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by JavieR / December 24, 2006 / 16:20
Hello People, I konw that in Europe is already Xmas, but over here is about 20H30, so is not officialy Xmas. I've a gift for all of you, a brand new wallpaper that I created featuring the Kwanza Book from the episode "03ACV03 - A Tale Of Two Santas"!. I made it because I always wanted to have that wallpaper for Xmas... so now you can also have it! End of the history, now I just wanna say Merry Xmas to everyone, even if you don't celebrate Xmas, as I don't celebrate Kwanza, but I even made a wallpaper of it :)
BTW, if you want the Widescreen or Dualscreen of that wallpaper please check it out over here.
by JavieR / December 19, 2006 / 07:57
Busy busy busy busy... that's all I can say. I've been working in two designs (one with a hellish programming), so I've not been that active around here. Today I've uploaded some stuff that I should upload the past week, everything created by a cool artist. I'll start with the last fanfic by coldangel_1, named A River With Currents, with a fantastic story and the last sequel of his previous two fanfics. The second part of this update goes to the Fan Art section, once again by coldangel_1, with many arts, exactly.. 1,2,3... 9 new arts, three featuring the episodes "Space Pilot 300", "The Sting" and "Less Than Hero". Two images from the last fanfic (in bigger size than in the fanfic), and the other featuring the main crew in different situations, from a Star Trek custome to a gothic wedding. That's all I can write, I've not created a Xmas Layout because of the work that I've to do, but if, only if I have time, you'll see something here... in the meantime, enjoy life :)
by JavieR / December 12, 2006 / 19:52
True! Justin Aclin, editor for ToyFare magazine, sent to the Futurama community the news about an interview with David X. Cohen, executive producer of Futurama, about the upcoming episodes, and about the merchandise that he'd like to see (and buy). There's also another interview by ToyFare magazine to Tonami, where they talk about the upcoming Futurama toys in 2007, including the Futurama I-Men. JavieR out...
by JavieR / December 12, 2006 / 08:39
And one more time I've stuff to do. I've to finish a design and I've to start another one for a system of Quito's old & new airport. I'm in the middle of the two things, so I've to end one of them and get focused in the other ASAP. I was gonna update yesterday, but time passed by and is now Dicember 12th... about 01H20 (GMT -5)... right now while I'm writing this update. I've a fan fic today, one that I should add about two weeks ago, I dunno why but the email with this one just passed by, maybe because of the stupid spam that is a lot right now... so, Professor Zoidy bring us her version of the Anthology Of Interest... since I'm very tired and I wanna sleep (I've been working to long now), I've not added a description, but please be sure to read this fic.
by JavieR / December 6, 2006 / 22:18
Once again, Dicember 6th... today is the day that my city was founded in 1534, and until today, is the capital of Ecuador. Today I've great fanart for you... first, featuring a great pixel artist, but this time, with a brand new fanart feturing Bender & Fry in a differnet but cool style, is SonicPanther. The second person that sent me some great fanart (that I should upload here some days ago) is coldangel_1, with 6 new images, two featuring episodes of the series "The Why Of Fry" and "Hell Is Other Robots" (featured), one featuring Fry and Leela from his upcoming fanfic, one with Fry and Bender with badass atittude, and two movie posters parodies, "Mr. & Mrs. Fry" (originally Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and a classic, "The Forbidden Planet". Is almost 21H20 (GMT -5), and I'm kinda tired because I went to sleep today at 04H00... so, bye for now.
by JavieR / December 2, 2006 / 20:17
Ok, this year has passed extremely fast for me... and is now December. I wish I could say even that this was normal year for me, but I just simply can't... I've not accomplished many things I wanted to do and that I really needed to accomplish, and I've now more problems than ever. Today's update has some interesting stuff, two new Pixel Arts created by Paul A. Metcalfe, one featuring Seymour from the episode "Jurassic Bark" and the other featuring the Robot 1X from the episode "Obsoletely Fabolous". Enjoy!
This update was edited because I made a huge mistake... :P
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