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by JavieR / August 30, 2006 / 19:50
Inded...! I've been kinda away from this website, but that doesn't mean that I'm not working on it right now. In fact, I've been working for about 7 days in the new design, making it more light and updating all the sections that were not using PHP in a big scale. I still have to work on the Futurama Museum (that has many errors since the site was moved to another server), but I'll do that after I officially launch the new design. There are a few details that I've yet to improve, but you'll see the results... soon. I want to say thanks to all the TFP visitors since about 2 days ago the counter passed the 2,000,000 unique hits. I can't leave an update without upload something for you, so today I've added some Pixel Art created by myself, JavieR :P. You'll find about 11 Pixel Arts featuring a botlle of Olde Fortran, The Crushinator, the Planet Express Pixel Crew and the individual version of each character (Amy, Bender, Fry, Hermes, Leela, Nibbler, Professor Farnsworth & Dr. Zoidberg). I made them some time ago but for a reason that I don't remember I didn't upload them sooner over here.
by JavieR / August 10, 2006 / 09:48
Hi... hello all of you... time for a new update around here. I've been working some time in the new design & sections, but I must say that is gonna take a little more time, because right now I'm to lazy. The new stuff around here are two new scans that I made some time ago, featuring the most amazing spaceships of the series, the Planet Express Deliver Ship & The Nimbus. Both scans have a cool background and frame... so you must take a look. In other news, I'll be away for the next four days, I'll be on a beach, and I'll be back this coming Monday. I guess that's all I can say for the moment, bye...
by JavieR / August 7, 2006 / 09:19
Welcome back to myself! Welcome back to all of you!!. I just... I don't know how to explain it... but well, I've no excuse for the lack of updates around here. I think I've tried to update the site, but sudddenly something else appeared and I totally forgot about TFP... I'm truly sorry about that. I've delayed lots of submissions, that I'll try to upload today, please be patient, also because I've a new section to create, but I've not created that section... yet (I'll do it today ASAP). I've also bee working with the new design, mostly in the coding part, because I wanna make all the sections look more uniform. This update has lots of arts from many artists, so lets get started. First, there's a new comic around here, created by a new artist called Gopher... the comic is an scene featuring the main characters. Second, fanart from Professor Zoidy, featuring Fry, Capitain Yesterday, and the cover of the "Time Bender Trilogy". Third, PixelArt from SonicPanther featuring Fry + Fry, one of them as a Fry sign. Fourth and last today, 3D arts, created by the man called Eric Beck, featuring this update with three amazing images, the Planet Express building, the Robot Devil & of course, Slurms McKenzie. Ok, I've uploaded many arts today, is about 01H23 (GMT -5) around here... bed time for me.
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