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by JavieR / August 30, 2007 / 18:00
futurama the fry who snu-snued me by rocketdave I think I forgot to update TFP yesterday, that's why I'll do it today. This update has many stuff from many artists, so get ready. First, I've some fanart from punxdude that features this time Bender enjoying electricity from the episode "01ACV09 - Hell Is Other Robots". Second, even more great fanart, created by rocketdave. He created two parodies, one of called "The Fry who Snu-Snued me", and the other called "There's Something About Leela". I've to go now, but I'll be around.

I almost forgot, the the first movie, Bender's Big Score is in Preorder at Amazon at only $17,99 (before $19,99 USD), so we have to be sure to buy (or preorder today) the DVD to get back the series!.

The official cover was also released and you can see it in the Futurama Returns: Movies section, you can check out there a bigger version (just click on the zoom image link under the cover). This cover (featured on this update as you can see) and also the format of the movie was also updated at FoxStore, finally the with the previously announced Widescreen.

There's nothing more to report for the moment, but be sure to comeback soon.

I forgot to say that this past august 22th it was my birthday. I tried to add something cool here for that occation but I was busy with some work that is not yet done. I'm creating a very cool Futurama Wallpaper because of the return of The series, you'll have to see it to believe it.
by JavieR / August 26, 2007 / 16:45
Futurama Fanart from Homies I've been somewhat busy with some work for a dental company website, but I'm tired right now so I decided to update TFP. First, I've a new fanfic from Steve Gurman called So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 2, that is of course the secuel of the Part 1. I've also uploaded fanart. The first artist is Homies, that has created 2 new great images featuring Bender, one featuring the upcoming movie, Bender's Big Score, and the other is a very cool Bender from the episode "01ACV03 - I, Roommate". The other artist is yume93, and she has created some cool fanart featuring mostly shippy pics of Fry & Leela, so go check her gallery out. I think I'm gonna get my Blue Zoidberg soon, so I'm kinda excited about this, but I'll have to wait a little longer.
by JavieR / August 21, 2007 / 09:35
Blue Zoidberg exclusive at Wizard Universe ...including me, that's why I really need to inform you about this fantastic news. The release of the ToyFare Futurama Series 1: Dr. Zoidberg 'Universe 1 Parabox' (from the episode "The Farnsworth Parabox") was made a few days ago, this figure can be bought exclusively at Wizard Entertainment's Store, and it's limited to 3000 units, so I really need to have one of those. The official description (and a exclusive photo) of the product is over here:

“What's the only thing better than Zoidberg? Two Zoidbergs! When Dr. Zoidberg goes through Farnsworth's Parabox and finds himself in Universe 1 (instead of the correct universe, Universe A), he and his blue doppelganger decide to steal the box so they can hang out together. Now you can recreate that famous twosome as well as the box that brought them together!”

I'm a little worried... I can't buy the figure because is not being shipped to Ecuador, so I really hope that the people at Wizard Universe can make an exception and send me that Zoidberg figure over here, I would really appreciate that. What are you waiting for, get your Blue Zoidberg right now while is hot...
by JavieR / August 17, 2007 / 09:32
Saint Futurama by Gachy Well, I'm sure you've seen Futurama, but I don't know if all of you have seen Saint Seiya... because that's the reason of today's title. I really like Saint Seiya, but Futurama is still my favorite, so that's why I really like the fanart that you're about to see. I've added 2 arts created by a new artist around here, and believe it or not, he's from Ecuador like me, please welcome Gachy. Both images feature Fry as Seiya (Pegasus) and Leela as Saori (Athena). You can also visit his webpage at deviantART, Gachy-Celta.deviantART.com, and check out his gallery.
by JavieR / August 15, 2007 / 14:22
Futurama fan art by rocketdave I'm not sleepy, in fact, I'm very awake, but without nothing to do, so I had to update TFP. Today I have as always, new stuff for you, and I'm gonna start with some fan fics. Steven Gurman has sent me 2 fanfics he created, named The King and Fry and So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It: Part 1. Now I'm gonna finish this update with a new artist around here, he is rocketdave, and he has created some amazing and sexy Leela fanart that you don't wanna miss. You'll find some very nice Leela portraits in different styles, like the one you can see as a preview, also including a parody of Leela based in a Kylie Milonge real photo. Is about 2 am around here... I better go to sleep.
by JavieR / August 13, 2007 / 15:39
Fanart by yume93 True, I don't know why, but right now I just wanna sleep, but before I do that, I'll try to finish this update. Today I've a new artist that I wanna present, she's from Mexico, and she's only 14 years old. Please say hello to yume93, and today you'll see images featuring mostly Leela & Fry, and mstly hand made fanart,so be sure to take a look. I also uploaded two images created by Unregistered featuring the Robotlogy logo and a picture of Leela enraged. That's all for now, take care.
by JavieR / August 12, 2007 / 22:42
Fanart by SonicPanther Really, I've been not so busy, but I was with visits because is a small holiday around here, and I was visting the meat touristic places... Ok, time for the update, because I've added some great fanart. You'll find two new arts by Professor Zoidy, feturing Leela (hand made) and Fry as a duck (strange but fun!). Four new arts from coldangel_1 featuring Leela, Fry, Bender, Dr. Zoidberg and even a Killbot. You may expect a new fanfic from him, according to the images, that's what I can see... Finally, a new fanart (looks like oekaki art) created by SonicPanther, featuring the first scene of Fry and Dr. Zoidberg at the "01ACV02 - The Series Has Landed", but with more realistic characters. Have fun!
by JavieR / August 8, 2007 / 07:01
Middle page of the FREE Futurama Returns Comic Ok, many people played the game, but now, the comic is available for all of you to read it. The Futurama Returns! Comic, that was given for Free, is a 'thank you' to the Fans all over the world, for bringing the series back, and that's in a big part, because of the loyal fans of the Internet that never gave up. This is the Free Rationale Use of the comic just in case:
  1. Comic was given out for free;
  2. It is a promotional comic;
  3. It was meant to thank fanbase (like the Internet fans) for bringing show back;
  4. A preview version is already up on YouTube.
Everyone, enjoy!

