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by JavieR / May 28, 2006 / 12:55
Now that I'm ok and with a fully functional being (don't ask...), I've decided to update this site once again. Ok, I was supposed to write this in the morning, now it is about 22H55 (GMT -5) around here... I've been kinda busy with some animations. So, let me see... hey, I've this cool bunch of arts created by Professor Zoidy. The images (a total of seven) feature Bender (The one form universe 1 and the one from universe A, you know, from "The Farnsworth Parabox"), Fry, Leela and a very cool image of Professor Farnsworth without his glasses (featured on this update). I've to upload a new PixelArt that I made, but I forgot to draw one detail of it, so I'll add it over here later...
by JavieR / May 25, 2006 / 13:57
It has been quite a hell for me since this wednesday... and until today I'm still feeling weird. Well, that's not so important, the really important thing, is today's update. First, I've uploaded two new PixelArt images, both created by Paul A. Metcalfe.. One of them features Fry looking very werid, and the other one features Amy with his underwear. The other stuff I've uploaded today, is a new fanart image, created by a new artist named Andy Taylor. The art is a different concept of the Futurama characters, that I kinda like.
by JavieR / May 21, 2006 / 23:32
Let's see what I can do today... Ok... one word, fanart. In todays' update I've uploaded two arts from a new artist called himself Sefiro. Both images were made by hand, featuring Bender, Fry and Leela. In other fanart, is time for another great image from the well known Cap'n Skusting. His image features Pirate Farnsworth in the boiler room of his ship... Gotta run, I'm late for some stuff I've to do... bye, but I'll be back really soon.
by JavieR / May 14, 2006 / 14:59
Ok, so I was out the city for 2 days, but I'm back online to update this website. I'm creating a new Pixel Art that I'll include here soon, but since is not finished, there you go two new of this kind of images created by Paul A. Metcalfe featuring Amy Wong with Fry's head, and Professor Farnsworth. There is a new art, made by... guess who... but no cheating... ok, it was also made by Paul. As you can see, the image featured on this update is of Leela in a very suggestive red underwear... with a strong attitude. This is all I can do for today, I'll update again soon.
by JavieR / May 10, 2006 / 14:15
A strong and deep title.... expresing my feelings about leaving this website abandoned for more than a week. Very sorry for the lack of updates (what more can I say!)... is just that I've to decide something important in my life, and until I do that... I dunno what's gonna happen around here!. Meanwhile, I've some stuff I should add some time ago. First, I've a new fanart image, coming from Steven Gurman. The image features a hand drawn Dr. Zoidberg. What's next... let me see... of course, the image featured in today's update, is not one but four new Pixel Art images from Paul A. Metcalfe. The pixelarts feature an angry Amy Wong, a Hippie Leela, Dr. Zoidberg and the Zapp Branigan actually thinking (so scary!). I've to leave you now, I gotta sleep, but I don't get sleepy until 3 am... so that kinda sucks! I almost forget, If you wanna rank Futurama, vote for it going over here
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