at $11.19 on Amazon, but you can't see the image of each month. Thanks to KoolMoeDee at PEEL, here you go a photo with the preview of all the month images, all of them featuring Art parodies: This list was updated on August 31, 2008 thanks to Brian, an Anonymous person, Meagan and JavieR (myself). If you think one of the original arts is not correct (is not the art parodied of an specific month) please let me know.

Futurama Wall Calendar 2009

by JavieR / August 28, 2008 / 10:21
 Ok, I know I've not updated TFP in 5 days, but I'm now really busy and I've missed some interesting news, like the Radio interview with Rich Moore and some neat (about 10) Photos of the new Futurama Toynami toys (still no mention of Amy or Lrrr as one of the figures).

Today I've a new fanfic called Haircuts, Teleporting, and Homicidal Snails (Part 1), created by Meagan that starts when Fry gets a new haircut...

Nibbler by Futurama-fanI've also added new fanart. First, a new image by 100lbs-o-futurama featuring Fry in a drug trip experience (mentioned in one episode that I don't remember.. shame on me). 4 more images were created by Futurama-fan. A fanart of Nibbler (featured today) and 3 drawings of Leela. That's all, read you soon!!.
by JavieR / August 23, 2008 / 20:45
Reality or Fantasy by Michel Well, some new fanart stuff for the weekend.. I n't updated yesterday because it was my birthday (and no problem if you didn't know..). First, I'm gonna start with one image by Meagan featuring Fry, Leela and Bender in the Olympic Games (inspired of course by the Beiging 2008 Olympic Games). In the fanart section, I've also added today about 7 fanarts created by María M Salazar featuring different images, like a pop art of Fry and Leela, María hugging a plushie Fry, an image of Fry with Leela pregnant, an image of Fry and Leela hugging me (thanks for the birthday present :D) and the last one featured today, that is a great ilustration of the Planet Express crew called Reality or Fantasy, be sure to check that out.
by JavieR / August 20, 2008 / 08:23
Katey Sagal (Leela in Futurama) Well, one of the voice actors of Futurama, Katey Sagal (the voice of Turanga Leela), talked with the people from CinemaBlend.com (Blend Television) about some of her projects like Sons of Anarchy and her singing career, but she also talks about the Future of Futurama. The audio recordings for the last Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, are done. The main highlight:

"[About the Futurama Movies] Somebody has to buy some more. The blog fans and the web fans have been the most instrumental in getting that to happen."

That means a lot for all of us from the Futurama Community, that didn't give up after the cancellation, and now is very important to create more sites, more fan stuff, buy the previous movies and preorder Bender's Game on DVD or Blu-Ray. I've to run again, I'll add more Futurama stuff in the near future.
by JavieR / August 18, 2008 / 18:40
Planet Express Spaceship by aknightofni Hi again. I'm starving right now, but first is time for this update. I've added a new photo in the Photorama section. The photo features an Ol Freebie painting created by RedSuzaku. The other stuff today was added to the 3D section. aknightofni has created three 3D renders featuring Bender, the Robot Devil and an amazing Planet Express Spaceship model.. so be sure to check that out.

That's all for today, sorry, I've to work in some boring stuff...
by JavieR / August 15, 2008 / 22:15
Fry and Leela by Michel Hi everyone. I finally got rid of the Trojan that was in my main computer.. and I allowed the trojan to pass by, that why I've been kinda angry with that problem. Today I've some new fanart for you. I've a new image by SonicPanther featuring Fry saying: what am I doing inside this box?. The other artist around here is a new one, her name is Michel, she's from Mexico and I've today 3 of her fanarts, two of them featuring Fry and Leela, and the last one with Fry and Zapp (an image like the ones of Yume93, they are friends, so is not a coincidence..)

Did you know that Bender's Game can be preordered in Blu-Ray or DVD at Amazon.. so what are you waiting for? Support Futurama and TFP in the process!
by JavieR / August 13, 2008 / 23:04
As expected, Bender's Game can be now preordered from Amazon, with a price of $19.99 for the DVD, and $27.95 for the Blu-Ray.. so what are you waiting for, preorder Bender's Game on DVD or Bender's Game on Blu-Ray at Amazon now while is hot, and help TFP in the process.

