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by JavieR / June 28, 2007 / 19:27
I've been searching new Futurama related sites, and I've added those to the Links section of TFP today. I noticed a new site called The Groening Community Wiki, that is kinda interesting because there, like any Wiki, you can add information about a website, a webmaster, or anything related to Futurama and Simpsons communities. Another site that is not that old, but relatively new in the Futurama community is a slovak website called, I guess Futurama Projekt, that has many fanart and info about the series, the info of course entirely in slovak, so any comments about this new site are very welcome.
by JavieR / June 25, 2007 / 08:39
Well, today I have some spare time (because I don't wanna do the other stuff I must do), so, is time for a new update around here. THis is not my month... I've been busy figuring out what in hell am I gonna do with myself (kinda dificult understand, even for me). Today I've added a new image (that I received some days ago, but I was not in the mood to update TFP, sorry) created by Unregistered. The image features Leela & Fry together with the moon and the star above them. The image is called "Somewhere out there", so take a look.
by JavieR / June 17, 2007 / 12:30
I don't know if I'm gona make it... I just... crap, lets drop it, I don't wanna bore you people with my own stuff, excuse me. I'm gonna ad some stuff that I kinda forgot to add from some artists. The first one is SonicPanther, that features an image of Leela and Fry. The second artist is InsaneInDaMainframe, where I added three new arts featuring Fry & Leela Xmas Lurve, Fry & Leela togheter, and the last one featuring the return of Futurama in 2008. I'm going to keep wondering if time is going to stop some day... in the meantime, check out those images.
by JavieR / June 11, 2007 / 07:02
Ok, I have no real excuse for the neglected state of TFP, is just that I'm having some problems that I'm not gonna write here (nothing radical, is just that I really need time for myself right know...) Besides, I've not been around the Futurama Community because of my new Video Card that lets me play some awesome games that I couldn't when I had the previous video card (yes, I like PC video games).
Today's update has a very cool image that was submitted just minutes ago by coldangel_1. The image features the Planet Express Crew from (obviously Futurama) floating at zero gravity. Please check it out, is very nicely done and with great detail. I'm trying to create new content, but I've not ben inspired... maybe I need to watch a whole season to start creating fan stuf for the site again, like in those days when everyone wondered what could happen in the next episode...
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