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by JavieR / January 28, 2006 / 09:49
Dunno why, don't ask why, but I forgot to upload the last scan that I made. The image featured today is an original work by palmbeacher (see the original image clicking here). Now, I liked this image so much, that I decided to scan it and add some color to it. The final result is in the my fanart page. As you can see the picture features an 'Angel Amy', and what I liked the most is the look of her face (I didn't find a correct english translation for desentendida). The slight differences from the original Amy are the 5 fingers in each hand and the thinner body, traits of the original artist. Enjoy, and please try to be patient about the Wallpapers, because I've to upload work from the last 6 years, so is quite a bit of images.
by JavieR / January 25, 2006 / 17:47
At last, something great around here. Of course that the main news are the 4 (count them... 1, 2, 3, 4) Futurama DVD Movies that are about to begin, but is also great to announce that after almost 4 months, the downloads are available once again... so go ahead, of course, if any section with doenloads is damaged, PLEASE let me know... Finally, I've two images that I've uploaded. The first is a 3D render by Show, that features a Wong Ranch take form an real episode. The second is the latest art by Cap'n Skusting, that features Bender and Pirate Bender (Form the Pirate Universe)... a very cool piece with great details and very funny. I'm still uploading the wallpapers and unfortunately some of them (the oldest ones) are lost in the 1024x768 resolution, because (...dunno why) I don't have backups of that images.
I almost forgot, the counter passed the 1.5 Millon visitors a few days ago, I wanted to do something cool, but I guess with all the problems I kinda forgot... thanks a lot for the visits and support!!!
by JavieR / January 23, 2006 / 16:12
Is kinda cool when you know that 4 Futurama DVD Movies have green light to be produced... check out Billy (Fry's voice) West's Forum. I hope these movies can be finally the reborn of the series, all we've to do is buy them, but them all!!!!, because I really really really want new Futurama episodes...
In this site news, I've uploaded some of the content that was lost (TFP Scans and Fanart), but I'm still working in the Wallpapers section (The section with more Megabytes). Meanwhile I'll try to upload something new, from other artists and from me (yeah right!!) I'm gonna drink something right now....!!!!
by JavieR / January 18, 2006 / 13:35
It looks like the change of host did not only damaged all the code adding to any part of the text like: "".... this: "javier", but also damaged a lot of thumbnails and images (wallpapers, 3d images, fanart, scans + more). Please, if you can check out part of the wallpapers (checking every resolution) to see if the image is correct or not, that would be helpful (if you can register the number and resolution of the broken images, and then LET ME KNOW :D), in that way, I'll be able to upload again only the damaged files. The problem is that the damaged images size is the same than the files I have as backup in my computer, so I can't just upload all the files that are bigger than the ones at the server... and problem solved...
The problem goes for all the sections with images... I hope to fix this soon....
by JavieR / January 17, 2006 / 08:57
by JavieR / January 12, 2006 / 20:04
Hello everyone. As you can see the site is alive, and for those that don't know, check out this and this news related to a Futurama reincarnation... is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Now, let's go with the important stuff, todays' update (wait a minute, I'm already doing that...??)... Well, after a few shorcuts, I've uploaded two new images in the 3D Section. As you can see, the thumbnail features Fry. It looks like a normal scan, but actually is a cell rendering of a 3D modeled Fry, and I can say is very well done by Show. There's also another one of Fry but rendered with shades. Ok, time for me to go, I've a birthday tonight. Pao if you read this "Feliz Cumpleaños"
by JavieR / January 10, 2006 / 17:47
I'm over here once again. I've been kinda figuring out some really important stuff in my life, so that's why I've not been around so much. In fact, I've made no progress in any kind of Futurama related stuff, SORRY!!!!!. The only thing I can do to keep this website alive for the moment is the deliver of 2 new images created by Homies. The scans feature Leela & Bender, and Fry in the second image, from the last Futurama episode. I've been also busy with my site at DeviantART, javoec.deviantart.com, not that I'm "The Artist", but I've upoaded some of the stuff I created in the past to post over here, and some stuff not Futurama related. Enjoy.
by JavieR / January 6, 2006 / 23:27
Hello once again everyone. I know that there's nothing much to do around here, but I was busy until yesterday, because I had to finish a stupid work that I didn't even understand. Today is the first update of the brand new 2006. I've not uploaded to much, but I think you'll like this. There's a new image in the fanart section, the scan was created by Lee Roberts, and features Leela from the last Futurama episode of the series, "The Devil Hands Are Idle Playthings". Hope to create something new by the end of this week.
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