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by JavieR / February 27, 2006 / 21:26
Hello once again! So, what's new around here... let me check... First, first, I've a brand new Wallpaper that I didn't upload earlier featuring the same 3D image made by ^SnIpeR^ that features a 3D Dr. Zoidberg with great details. Secondly, there's also a new 3D image by the same ^SnIpeR^, featuring Bender & Dr. Zoidberg fighting (a screenshot from the short 3D film he's creating, more details at Blade Bender). Another new 3D image was created by Show, combining 2 previous developments. Fry (adding movement to the model) and The Wong Ranch (that I upoaded earlier to his gallery). Check them out.
by JavieR / February 26, 2006 / 21:52
Just a selling slogan for the title, but in fact, I'll try to upload some stuff I forgot to upload back in the days when the site had no Downloads. The fist update is from a guy named Peter, that sent me a software to randomize all the Futurama Episodes. What the program do is randomly choose the episodes from the 1 to 4 seasons (you choose the seasons, episode synopsis included) if you're not sure which one to watch. Ok, second update. This is now something I forgot, but is an fanart from a retired artist named Sean Blendon. The image features Leela and it looks great like all his gallery around here. Seans sent mew the picture a few days ago.
by JavieR / February 21, 2006 / 17:24
This new update is a short one, because I have to go... Now, the new stuff around here is this 3D image that features Dr. Zoidberg, created by ^SnIpeR^. This render is very shiny and the model is very well done. There's also a new wallpaper featuring Bender (the wallpaper version of the first 3D image by ^SnIpeR^). You'll find this one from the 800x600 to the 1280x960 pixels of resolution. Now I really gotta go. bye.
by JavieR / February 20, 2006 / 11:25
Don't ask about the title, I took it from a Sigur Rós album. I'm kinda busy building a Subwoofer Box for my brother, maybe I'll but the board I need tomorrow. What's new arround here, for the moment, I forgot to upload the second wallpaper made by Charlie. This one is a Futurama Collage that feature all the main characters, and you'll find it in all the more used resolutions. Now, if you entered recently to the links section, you noticed that I added german, russian and norweigian websites, if you see something wrong, or if you wanna submit other decent Futurama sites (any language, if you know the language please add a description and the kind of content) just contact me using the contact form (if is not working, just email me to javoec.tfp[at]gmail[dot]com). I'll upload something new tomorrow, very early, but now, I gotta go!
by JavieR / February 17, 2006 / 16:00
Ok... I finally worked with this site, this time upgrading the links section. I've cleaned up may dead sites (that I'll add to The Futurama Museum... later) and added some new sites that are relatively new. YOu'll also find that there's a page for each language, but is not complete, so, you'll only find English and on Spanish site, no German or Russian sites were added :S ...Content, this time, a new wallpaper that features Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, and it was made by Charlie, check it out, because it has almost all the normal resolutions. Enjoy.
by JavieR / February 14, 2006 / 22:51
What tha heck!!! Why was TFP down??? My humble apologizes (even when I didn't know the reasons of the downtime). Ok, I'm back from the country, and I must say that I feel more mean over here in the city that over there... Let me see, what's new around here... Ok, some new and cool 3d images. The first stuff was made by an artist called ^SnIpeR^ with 2 images, the first featuring Bender, the second features 2 brainslugs with a cool Bender in the back. I must say that these images have great quality (and great rendering), and that Bender looks amazingly shining. The second stuff in the 3D section is featured in the thumbnail of this update, featuring Fry and created by Show. That's all I have to say by the end of this update.
BTW, I almost forgot that ^SnIpeR^ has a website called Blade Bender, and the objetive is to create a fan short film featuring Bender and in the future Dr. Zoidberg!
..and Happy Valentine's Day!!! (I think this day of the calendar is not applied in all the world...)
by JavieR / February 9, 2006 / 08:13
If you can see an angel... is because the image at the right is OK... no seriously, angels are cool. Today's update features an image I started a long time ago but since I've been kinda busy (hey, I'm always busy!!), I've not been able to finish it, until today (in fact, I think I made almost all the work today). So there you go, Angel Leela Colored, right in the Scans section. I've to clarify that the original art of this colored scan was created once again by a great artist called Palmbeacher, so most of the credit goes to her... About this site, is not dead as I always say, in fact, I'll try to upgrade some of the sections I realized are very old, but, I'll start that this coming tuesday, since I'll be out of town this weekend in the country... I leave tomorrow, so goodbye until then!
by JavieR / February 5, 2006 / 14:01
I'm kinda gloomy since yesterday (...after the anger phase...), but I'm in the mood to update the site because I think I forgot to do it in the past days. Today I finally uploaded the second of three Fan Videos, that the author, Spoon, sent to me a looooooooooong time ago, but since I had no Downloads Server for quite a while, I kinda forgot. So there you go, this video is a collage of the episode "04ACV04 - Less Than Hero", and features the song Long Way Down by the Goo Goo Dolls. Is quite a fun video to watch, so go ahead. About the gloomy phase I'm going through... is going away slowly...
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