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by JavieR / September 26, 2005 / 23:01
[...I dunno why the site was down part of yesterday and part of today...]
I finally downloaded the last version of the Comicmaker, made by Bofr@. This new version (I think is version 15) has more scenes (backgrounds) and a lot of more characters, and some of them have different expresions that you can change, depending of the situation you put the character on (was that understandable???). Go ahead, try to use it and create cool comics that you can submit here (if you want to...). BTW, check out the Comics that are already there so you can have an idea of what you can do. I have classes once again tomorrow, but don't worry, because I've less hours per week and I presume I can use more of my time on this site.
by JavieR / September 24, 2005 / 15:50
I was playing a soccer game yesterday, and we (I mean my team) won...!!! Is about 01H40 and my game started yesterday at 21H00 so I'm still awake. Todays update is for a new artist, named Alanderar. He sent about eight new scans that features many of the Main Futurama characters (and also Evil Lincon), and they were made using only MS Paint. I remember that my first scans where made using MS Paint... but it was kinda difficult to make them smooth (Actually, you had to make them really big and then shrink them). well, enough of my MS Paint Scans tutoarial, I really have to sleep. Well, bye.
by JavieR / September 22, 2005 / 10:45
I was supposed to end the work I'm doing a long time ago, but I've been waiting for some stupid audios that "those guys" can't record well. So today I finally added the last sounds, and I hope that by tomorrow I can finish the job. Today's update features a new artist of the Fan Art section. His name is Professor Zoidy and you'll find five new images that feature Fry, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth. I'm working in a new wallpaper featuring the Robot Elders from the episode "01ACV05 - Fear Of A Bot Planet"... I hope to finish it ASAP.
by JavieR / September 19, 2005 / 13:26
I don't know if the last word of the title really exists (I hope so!). Going to the main event, today I've uploaded one of three videos made by a person named Spoon. Now, this first video is a collage of many episodes, featuring Fry with the song The Touch by Stan Bush. If you to the Fan Videos section, you'll notice that the file is about 8,71 MB, so if you have a slow connection you'll have to wait for a while too see the video. I hope to create some new stuff for the site very soon, but meanwhile you 'll have to wait, like always :S
by JavieR / September 14, 2005 / 09:27
Since I'm an intelectual person (yeah right...!), I've decided to read some books by Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare (Fact: They both died the same day but they never knew each other, talkin' about intellectual stuff!!) but since the books had more than 100 pages each, I've choosed another writer. This one is named Bofr@, and he created two more comics (That I forgot to upload earlier). The first is named "Broken Ship" featuring Fry and Bender. The second is named "Return To Vergon 6" and features Bender and a Purple Fruit Snake. I finally have my Creative Zen Micro, that flew from E.E.U.U. to Ecuador thanks to a friend of mine, so I'll be playing with it for a while.
by JavieR / September 12, 2005 / 20:57
Is true fellows, I've a deadline for this Wednesday and I haven't sleep a lot. Today I've upoaded a new bunch of Framegrabs, this time from the episode "01ACV05 - Fear Of A Bot Planet". I watched it again to choose the nicest framegrabs, and I must say that I really like this episode, specially the Robot Elders... matbe I'll create a wallpaper of them. Now I must go, I've to keep working in that stupid work I'm working on. BTW, I lamost forgot to write that I've the total of high quality framegrabs for this episode is 50, so you can use them for your scans, wallpapers or whatever.
by JavieR / September 10, 2005 / 17:35
I'm back from a small vacations in the coast region of my country, and now that I'm not so stressed, I can find time to update this site. Today's update features a cool artist known as Pawell, and he has managed to create some arts that can stop your heart. Two new images that feature Leela in very sexy lingerie (this previous sentence will create a lot of hits, thanks to Google!). Just look at the thumbnail to figure out the big size image. I'm almost done with this work so you'll see that I can update more often. bIe.
by JavieR / September 6, 2005 / 15:19
Just wondering what to do until 2 a.m. not sleeping and puzzling what to do to fall sleep. Sheep don't work for me, so I realized that I need vacations. I'll be out of town until this friday, so don't worry if you don't see me alive those days. Today's update has two artists right to the Fan Art Section. The first one is Rorro_hell, and his image features Fry as the "Happy Worker". The second artist is Paul A. Metcalfe and his scans and arts feature the cute Amy Wong gallery, so you have a lot of Amy to see... a total of 31 images to be exacto. In other news, it seems that Futurama Madhouse (a.k.a. TLZ) webmasters can't update the site, but the site is not dead... so, keep an eye or two or how many eyes you can.
by JavieR / September 2, 2005 / 11:04
This is a fast update, since I have a deadline this monday, I can't write a lot here. Is time to update the site with a new section called Futurama Games (I know, other sites already have that section...), but since a great guy name angry tubby submitted a brand new Flash game called Futurama Pong, I decided to create that section, and move a game that was originally in the Software section, I'm talking af course of the "Futurama Brain Blast". The previous game mentioned is a Pong game but this one features Fry and Bender trying to avoid a brainslug... check it out!
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