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by JavieR / October 19, 2007 / 16:39
Philip J. Fry by N Slindner I've been wondering about some stuff in my life... but I just can't make up my mind. I've been like that since about 6 months and I've no clue about it... I guess I've to stop writing here because this is not a personal journal. Well, not that you know why I'm kinda irregular updating any website (mostly TFP), don't go yet, because today I've some great stuff. Another new artist is here to share her great work with Futurama fanart. She is N Slindner and I've added 6 images that feature Fry & Bender Chibi Heads (from Universe A and Universe 1), pencil arts of Fry and Leela, a colored version of Fry (featured today), and colored version of Leela.
In other news, I've added/fixed/deleted sites from the Futurama Links section, I should add some stuff to the Futurama Museum but I'm not in the mood. Now I'm gonna to go trick myself trying to do what I need to do but I don't know why I'm not doing it... ok, forget what I said and enjoy the art.
by JavieR / October 15, 2007 / 20:53
Fry by Graham Dawson Ok. I've been trying to add a streaming video player to TFP because the Bender's Big Score Futurama trailer is kinda dessapearing from all the video websites I've seen. Finally, yesterday at 4 am it worked (lol, I started at 2 am so it was not a big deal, is just that I was playing with all the options). So, you can always watch the trailer when you're on the site, you just have to click the link at the top of the page that says: watch the trailer!, grab some popcorn and watch.
More important stuff than that, is that there's a new artist around here. His name is Graham Dawson and he is a great Futurama artist, because what you'll see is great art imho. I've added 4 arts, one features Leela fixing the Planet Express starship, other of Amy taking a sun bath, one that features Fry and Leela making out... but in Fry's dreams, and the last one and featured here today in a very sexy pose of Leela. This is a must-take-a-look fanart. He is also the person behind The Groening Fanworks Central, that is also a new buddie of TFP. More art is coming, don't forget to come back.
by JavieR / October 12, 2007 / 17:17
Fry by SonicPanther Hello everyone. Sorry for not updating the site, but I've been kinda working in something else these days. As you might noticed, the Futurama Trailer is NOT longer available at YouTube, but we all knew this was gonna happen some day. Hopefully you can still watch it over here, on any page of TFP (look for the link at the top of the page) or go to the Futurama Returns! Media or Movies section
Well, time for a new update around here. First, I've three new fanart created by Yume93. All the three images feature Fry and Leela, one is a chibby pic, the other is a cosplay of Naruto, and the last one is a shippy pic of Fry holding Leela. The image featured todays comes from SonicPanther, and she named that image: "I like drawing Fry". Enjoy, and if you find another video website that is hosting the Futurama Trailer of Bender's Big Score, just let me know, go to the contact page.
by JavieR / October 3, 2007 / 12:40
OMG, finally, we all can see the trailer of the first futurama movie, Bender's Big Score. The trailer was uploaded by FridaWaterfall at YouTube, thanks a lot Chris H. and Jimi V. P. to for the info.

Thanks to FM:TLZ
Let's hope that many people can see it, because I think is gonna be deleted later because is copyright of FOX (so don't mention it to anyone =P). Enjoy it!. I also added the same trailer at the Futurama Returns! Media.
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