I've also updated the info about the extras in the first Futurama DVD Movie, Bender's Big Score, in the Movies section.
by JavieR / August 5, 2007 / 13:15
I was searching for some new stuff for the Futurama Returns! section, and I found out a very nice one. Thanks to JustNibblin', you'll have the opportunity to get the Futurama Returns! Comic, that was distributed throughout the Futrama panel audience at the San Diego Comic-Con 2007. Just go to the PEEL Thread named: The 4 Futurama Movies News Thread, search the JustNibblin' post, and play the game, if you do it right, you can read the whole comic, and believe me, is the scan of ALL the real comic. I have uploaded today in the Futurama Returns! Multimedia section, The cover of the Comic just to give you a teaser. I'll add the comic here soon... but in the meantime, go and play JustNibblin' game, is a kinda challenging, but if you're a Futurama Fan, you can do it. I've also uploaded another preview of the Comic, and advertisement of the official Futurama Products... go check that out too (I want one of those t-shirts!!)
I'm gonna sleep now, is 03H45 (GMT -5) around here, I just couldn't sleep without letting you know about this :)
by JavieR / August 3, 2007 / 18:29
I totally forgot about this update, I was creating a new design for a friend's company, and as usual, I got carried away... but now is Futurama time once again, so get ready. First stuff around here, a new fanart by InsaneInDaMainframe featuring a younger version of Leela in a cool style and very well labored. There's also one new item in the Flash Animations section. Thanks to punxdude, the latest animation features the first publicity on the left on the Futurama intro, go check it out!
In the Futurama Movies news, there's a new interview with Rich Moore realized by Jeremy Smith from CHUD.com, where he talks about the great loyal fans on the Internet, some minor stuff about the cancellation, about the nerdy/scientific stuff in Futurama, and he also gives his opinion about Bender's Big Score!, if the movie appeared on the big screen.
by JavieR / August 1, 2007 / 22:45
I've been searching a little more, and I added some official info for the Futurama Movies, the plot, extras and other info of the 1st movie, Beder's Big Score!, straight from FoxStore.com, and Yes, the DVD is available there...you can pre-order the DVD now, the price there is 23.98 USD. A new image was also added, thanks to Tom from Planet Bogo Comics. The image features the Futurama Crew (Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Hermes and Professor Farnsworth) inside a cryogenic tube, and a very old Dr. Zoidberg at the left. This Mini Comic cover that was distributed throughout the Futrama panel audience at the San Diego Comic-Con 2007. TFP will be updated tomorrow with some nice stuff... so please come back really soon.
by JavieR / August 1, 2007 / 11:39
Bender - Futurama Returns! new section Ok, we all know that Futurama was returning a few months or not a year ago, but since the last San Diego Comic-Con 2007, with the first Futurama promotionals and the 5 minutes footage of the first Futurama movie, the Futurama Boom is everywere... including TFP. This is why I've created a special section called Futurama Returns!. This section has three subsections:

Chronological News: Featuring the more important news related to te return of Futurama and the Futurama Movies.
Movies: Details about all the four direct-to-DVD Futurama movies that will be available in 2007 and 2008.
Multimedia: Featuring all the images, audio and video (official or non official) related to the movies and the return of Futurama.

Enjoy it, any missing or wrong info, please let me know at javoec.tfp[AT]gmail[DOT]com. If you've any suggestion about any other subsection that could be created, your ideas are always welcome.
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