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by JavieR / January 22, 2005 / 12:02
Indeed. I've been quite busy with my studies and is not gonna become better this coming week because is one of the two final weeks, and I really need to study. In fact, I've been working on a project since 09H00 to 21H00, that's 12 hours of programming. This is a time I had, so I've uploaded three pictures made by the great Cap'n Skusting. The two first fanarts show Bender totally damaged on a dumpster. One of the images is just Bender's art trying to reach some liqueur. The third and featured fanart features also Bender as a Pirate, continuing the piratized version of all the Futurama Characters. This image has a lot of old Bender versions and Himself in the middle. That's all for now.
by JavieR / January 17, 2005 / 19:32
I'm so stressed right now!!! I had to codify some validations in 15 minutes in order to submit a homework, the problem was that I already made that stuff, I spent a few hours doing it, but then I found out that all the code was gone... luckily I remembered the idea to validate a tricky part of the program. By now my head is kinda blocked and I don't want to know nothing about programming, at least for one or two days. Now let's read the part of the update that is not one of my problems. A new artist submitted a new ASCII Art. The author of a really good ASCII featuring Dr. John Zoidberg is named Mohiga. I'm gonna sleep right now, bye.
I almost forgot, Happy 5th Birthday CGEF (5 years and 2 days).
by JavieR / January 15, 2005 / 20:19
When you have it, sometimes you don't know what to do with it, but if you don't have it, then you wanna do a lot of stuff (cheap philosophy thank you very much!). Today I have uploaded a wallpaper made by a new artist named Travis Nichols. This image features a 3D Bender with a futuristic background along with the other characters of the series. The mix between 2D and 3D looks great, but unfortunately, the wallpaper's resolution in only one, 800x600 px. Enjoy it, and this is the wallpaper 156, that remainds me a song, maybe none of us know what I mean, so never mind.
by JavieR / January 10, 2005 / 14:19
That's why this update will not be as extensive as some others. Today's update comes from one of my favorite artist, and his name is Cap'n Skusting. He made an amazing and awesome Pirate Fry, kinda resembling Johnny Depp from that Pirates movie.... I don't remember the name, maybe because over here it was the same movie with so many different names. So check out the Fanart section once again, you'll not be disappointed. I'm gonna catch a bus right now, bye..............
by JavieR / January 8, 2005 / 09:52
That could be a nice movie, imagine a troop of assassins Ponies against the Eva 0, priceless... no I'm kidding, is just that those are the themes featured today. Really, the Fanart section is again updated, and in what way!. Introducing Emy, has created two amazing parodies featuring the main Futurama characters,Fry and Leela. The first one refers to My Little Ponie TV series and portrays Fry and Leela as Ponies, with a very Cute & Angry Leela Pony. In the second and last one we can see Fry and Leela parodying Evangelion (Crap! I wish I could see that series completely, but my Cable company removed the channel that used to transmit Evangelion, assholes!!). I'm back in College so I'm busy once again, but not 'that' busy, so you'll see kinda frequend updates, at least for a while.
PS: I just relized that I never uploaded some Emy's art featuring her old drawings but this time colored. So the total is 5 arts.
by JavieR / January 5, 2005 / 20:00
Nice to see a new year rising... you can start from zero sometimes. Sorry I didn't post anything earlier (this is no exception, is just an update with no stuff) but I am doing a homework with XML and is kinda weird the way PHP handle that kind of documents. Well, today I'm just announcing that I've upgraded 2 sections, the firs one is the Cursors, and the other, since is kinda the same, the Icons. I did that before 2005 but I didn't upload it. That's it for today, hope to upload something New new soon around here.
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