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by JavieR / June 29, 2006 / 18:11
...not really. I've been feeling kinda sick this past few days + I had to design a website for some nuns (yes, nuns... I've not seen a nun or a nunbot in Futurama...), and that's what has taken all my time. Today's update is great, because I've the opportunity to introduce two new artists... and also add a new art from a not to new artist. The first one is named ecks, and he sent me two fanarts featuring the Planet Express crew along with himself, partying because of the Futurama great news (you know... you don't know! Then please read the top big news on this website). The other artist, featured in today's update, created a stunning 3D Image. His name, Eric Beck. The art, professor Farnsworth experimenting with a brainslug (possibly to create a doomsday device). The third artist aroun here is Professor Zoidy. She made a new fanart of Fry staring at someone (probably Leela)... Well, I think that's enough for today, but you can always come back.
by JavieR / June 26, 2006 / 20:47
Ok... so I'm a little sad because Ecuador lost the match against England... but no big deal, life goes on... until you die of course. Let's see what I have today over here... interesting, more PixelArt, this time from a new artist around here... her name is SonicPanther, and her PixelArt is just great IMHO. Three new images, featuring Dr. Zoidber, Slurms McKenzie and Fry, the last one is animated and I think that all of them have a kick ass shading. So, I think that's it for today... I should be doing something I HAVE TO DO but I don't know why I can find a way to do it... damn you JavieR!!!!!
by JavieR / June 22, 2006 / 18:00
This was a kinda old rumour, but according to an article from TVWeek.com, there's a official press release saying that Comedy Central will revive Futurama.
Now, this is a part of the article:
"...Futurama will resume production for a 13-episode run on Comedy Central. The new episodes will be added to the network's library of 72 Futurama episodes previously licensed from 20th Century Fox Television..."
Full article here

I found similar news (a more complete article) at tvsquad.com:
"When Katey Sagal visited The Late Late Show the other day, she told Craig that the show is coming back to Comedy Central in 2008 for at least 13 episodes..."
Full article here

There's also a confirmation by Billy West (Fry's Voice) at his forum:
"...Yes-- what Katey said is true so there is every reason now (with no reservations) to go nuts. I'm glad to go back to work on my favorite show!..."
Full post is over here (sixth post from the bottom)
by JavieR / June 22, 2006 / 12:44
Time for a new update around here. This time with new fanart from guess who...? nope, not him... nop niither her... in fact is a brand new artist around here... and I should upload her art a couple of days ago, but you know me, I usually forget everything. So, please welcome starfish. She has sent me five new hand draw arts, featuring the main characters of the series. You'll see that these images are kinda cool, and they worth a look.
In other news, Ecuador lost their third match against the host Germany with the final score of 3-0... so, we'll have to play against England in the second round... so, let just wait and see... bye.
by JavieR / June 16, 2006 / 16:50
I guess I forgot about the site a little... is not my fault, the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 is one of my priorities now... Such a great competition going on, and now my country is in the next fase of the World Cup, because won the first 2 matches against Poland and Costa Rica. Now is time to see if we can defeat Germany... Now, time for the update right? Let see... ok, more pixelart around here. First, two new images frm the well konwn Paul A. Metcalfe featuring Fry in both of them, one with Leela, and the other with Zoidberg. Also, a new PixelArt by Zac Martin, featuring the amazing Planet Express Ship, very well done BTW. So, that's it, I just watched the game between "Argentina" and "Serbia & Montenegro" with the score of 6-0 against Serbia & Montenegro... ouch!
by JavieR / June 7, 2006 / 11:28
In less than two days, I'll be watching the FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006, hurray!!! I'm so glad to see this World Cup, specially because my country, Ecuador, plays the second match of the tournament against Poland. So... I have some new stuff for this website... no doubt about that, I was forgetting to upload that stuff, but as you can see, is finally over here. I've two artist that sent their art to the same section, I'm talkin' about the Pixel Art section. The first one is the well known Paul A. Metcalfe with three new pixel images featuring Fry, Dr. Zoidberg from the episode "A Fishfull Of Dollars" and Bender from the episode "I Second That Emotion". The second artist around here is a new one, but I know him from deviantART, his name is Zac Martin, and he has created a Pixel Art of a Brainslug (featured on this update). Take a look to both artists... and bye.
by JavieR / June 1, 2006 / 18:23
Is true, the FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006 is a few days away... and I'm glad because soccer is the sport that I like the most :D, and also because Ecuador is gonna be there. So, enough of the soccer, and let's go to Futurama. Today, I've a new artist around here, the name... Hannah, and she has created some cool handmade arts featuring Fry & Leela as the theme for all of them. I still don't finish neither the PixelArt I wrote abour, nor the jammed new Design for the site... sorry :S
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