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by JavieR / April 30, 2005 / 09:59
Finally the end of the month is here... and since this one is that day, I've uploaded some great stuff today. Now, don't be so anxious, is not like I'm giving away a PS2 (I don't even have one, PC Games Rules!!!). The art featured in this particular update, is one of the coolest images I've seen about the series... the picture features Morris and Munda (leela's Parents in case you didn't know), But, with the particularity that this is a retrospective image when they were young and togheter. This art was made by the amazing Introducing Emy. The other image uploaded today, is also very good, because the style is different, and features Fry and Leela hugging each other, an art made by DogDoo8. I hope this update can make it...
by JavieR / April 23, 2005 / 21:42
Don't you worry, the title doen't mean something bad, is just that today is a great day, because I've seen an amazing new art by an artist that has created great Futurama images, some of them parodying other series. I'm talking about Emy (formally known as Introducing Emy), she's back, and she has created a great new art that all Men will love (and a sort of Women too (and I'm not prejudging anyone!!)). The art features a very sexy Leela (to sexy, that's why the image has been slightly censured, look at the pic). Please take a look (I know you will) and read you later...
by JavieR / April 21, 2005 / 11:16
Maybe someone saw the manifestations in Ecuador that ended with the past president, Lucio Gutierrez. He is the 3th (from a total of 6) tumbled president since 1996... but the truth is that he and the past ones crossed the line of unmorality and corruption. Well, I've said something finally, sometimes there's no other way, because all the actions that were made by the past government were just unfair and against all the people. Enough of that, let's read today's update. I've received an email from a person that made a hand draw, this person is named Rorro_hell and his art features Fry (with a kinda cool style, not so equal to the series). That's I can do today, I've to go to college in a few moments but I'll be back (someday), don't doubt about it.
by JavieR / April 19, 2005 / 17:53
I'm so tired hearing about Artificial Intelligence right now, and I've to read a whole document about the.... whatever that is! The point is that I've been busy with that stuff (even when I don't like it a LOT) and I've been careless with this site. Today, I've some new art from 2 new artists. The first one is named The British Professor, his image features the Planet Express Spaceship with a small animation of the Laser's ship. The second one is xXiLuvFuTuRaMaXx, and he sent three hand-made arts (one is actually computer hand-made) featuring Leela in two of them and Fry in the last one. I gotta go.
by JavieR / April 12, 2005 / 20:49
I know, is about 23H55 (GMT -5, Bogotá, Lima, Quito) but 5 minutes is not to much... I've been searching for about 2 Hours a lot of Ecuadorian economic indicators and I'm sick of it, that's why I decided to upload the rest of some stuff you'll surely wanna see. I'm talikng about DogDoo8 remaining arts that I didn't upload earlier because I was using to much phone (is not that cheap around here). So, the images feature a punk Amy, Calculon & Colliete's Wedding, Two different styles of Leela, Dr. Zoidberg (featured in this update), Fry & Bender and a self-portrait of DogDoo8. Enjoy that, I hope to upload some stuff made by myself soon.
by JavieR / April 9, 2005 / 11:22
Hello once again. No, I'm not as mad as yesterday as you can read. I'm in a very acceptable mood, maybe thanks to some analgesics ... I'm not an addict!... who said that??!... leave me alone!!!!!. I'm also kinda happy because there's gonna be re-runs of Futurama in FOX Latin America starting this monday, more details Here (PEEL Thread). Futurama will air at 00H00 this coming tuesday, as one of the series of a new block called "No Molestar!" (translation: "Do Not Disturb!"). Today I just uploaded one art, but this one is from a great artist that made us look Leela in a very gooooooooood way, I'm talking about Pawell. His last picture (thumbnail please) features Leela stripping (no more details needed). The detail of the dress and the shades of Leela's body is great (not mentioning anything else :P). [JavieR off]
by JavieR / April 8, 2005 / 15:37
I'm in a very bad mood today... specially if I can't walk anywhere because of my knee. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have to be in rest and not play any Football (Soccer or Fútbol). I feel not that usefull anymore, crap! damn! Why....!!!!????.
That's it, now that I'm freed is time for the update. I know some of you know him, specially if you're a member of PEEL, and if you visit the Fanart threads, even more. I'm talking about of DogDoo8, that gave me his permission in order to upload his art into this site. Let's see, I've uploaded half of the images today (I use a dial-up connection, and I'm in a hurry because the phone bill is gettin' bigger and bigger). You'll find arts featuring mostly Leela in different styles, Fry & Nibbler, Bender and some others. DD8 style is quite distinctive, you'll see it if you check out the images right away. One of the images by DogDoo8 is a 3D Image, so go there and see the Professor.
by JavieR / April 6, 2005 / 15:06
I know is been quite a while since my last update. I didn't mean not to update TFP, the problem was that I started classes once again, so I've been kinda busy. I've a irregular class horary, but that doesn't mean that I will not have time to update sometimes. Today I just have time to upload the last scanart made by Pawell. This one features Turanga Leela in a very sexy lingerie and in a very sexy pose. Leela's head was made by The Voices, one of the best artist around the Futurama Community. I think that's it for today. I'll create some new scans, maybe a wallpaper or two, I just don't know... Since I'm still without a DVD-ROM, I can not use the stuff from the Futurama DVDs.
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