As I said before, the prices are lower for about 10 USD than the Official Press Release.. and also, today I've featured the cover and case of Bender's Game Blu-Ray, that you can zoom in by clicking over the image (thanks to TVShowsOnDVD.com for the news about this):
Bender's Game Blu-Ray official cover
by JavieR / August 11, 2008 / 07:17
Leela and Chibi Fry by Yume93 (Frygirl) Today is time for some new fanart. This time I've uploaded 4 new images created by a mexican girl called Yume93 (aka Frygirl). The fanart features a Fry and Leea pencil scketch, there's also another scketch of Fry with Mich(elle) I think, a weird situation with Fry and Zapp, and finally (featured today) an image of a Chibi Fry with Leela.-- all nice images that you don't wanna miss.
If you're wondering why I've not updated the site recently, is because my computer was infected by a kinda dangerous trojan that is taking more than usual to be deleted, so I've been busy doing that, and I'm not using the Internet from that PC, but from this one at my office. I hope you can wait a couple of days more in order to solve the problem I'm dealing with.
by JavieR / August 7, 2008 / 14:49
Leela Sad by Zed-85 Hey everyone.. is time for a new update around here. Today's update features a well know artist, Zed-85. You'll find 10 images featuring Leela in many situations, like a soldier, a Jedi, like Leela herself (one with her regular outfit, and one with a night dress).. and a nice almost nude one Leela looking like an angel.
There's a lot of sites that posted the Futurama Oficial Press Release, and we already know the extras of the DVD movie, Bender's Game, now we're all waiting (I guess) for a Preorder option from Amazon.com, because the movie has not been posted over there. I guess it will be yet another 30 days or more before we can see it.
by JavieR / August 7, 2008 / 08:10
Bender's Game official movie cover So there you have it, the official cover of the Futurama Movie 3, Bender's Game, is here. Is the same one as the shown earlier at the San Diego Comic Con (and posted with some major fixes over here), but it has warmer colors (that it could change in the DVD/Blu-Ray boxes).
As you can see in the bigger version just click on the preview for the 500x670 px resolution), there's a lot of more detail (or you can call it, a better definition). There you can see a very nice art with a medival castle in the background and extremely better shadows.
I saw some comments that Leela has an exaggerated breast, but hey! Leela has to look hot even if she is a centaur right?. That's it for today, but stay tunned.

Please, if you find this site down or very slow, contact me ASAP to:

[at] = @

Is very frustrating to write Futurama news and then find out that the site is down or very slow... If you have a Good Hosting suggestion (not from the top hosting sites, that are always fake), you can also write that.

Bender's Game possible release date and cover

by JavieR / August 5, 2008 / 23:47
Bender's Game: Blu-Ray and DVD possible extras Wow.. news fly fast over the Internet. The Official Press Release was posted at TVShowsOnDVD.com. Part of the Press Release:

Century City, CA - Head back to the future when Futurama: Bender's Game premieres on DVD and, for the first time, Blu-ray Disc November 4 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Park your hover-car and saddle up your unicorn for the most fantastical "Futurama" yet: Futurama: Bender's Game. With fuel prices skyrocketing, the Planet Express crew sets off on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the world's only dark-matter mine, source of all spaceship fuel. But deep beneath the surface, they discover a far stranger place...a medieval land of dragons and sorcery and intoxicated knights who look suspiciously like Bender.

That's the Oficial Plot, now the suggested prices:

The Futurama: Bender's Game DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $29.98 U.S. / $37.98 Canada, and on Blu-ray for $39.98 U.S. / $49.98 Canada.

The prices will surelly drop about $10 U.S., like in the previous 2 movies. About the exclusive Blu-Ray extras:

The Futurama: Bender's Game BD release includes the wide screen version of the film and all of the above standard definition special features plus Picture-in-Picture capabilities. The disc will be authored in BD-J with AVC (MPEG 4) compression and presented on 50 GB dual-layer disc with English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio plus English, French, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese subtitles.

The release date was also confirmed, November 4th, 2008. You can also read the whole Official Press Release at the Futurama Returns! News, and also, the info was updated at the Futurama Returns! Movies section.
by JavieR / August 5, 2008 / 10:37
Oh my! The possible Blu-Ray (and DVD maybe) extras/specs of the 3rd Futurama Movie, Bender's Game, were posted at Blu-Ray:
  • Commentary by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Michael Rowe, Claudia Katz and Dwayne Carey-Hill.
  • Storyboard Animatic: Bender's Game, Part One
  • Futurama Genetics Lab - Cross-breed Your Favorite Characters!
  • Dungeons & Dragons & Futurama feaurette
  • How To Draw "Futurama" In 83 Easy Steps Featurette
  • 3D Models Featurette With Animator Discussion
  • Deleted Scene: "Cup or Nozzle?"
  • Blooperama 2: Outakes From Bender's Game
  • Bender's Anti-Piracy Warning
  • A Sneak Peek at the Next "Futurama" Epic, Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder
Looking great if true, specially the Futurama Genetics Lab, the Dungeons & Dragons & Futurama feaurette and the Bender's Anti-Piracy Warning (that I think is this one: Futurama: Bender's PSA). For more info please visit the Blu-Ray.com article. I've not seen the Official Press Release yet.. but if you've a link to it, let me know using the contact form.
by JavieR / August 3, 2008 / 21:36
Fry and Leela: I caught you by rhinestoner Hi again. I've been offline for a few days, dealing with some personal issues that are now solved.
I've been checking my email a few hours ago, and during the time that I was away, the server had some downtime.. something that I found that very odd and I'll have to contact the hosting company (otherwhise I'll have to move to a new hosting, suggestions, contact me).
Some new fanart is now available over here.. first, 2 drawings made by Meagan, one featuring Indiana Fry and the Kindom of Incredibly borring Slugs, and the other of Star Wars featuring Princess Leela and Fry Solo. The artist featured today is Yume93 (Frygirl) and seven new of her images, going from shippy Leela and Fry pics to a fanfic cover, from chibi characters to some extrange relationships... are here, so take a look.
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