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by JavieR / January 27, 2007 / 23:23
Ok, I've some stuff today that I forgot to add (that's not new in me :P), so without more text to add I've uploaded 5 new arts created by InsaneInDaMainframe, featuring mainly Leela, with two arts including Fry... please take a look, because I've also added 2 images that she created featuring the seven deadly sins, with Leela featuring Envy, and Amy featuring Vanity. The other artist featured today is the amazing Cap'n Skusting with two new cool arts, one featuring the professor holding the Farnsworth Parabox, the other one featuring Zapp with the portrait he hangs in the "Lovenasium". So go ahead and take a look...
by JavieR / January 26, 2007 / 09:14
Yes everyone, I've some stuff that is now once again resurected around here... well, not all exactly. The first one, is that now the Futuama Museum is now open once again. I've not updated the code, but I'll do it soon, but meanwhile, take a look, and remember or learn about the many sites that are no longer around here. The second one is the updated version of two important items around here... the Alien Alphabet 2 Font, that is now updated with the missing symbols, and also the Alien Alphabet 2 Decoder/Encoder in the Software+ section, that is now updated with the font included and some info for the correct work on Windows XP. Some new stuff was also added in the Fan Art section, created by coldangel_1, you'll find a new image featuring the episode ""... with Bender whipping his hard-shelled wooping terrier (aka Mr. Zoidberg). Enjoy!
by JavieR / January 17, 2007 / 18:48
No excuses, I've not been feeling well so I've done nothing of nothing lately... so sorry if you expected more frequent updates. Today I've some cools stuff that I've just uploaded. First, there's a new art by SonicPanther featuring Fry standing with her style. Second, I've two new arts by coldangel_1, this time featuring one from the Futurama episode "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" and another featuring Leela as a dominatr.. well, you get the idea. Last but not least you'll find three new stamps created by a new person around here called Mickey Orlando, and the stamps featuring Nibbler, a Suicide Booth and the Slurmsoda Truck (pixel arts created by me), and the last one featuring Futurama. Sorry but I'm still kinda gloomy and I don't know what else to write.
by JavieR / January 11, 2007 / 12:19
Hello and welcome back... while I write this I'm without an Internet connection, but I hope that all the problem will be solved quickly. Today I've great stuff for you. First, I've uploaded a new Fan Fic by the well known coldangel_1, and the history called The Morning. Features what Leela thinks and feels after waking up next to Fry in the same bed. There's also a new fanart by coldangel_1, featuring a stunning image of Fry saving Leela that you've to see. The second artist around here is a new one, please welcome InsaneInDaMainframe, with her cool style featuring 9 arts featuring mainly Leela, some with Fry, and two versions of Umbirel featured in the episode "The Deep South". You're gonna like her style, so be sure to check her arts. I've also added a new site to the links section, a forum called Futurama Fan Forum, that has many post from many fans from the seires. I believe that's the end of this update...
by JavieR / January 6, 2007 / 23:03
I know, I know, I've not ben around lately, but I've been workinga lot this last week, so there was no time for anyhing else. But now I'm back around here looking forward for this site. The first thing that I wanna do, is to apologize with many stuff I've not uploaded since I had no time, so this is kind of a big update fellow, so brace yourself. Firs of all, I've some new stuff for the Pixel Art section, adding four new arts featuring Fry, Bender and Zoidberg, all made by SonicPanther. There's also a couple of new arts both feturing Bender(normal and wooden versions), also by SonicPanther. I've also very cool images created by coldangel_1, that I should add ages ago, so now here they are, eleven (yes, the two 1's) featuring many of the characters in different situations... normal, action, parodies, heroic, romantic and yes... sexy, so you don't have to miss these arts. The last artist that created a Futurama art, is the well known Paul A. Metcalfe, with a great and featured image of a mermaid Leela, that you'll want to se over and over. I've received contructive complaints about the Characters Bios, so I'll try to fix and maybe add some more info in the near future. I also have to start working on the Futurama Museum, offline since the last bug that f***ed up all the pages. Well, read you all later. BTW, I think I forgot about some FUTURAMA buttons that I some people requested using the Need A Button? form, I'll check that out so I can send them as soon as I can.
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