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by JavieR / October 24, 2006 / 07:30
Is true, I've not been around this site for many days, but that's because I've some work to do, and I really have to get it done. I've some time today, so I've updated TFP with some stuff that you'll like when you see it. First, I've added two new Fan Fics that should be added days ago, I'm talking about the story called Minds Apart - Part 1 and Minds Apart - Part 2. Made by two well know persons around the Futurama comunity, Paul A. Metcalfe & AstroZombie... and once again I've not added a description, I'm not a reader, I confess that, but I did read some of Part 1, and I must say that I'm impressed I've not read Fan Fics earlier. I've also added something new in the Pixel Art [PA] section, first from an artist that you must know by now around here, Professor Zoidy, that sent me her first PA of Leela, that you can see as a preview on this update. Also, there's another Pixel Art, but the other one features a great pixelated version of the promotional image from the episode "A Big Piece Of Garbage", created by Pazuzu. I believe that's all for today. There's more, but right now I better get back to work if I wanna finish some day (Don't worry, I'll find some spare time to update TFP this month).
by JavieR / October 12, 2006 / 18:38
I was originally add this update yesterday, and yes... I made this update very quick, because I'm gonna be out of my home today... and because I had no time to update TFP at all, I had stuff to do, places to go... but nothing really important. Today's update features a new artist around here, first of all, in the Fan Fics section, I'm talking about coldangel_1, with a new story called The Real Decoy. This story takes place after ‘The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings’... and be sure to check it out because this fan fic has ilustrations on it. The second and final part of this update goes in the Fan Art section, where coldangel_1 has sent me 5 new images, 2 of them featured from the fan fic he sent, and the other three feature the Planet Express spaceship with different space background. Now, I've to go... read you later!
by JavieR / October 8, 2006 / 09:38
Ouch! I played football (soccer) game today, but a hit with some other player made my foot really sore. Well, enough of my complaints, and start with this update. Today, you'l find around here, three new Fan Fics, created all by Paul A. Metcalfe. These fics are quite old, so I've uploaded all of them at once, No Compromises - Part 1, No Compromises - Part 2 and Destiny's Child (please don't kill me because I didn't add descriptions of the fics, I'll do that very soon, or at least I'll try to do it really soon). I've also uploaded 5 new art created by the same Paul featuring very sexy Leela & Amy images that you don't wanna miss (I know you won't...). I've to eat right now, but don't worry because there's plenty more stuff to add around here on the next days.
by JavieR / October 5, 2006 / 10:26
I was gonna update eyestarday (October 4th ,2006), but I was not online because I was strolling around Quito (my hometown) with my cousin that is around here these days. What I uploaded today, comes from a new artist, and it goes to the Fan Art section. He is coldangel_1, and I've uploaded 10 of his arts that are made in a very cool and different style, featuring Leela, Fry and Bender mainly in action poses, many of them handmade, and other digitally colorized (like the one featured today). I guess that's all for today... I'm very tired (I came back from traveling for about 2 hours today) so I'll leave you with that (and I'm sure that you'll take your time to see those arts). Bye.
by JavieR / October 3, 2006 / 14:34
This is the third update of the month... and I'm glad to see TFP updated once again :). Today's update features a brand new artist around here in the Fan Art section, she is Sarah. You'll find today 9 arts made by her, featuring handmade colored drawings of Professor Farnsworth, Zapp, Fry & Leela, Coilette, a different version of Leela & Leela having surreal dreams; also, scans of Zoidberg, Leela A and Leela 1, and finally a cool Fry & Leela drawing with a nice background (featured today). I can say that the arts made by Sarah are very well done, so you be sure to check them out! Is late around here, about 21H30, I've to go because I need to sleep earlier today...
by JavieR / October 2, 2006 / 10:54
So, I'm back around here to bring you some great content for you tonight (well, maybe morning of the next day for some of you). If you've been around the Comics section since yesterday, you may have noticed some changes... because I've improved a little bit the way the comics are displayed on the site... that's why today I've added a comic made by Bofr@, called Delivery To Planet Fishy. And why not, today is time for another great art by the unique Cap'n Skusting, featuring the Senile Pirate Farnsworth with another evil mastermind, the Brain. I ensure you that you've to check that out... I'm out...
by JavieR / October 1, 2006 / 13:48
I'm back, and with more stuff to add around here. First of all, is time to upload the rest of the fanfic that I added past thursday, created by Professor Zoidy, called Master Kidnappster - Part 2 (I know, I should add all yesterday, but the history has 2 parts, and I just wanted to make it even more interesting :P). This is the end of this story, so be sure to check it out!. Secondly, I've added a new Pixel Art, created by a new artist around here, please welcome... Pazuzu. She has made a cool shaded image of Bender, pixelated of course, but is a good one for a first try, so check it out. I think that's all the time I have for today, I'm kinda late with the updates, so hold on people. In some related news, Futurama is the show #4 in the IGN Top 25 Primetime Animated Series of All Time, only defeated by The Simpsons, Southpark and The Flinstones.
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