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by JavieR / February 28, 2005 / 22:55
It is like a nightmare... only that you're awake. I was awaken until 02H15 of today... and the worst part was that I was doing nothing. I was just... awake. I also wish I could be less busy, but is not that easy. I have to finish a preview for this Tuesday 29th, and I can not fail. Today I've just uploaded some small stuff that a great person created. Hobo created four amazing 3D images, three of them are animatedm featuring Dr. Zoidberg, the Mutant Leg and that Homeless Robot that Hobo uses as his avatar. The last one features the Planet Express Spaceship as you can see in the thumbnail. I hope I could do more (or even anything), but until this Tuersday, I can't, sorry.
by JavieR / February 20, 2005 / 23:11
Ah! I need ideas into my brain. I need to think of something to finish that bloody animation... but I don't know how. No problem, I usually come out with something at the last minute. Let's make this update so you don't have to read all this stupid stuff. As you can see, the thumbnail shows a great image of Leela, but if you click on it, you'll go directly to the newest artist of the Fanart section. His name is Pawell, webmaster of Something About Leela. He has created three amazing fanarts all of them featuring Leela in very sexy poses, so... hey, at least wait and read the rest of the update!. As I was saying, Pawell created three images of Leela, in great angles. That's it, you can go now to watch the fanart.
by JavieR / February 17, 2005 / 14:06
I was working on a Flash animation (not a Futurama one, you see, I wrote 'working') at 00H15 of today and a fly came into the room I am right now!!! It seems like that one didn't wanna sleep. Sorry if I didn't update the site earlier, I am working on a Multimedia CD so I have to finish a part of it for this Friday (I'm not sure if I will). The stuff I'm about to show you is not original, but it was something missing around here, I'm talking about the Futurama Framegrabs. The screenshots where made from the Futurama DVD's so you'll find only High Quality framegrabs. You can also go to them thru the Episode Guide that is now more efficient (I hope so!!) and has less errors (Information ones...). You'll only find framegrabs from the first episode. You'll see more, but you'll have to wait a few days because my DVD Unit is kinda stupid and is not reading anything.
by JavieR / February 11, 2005 / 21:03
February 11th, 2005 indeed my fellows, and I'm finally out of my studies for a while. I'm gonna try to rest until this weekend but then you'll see more activity around here. This update had to be done since it features cool stuff that I can not delay. The fisrt one comes from Travis Nichols, that has created another wallpaper, this time featurng Bender, following the series from the past update of Leela and Zoidberg. The second stuff is the latest scan by Cap'n Skusting, this time featuring Mom's portrait, with a sad Professor next to it. A very detailed image that you'll enjoy. JavieR out, but not for long!
by JavieR / February 6, 2005 / 19:23
It's been a long time since the las update around here. Almost 15 days without a single upload or any kind of stuff at TFP. It was like a nightmare, the past two weeks. I had so many things to do, so many thing to study that I sparely read the forums and replied some of the messages that people sent from this site. Today I'm back (but I have a final exam this coming Wednesday, so I'm not fully back) with two cool wallpapers from Travis Nichols. In fact you'll find three new, two of them are brand new, featuring a very sexy Leela and a really cool Dr. Zoidberg (as you can see in the thumbnail). The third one is an update from the first wallpaper that Travis submitted (with a 3D Bender and the city in the background), adding the 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1280x960 resolutions. IBB
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