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by JavieR / July 29, 2005 / 08:06
Is nice to see this site updated more often. Since I have more free time, I can do it :). Let's see, what we have for today. First, I have just uploaded the Framegrabs from two episodes (actually, the 3rd and 4th episode of the whole series), "01ACV03 - I, Roommate" and "01ACV04 - Love's Labours Lost In Space". You'll find 40 high quality grabs from each one. Second, I totally forgot to upload this erlier. A great artist, Hobo, has created two new 3D Images featuring Philip J. Fry. One of them with Shading and the other with Cell style.
by JavieR / July 28, 2005 / 09:02
All Right! Finally I have a new DVD±RW for my PC. Finally, I can continue watching the episodes and creating new stuff, now that I'm on vacations (Although I have to finish those Interactive CD's I've been talking about). Let's see, what we have for today... Of course, is time for two new scans by the newest artist around here, King Fig. The images features The Professor, Cubert and Dwight. He has also sent me a brand new Flash Animation that features that little creature called... "All hail to The Hypnotoad" ...What did just happen? Anyway, the animation has the classic Hypnotoad sound and it surely will wash your brain.
by JavieR / July 22, 2005 / 12:41
Hello once again fellows, I think I'm going well with the site and the work I'm doing at the moment. This month has been quite disturbing, with all the crap that I had to do, that's maybe the main reason of the lack of updates. I've to write about the Need a Button? section. Many people has requested a button for his/her site, one problem was the little time I had, the other is that many people asks for a button but (no offence) his/her sites just aren't descent enough, I know that I shouldn't say that, but sometimes is just the truth. If you need advices for your site, go to PEEL mainly, or any other Futurama Message Board (look at you right). About the people that hasn't received a Button, please, if you're still interested, fill the form again (sorry about that :S). Back into the mew design, The Guestbook was also updated with the new design, and also some stuff that I missed. Finally, I've some stuff, thanks to King Fig, because he submitted a brand new Wallpaper that features one of the saddest moments of the last Futurama episode "04ACV18 - The Devil's Hand Are Idle Playthings", available in all the possible resolutions, since 640x480 to 1600x1200 pixels. I guess that's it for today...
by JavieR / July 20, 2005 / 08:09
There you go, big update for today. In fact, the only update is the design of the site. I've tested most of the pages, but if you find an error (like a non uniformed color or a bad link) please let me know using the contact form. This new design has the same features that the previous one. If you wanna know to whitch caracter belongs each hand, just leave the mouse over the image (like the logo or the menu headers) and you'll find out. The guestbook is not yet actualized with this design style, but soon it will be. That's all for today, I've to finish a interactive CD for this July 27th, so maybe I'll be quite busy.
by JavieR / July 18, 2005 / 12:15
Yippee!!!! TFP finally passed the million visitors a few days ago, I was (in fact I am) doing something special for this occasion, but since I'm very busy with a final exam, I've decided just update the site with some new stuff from a great new artist. The name, King Fig, and you'll see about Five brand new scans featuring Amy, Bender, Fry, Zapp, Zoidberg and that funny Pikeabot (...the thumbnail please...). The images have great quality, and where very well scanned, so you can not miss them. Remember, soon, a cool update just to remember the +1 Million visitors that where brave enough to visit this site... and survive. [OUT]
by JavieR / July 10, 2005 / 15:26
That's a word that I've been using lately, but with a NO before that word. I've to make a program to simulate I don't know what, but if I don't make it until this Wednesday, I'm doomed... I've minor problems to resolve, but I just don't know if I've made this far is right or wrong :S. Today I had some time to update TFP, so here we go. I've uploaded art from two artists. The fisr one is a new one, Con Burke. The image features Leela, and I think it was aquarelle made (or with markers maybe), take a look just in case :P. The second one, featured on this update, is the AmazinG Cap'n Skusting, with a new art of Dr. John Zoidberg and Edna, Pirate Style. This image is quite well done and has all the details, like any other of his arts. I've to start programming again, otherwise I'll not make it. Bye.
I almost forgot, one new surprise will be here very soon, so stay close (maybe two if I have time).
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