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by JavieR / April 27, 2006 / 11:27
Is true, Paul A. Metcalfe is back, but not with the fanart he's used to do, he has created four PixelArt images, featuring Kif (Wondering something), Amy (Naked :O), Nibbler (angry) and Fry (Drinking some coffee, this last one featured over here). So, there you go, four arts by Paul, and there's more, I've also added a new PixelArt image, this one created for Paul as an Avatar for DeviantART features a can of Slurmsoda... so, check it out.
by JavieR / April 25, 2006 / 12:45
I just don't like I having this flu!!! I feel so sick... I need to rest for about 2 days to get better. Alright, let's do this update before I pass out. I've been with quite a few inspiration to create something new, not even the new design of this website (is still the 60% done... no progress made). So, this is why I wanna thank Steven Gurman, because I've updated the site with 4 of his arts. You'll find Leela, Kif, Nibbler and Bender drawings. I'll like to stay, but I'm really sick. bye.
by JavieR / April 21, 2006 / 13:50
Sorry, sorry and sorry... is all I can say because of this late update of the site. In fact, I've been sick until this past monday, and now, I'm with a stupid flu!!!. Well, I created this image a few days ago, so, finally some new stuff around here made by me. This new wallpaper, features the Futurama crew (Fry, Leela and Bender), celebrating after they blow up The Giocconda (Mona Lisa) in the air. As usual, you'll find it in the more common resolutions, so go ahead!
Now, I've a soccer game tonight 21H00 (GMT -5), so I hope not to get more sick... gotta say goodbye!
by JavieR / April 13, 2006 / 10:51
Yeap, just in case, I'll be offline until this Sunday. I'm going out of tow to visit my uncles to Ambato - Ecuador, so if you don't see anything around here, that's the reason. Of course, today i've uploaded some new art, created by the artist known as Professor Zoidy (aka Rachel). You'll find three brand new images, featuring Leela and Fry, and one of them is called the FryPod. Ok, I should be taking care of my travel, so bye.
by JavieR / April 12, 2006 / 19:31
Is true, I'm sick... ouch!. In fact, I'm kinda better... but who knows. Ok, let's go with this update already, before I forget what I was writing about. Lets see, I've finally a new version of PowerDVD, that let me grab some framegrabs from the Futurama DVDs (The older version was kinda stupid). So, I've uploaded the framegrabs of the episode "01ACV06 - A Fishfull Of Dollars", about 50 framegrabs that you can use if you want to (just do not directly link the images). I'm stuck with the new design, I just don't know what to do with the news part, and some other stuff. Oh well, I just have to be more inspired then... have fun!
by JavieR / April 7, 2006 / 15:47
I really should sleep, but since I'm kinda busy with an animation for a Local Bank, I've to do it well. Sorry for the lack of updates, I'll try to upload more often. A visitor noticed that the ASCII Section had lots of broken links (because of the extra code that was added to the php code when the site was moved to another server), but now is just fine. Ok, I've just uploaded one new Scan, this time featuring the Mom Old Fashioned Robot Oil, Made With 10% More Love Than The Next Leading Brand. bye.
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