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by JavieR / October 27, 2004 / 23:54
Just when I thought that there was no more problems, I have to keep debugging a Flash Movie that I'm doing, because it seems like is not charging the next SWF file. Some of you don't know what I mean but that's not a problem, because even I don't understand myself by this time. The main reason if this update is to let you know that the Wallpaper made by Chris that was posted in the past update (the previous one, just down there) wasn't really the final one. Today I've uploaded the wallpaper, but this time it features a very good background (watch the thumbnail). I'll keep both versions because any Bender image deserves a chance.
Crap! I still have more work to do!
by JavieR / October 24, 2004 / 09:01
My head is about to explode all over my room. I've been working on project that is cracking my brain because I go to sleep every day about 2:00 a.m. I have to create a preview version this monday, but I don't know if I'll achieve it. I'm kinda sick working in front of my computer but I have enough will to upload a wallpaper that Chris made. It features Bender as a Pimp from the episode "02ACV08 - Raging Bender" in both 800x600 and 1024x768 px resolutions. I have nothing else to say...back to work :S
by JavieR / October 20, 2004 / 07:09
Damn, I know I was forgetting something... is because I've been quite busy with my studies and all that. I downloaded the image that you see right now (the thumbnail) about a week ago, but I saved it in a very deep folder (not where I usually download or save everything) and I only found it because I was looking for a very important image of a job that I'm doing. The update features Hobo with his newest 3D art that features Dr. Zoidberg flying over a mechanical fly... please check it out. <out>
by JavieR / October 17, 2004 / 19:50
Ok, neither I nor some of you people understand what these words really mean, but we know with what are related to. Some people have an idea of this terms, but they also know that those words are not used commonly. What I know is that a few people really understand these ˆutterancesˆ, and one of them is an amazing new artist that is sharing his art. The Fanart section now includes a new person named Cap'n Deek Skusting of PEEL (or Cap'n Skusting if you wanna read it simpler), and his Futurama art is always realted with Pirates. You'll find 8 amazing images of the "Piratized" Futurama characters including Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, Hermes, Professor Farnsworth and even Beelzebot. The thumbnail features the Planet Express Ship (literally Ship) floating on the sea, another features a poster of the (not real but parody) motion picture named "Mutinity On The Nimbus". The last one is an aquarelled version of Bender, a very good one BTW.
by JavieR / October 14, 2004 / 16:16
Damn right! Is about 23H30 (GMT -5) around here, and I'm very sleepy. I decided to upload the one could be the last wallpaper from Paul A. Metcalfe. This one features one the images I uploaded to his section in one of the past updates, featuring Leela in a very persuasive posture. The wallpaper is kinda heavy (the 1600x1200 pixels image is around 1 MB) for a 56Kb connection. Enjoy it, because is available in the 800, 1024, 1152, 1280 and 1600 pixels resolutions. In a very related new Paul decided to open a gallery site featuring all of his art, but right now, you'll find only the Amy gallery 8)
by JavieR / October 11, 2004 / 20:05
I'm starving here! Is about 13H40 (GMT -5) around here and I have to eat something before I blackout. Let's se what we have for today... how about some new art from a new artist called dexus5. This update involves 8 new scans made by the mentioned artist featuring many characters such as Leela, Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth and Fry. You can take a look and enjoy the images. I've been working on this site optimizing some PHP code and adding some in a few sections... I'm testing some stuff so don't be worried if you have problems with a section.
by JavieR / October 8, 2004 / 13:16
Today I've finally added FSAC to the Futurama Museum. This means 'farewell' for this site and let us remember that it had a lot of changes over the years, including 6 layouts (maybe more...). I also have uploaded two of the last original scans that Paul A. Metcalfe created for the Futurama Community. One features Leela and the other Amy in some nice angles that you can not miss!!!. The pictures have a lot of quality and the great coloring effects that Paul's scans always have. I think that's all for today.... bye!
by JavieR / October 4, 2004 / 14:43
I wasn't gonna update tonight (23H00 | GMT -5), but I just found out that FSAC - Futurama Scan Art Central is down forever... Paul A. Metcalfe decided to end his scans and website because "All Good Things Come To An End". I'll try to upload the info about FSAC to the Futurama Museum soon, but don't spect miracles.
Long Life FSAC!.
by JavieR / October 4, 2004 / 08:43
I'ts been a while since my last update around here... I've been around the Futurama Comunity but I didn't have any time to update this site, reasons, is my first week in classes from 07H00-11H00 and from 14H00-21H00 (crapy schedule... right?!). Today I uploaded something that I should upload weeks ago (sorry Bofr@). You know who is the author but you don't know what is it... is the last version of the Futurama Comic Maker. This version has a lot of new features, more scenes and characters. That's it, I hope I could do more... who knows, maybe!
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