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by JavieR / November 23, 2006 / 13:09
I finally finished one of three projects that started about 3 weeks ago... but I still have to start from scratch the 3rd one, and the second one is still in progress (I'll say a 70%), but I'll work in that later, because right now, I'm updating TFP.

First, I'll like to feature a new futurama site, that is a forum... but for people that speak/read/write spanish, this forum is called Planet Express, that was also added to the Spanish Links section, next to another spanish Futurama section/site called Mundo Futurama, that has interesting sections/downloads.

Bender, Leela and Fry by coldangel_1The second part of this update, features some more arts created by coldangel_1, featuring the Planet Express crew in many action poses, most of them from his upcoming fan fic... "A River with Currents". Well, I guess that's all for today... BTW, I recently bought the Super Heavyweight Bender Die Cast Figure from Rocket USA, and I must say that is a really cool one (I thought it was gonna be a little bigger, but I like it anyway).
by JavieR / November 18, 2006 / 18:47
I don't know why this flu is so damn strong, I've been kinda dead the past couple of days, but I'm feeling better today. The reason of this update is to show you some great arts created by a great artist, of course I'm talking about coldangel_1, that sent me many cool images featuring the Futurama character in different acction poses and also in different styles. The arts featur Dr. Zoidberg, some different styles of Fry (like the one featured today), Professor Farnsworth, Bender in a parody of "I Robot", the Planet Express Ship, a picture of Fry & Leela, and a couple of very sexy Leela images. I've nothing more to say than bye because I've to work in a design envolving the IFHIM (some initials that in french mean something...).
by JavieR / November 14, 2006 / 22:05
Things look to slow around here, and that's because I've not been completely devoted to this website in the past 15 days. Is no that I don't want to update TFP, is because I've some works to finish, others to start, and is kinda difficult to update this site when you have some things in your mind. Well, today is the day for an update, and I've some stuff that great authors have made. I'll start today with the Pixel Art section, adding three new arts. The first one made by Paul A. Metcalfe, featuring Fry in a classic pose. The secont PA today features SonicPanther, also featuring a pixelated Fry, but this one is a little bit sad. The third one is also a PA of a classic Fry (lost's of fry today!), created by Professor Zoidy... and that's the end of the Pixel Art... but I still have more :P. There's a new fanart, featuring also Fry, created by a great artist that is now once again aroun the Futurama Community. I'm talking about Homies, and his scan of Fry is very well done, so be sure to check it out. Tomorrow (I hope), I'll add some great art that coldangel_1 sent me, but that I can't upload today because I'm busy (that's my life... being busy), so I'll read from everyone of you soon. I almos forgot, I've added a new Futurama website to the Links section, I'm talking about Eye On Futurama, that now has a website with original content besides the EOF Form.
by JavieR / November 4, 2006 / 16:05
Geez... I guess I've been away from TFP for many days now... I'm so sorry, but I've been really focused on a project that I had to finish for this next Monday, so I had not a lot of time. Today I'm back with all of you, uploading some of the stuff I should add some time ago. I'll start with a new artist called sian, that sent me two cool images about a week ago, be sure to check them out. Another artist, once again in the Fan Art section, is the now know coldangel_1, that sent me about eleven (that's 11) new arts featuring many great situations, like a Back to the Future parody, Scruffy, and some other great action scenes featuring his last Fan Fic, called The Hero of Bot-any, that I was not able to read (really sorry, no description once again), but that is now available around here... and judging from his prior Fan Fic, The Real Decoy, I'm sure it will not let you down (I recomend readding the 1st fan fic first, because The Hero of Bot-any is based after the first one). I've to say goodbye for now... goodbye!
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