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by JavieR / March 24, 2005 / 12:52
Nice and Great. That's all I can say about his last art. You remembewr him, with his piratized style... well this time, Cap'n Skusting has created a new fanart featuring La Barbara (a.k.a. Hermes' Wife). Next to here is our great friend Guenter. This image has great quality, and such a detail, you have to see it to believe me. In other news, I've just changed the counter, because the one from BCentral was kinda stupid, and offline sometimes. The new one is from Stat Counter, and only counts unique hits (same IP's), that's why you'll see it on every page. I think that all the time I have for today, have fun.
by JavieR / March 23, 2005 / 09:30
I need to sleep Bcause this week has been awful. I'm back in College in case you don't know, that's why I've abandoned the site a little (not to much!). This update has great stuff from two well known persons. The first one is Homies. This time I've uploaded the wallpaper version from the scan of the previous update, unfortunately, he lost the FLA (Flash File), where the scan was made. That's why you'll only find the 1024x768 and 800x600 px versions. The second stuff is thanks to Hobo, that recently created a new 3D image featuring Zoidy. This image is quite fun, with the psychedelic background and the Mushrooms all around. I'm out for today, bye.
by JavieR / March 15, 2005 / 22:19
Time for an update around here. I was watching all the Futurama Episodes in my free time (I only reached to the first DVD of the Season 2 Box). I already have some ideas for this site but I can make them because my DVD-ROM is still broken. But this update has nothing to do with the Futurama DVD's, is because I've added two new scans to the Fanart Section. Both scans where made by Homies from Futurama Area DE. One of the images features Bender ooutside the PE Building, taken from the Futurama Calendar (the last one I think). The other feratures the Planet Express Building itself, a scan of great detail and quality. Please chek them out.
by JavieR / March 11, 2005 / 18:58
Is not that hard... if you just read this update you'll now the answer (i'm not saying that nobody already has the answer). Ok, the answer is 3D, and this time, it was made by a great artist named Bofr@. He made about 9 nwe 3D images, but two years ago. I think he forgot to sent them to me or any other website. SO there you go, almost all (absolutely all) featuring Bender. You'll see him as a cowboy, wearing pants, in shiny gold and so on. Is glad that I now that I have no classes to attend tomorrow, I'm damn tired to be every Saturday at 8 o'clock listening and not sleeping. There you go, end of this update, but I guess you'll see more...
by JavieR / March 7, 2005 / 13:55
Hello people. Is time for a new update around here. Today I've uploaded a stunning new image of Leela to the Fanart Section. This one was made by Pawell and like I said, features Turanga Leela in a very Sexy pose wearing only a red bikini (if you don't believe me, take a look at the thumbnail). This image is well done, smooth and with great quality, so you have to check it out. That's all for today, I still have a lot of stuff to do.
by JavieR / March 6, 2005 / 21:55
Hurray!!!! I made some stuff for this site. I haven't made anything for TFP in a long, long time. Well, I decided to use the only framegrabs I have (and that I like because I chose the images) to create three new scans. Now, this new scans where saved in PNG format, just in case anyone wanted to use them in a design or anything (except as stolen content without my permission). The first scan features Leela as Fate Officer smiling sarcastically to Fry. The second one features a bottle of tasty Olde Fortran. The third one is a scan that I always wanted to make, is the Slurm Truck that usually circulate nearly the Planet Express building. The last two scans have transparency. So use them if you want to... I better go back to sleep now, is damn late around here.
by JavieR / March 3, 2005 / 08:47
Time really goes by when you're busy. I did noticed the very few updates I made the past month. Today I've finished one of seven Multimedia CD's. It looks great, but the audio I received is weak. For today I have for you the Framegrabs of the second Futurama episode, "01ACV02 - The Series Has Landed". You'll find 40 High Quality screenshots from that episode, and since my DVD-ROM is still broken, you'll not see more framegrabs soon. I'll try to fix it but I don't know when. Bye.
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