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by JavieR / September 28, 2006 / 21:50
Hello and welcome back. I'm trying to update as fast as possible, but since I've been thinking a lot about "the future", I've been kinda offline, and I really need to line up my thoughts once again. Today's update brings you the second person in the Fan Fics section. This person is Professor Zoidy, and she has created a story called Master Kidnappster - Part 1. In this story, when the planet express crew returns from the Hip Joint, things start to seem a little to weird when the ship starts to malfunction, and all the crew is wondering what to do if they get stuck in outer space. The fanfic features two extra characters from the original crew. I've also uploaded the newest arts created by the same Professor Zoidy, featuring Zapp & Kif, Bender, Fry chased by the werecar Bender, Captain Yeaterday, three Leela images (one annoyed, a Leela from universe A, & Leela from the 50's). Finally, an art of Fry pulling his hair (featured today). Enjoy and take care, I'll be back very soon.
by JavieR / September 26, 2006 / 17:38
I've received an email from george of Speedbump Studios today, about a very cool video that they've made featuring the return of Futurama on Comedy Central in 2008. Please, this is a must see, go to http://www.speedbumpstudios.com/futurama, or go to the Fan Videos section, download the video and see by yourself. They want to get the attention of Comedy Central, so if you can make bigger news with this video, go ahead!.
About today's update, I've uploaded the second part of the first fanfic around here, also created by Ethan, TFP presents Time Travel - Part 2. This second part is the final part of this history. Here, Fry, Leela & Bender finally stop Morbo's race from slaving the Earth with Dr. Who's help. enjoy!
by JavieR / September 22, 2006 / 16:13
I hope so, because I added this update at September 22th, so if the date is wrong... wel, my mistake. So, what is new around here, nothing... only the Fan Fics Section of TFP. Finally, I've created that section, and since I've open it, it really had to have a fanfic :B, so the first one over here was created by Ethan, and is called Time Travel - Part 1 Well, I will only say that this fan fic mixes Futurama and Dr. Who, so go ahead and take a look... or a read. The Fan Fics Section is open to everyone that wants to sent Futurama side-stories, so go ahead :). In other news, as you can see, there's an image featured today, and it was made by the great Cap'n Skusting. The image features a Pireate Leela with great details and a very cool scene, a must view art by the Captain. Is time to say goodbye, but you'll read from me soon.
by JavieR / September 20, 2006 / 11:16
So, today I'm gonna update the site with many sections, but first, I wannna let you know that I found out a bug in the Fanfics Section when I was testing it, but I think the problem will be solved by tomorrow. Ok, what is gonna be first... let me see, Fanart. SonicPanther has created three cool arts featuring Fry's head, Fry's head (KP Style) and Dr. Zoidberg in a different style. Second... I know, Pixel Art. Not three but four new arts also by SonicPanther, featuring a pair of Fry's heads, Dr. Zoidberg (full body), and a Fry featuring TFP text on his shirt... thanks SP. Third and final, believe it or not, Stamps. Is true, SonicPanther made one stamp that features Philip J. Fry. So, that's all I can update today, but tomorrow you'll see even more. Take care.
by JavieR / September 17, 2006 / 22:24
Yeap, is today's date, but in spanish... I had no very much time to think about the update's title. Today I've some stuff that you wanna see. First, I've some new fanart, created by a new artist around here, named dangerskew. The arts feature Fry & Zoidberg, Zapp & Kif, and a scene of the big screen from the Futurama intro, featuring Matt Groening & David X. Cohen, one handmade, the other traced in Flash. You have to visit his website, FLASHTROFE.COM!, it has some very funny Flash stuff that you'll like to see. I also added some stuff created by a new 3D artist named Dennis, one featuring many small pictures of Bender, and other with Bender and the Professor staring at him. I've to say goodbye for now, but I'll be back very soon.
by JavieR / September 15, 2006 / 11:12
Here we go, after a couple of days with the new design, I've to say that is going well... no problems reported, but if you find something weird, please let me know. Today's update features some content that I dunno why I didn't add a long time ago. I'm talking about Comics. This one with two new authors, Ethan and Guy. The comics are named "The One That Got Away" and "Futurama, or something like that!" respectively, and both comics are kinda big, with 17 pages (well... images) each. Judge by yourself :). I've also moved the Fan Art made by Nari Ponder, that was firstly in the Fanart section (but obviously... both arts are comics).
I'm just testing the code for the Fanfic section that will be open very soon... of course, I don't have almost any fanfics to put, so if you wanna submit some, feel free to do it, and remember to include your Nickname, email & website (...if you have one). Later.
by JavieR / September 12, 2006 / 07:10
Ok, so there you go (after a long time delaying it...), the new design of TFP (Version 12.0). Released today because of the 7 years this site is online (something that almost non of you one really knew... did you?), and because I was bored with the old design. I spent most of the time fixing lots and lots of old pages, so everything should work smoothly around here. There are some changes that you should know about:
  • Although this design will work with the 800x600 resolution, I recommend at least the 1024x768 resolution.
  • There's now a small preview of each author in the sections with more content. This covers fan art, 3D, signs, stamps, comics, ascii art, xp/buddie icons, pixel art & bookmarks (I'm not missing any section, right?).
  • The TFP Scans section (that had all my scans) is now in the Fan Art section, under my nickname, JavieR, because is fan art too (and I don't see the reason of a individual page, just for my "art").
  • Finally, a page title that corresponds to each section. I could do that a long time ago, but I am just to lazy.
  • The Stamps and Signs sections are now ordered by authors, and there are templates in that sections if you wanna create new content.
This website was tested almost fully using both Firefox and IE6, but you'll never know what can happen once the site is viewable by everyone, so, it would be great if you can test and/or report any errors/bugs to the contact form (that this time really works, trust me). I'll really like to know if there are any problems using Opera, Safari, or any other browser in the many operative systems out there.

About the Design, you can leave your comments and suggestions in the PEEL Thread, the FMMB Thread or in the EOF Thread.
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