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by JavieR / August 29, 2004 / 12:12
Since I've been playing Doom 3 all the weekend I haven't updated the site. Today I have some stuff made by a fan. Grégorie has sent me one great wallpaper that features Bender in his speech from the episode "Fear Of A Bot Planet". The wallpaper is only available in 1024x768 and 800x600 so please don't kill me. What else can I write here... let me see, nothing I guess, I'll be back when I have more time.
by JavieR / August 24, 2004 / 17:12
As you can see there's a new update around here. Like I said the past week, I uploaded some old stuff from The Futurama Chronicles, the Futurama Banners. Today I've uploaded the second and final part of this "retro stuff" featuring fourteen new banners of the Futurama products and services inside the series. If you feel like making a banner of the products series (featured in the dead website by today, "BBF - The Big Book Of Futurama", I'll gladly upload it to that section ASAP. I'm out but I'll be back.
by JavieR / August 20, 2004 / 19:05
Hey hey hey, I've been quite busy with some small jobs and some study. The other day I was thinking which section from the site was cool but with few content, then I remembered the Old School stuff that Futurama websites had between 1999 - 2000. Today I've uploaded half of a bunch of stuff that you'll enjoy, the Futurama Banners. I recovered the majority of them from a section called "Le Fake Bannerama", property of one of the oldest Futurama websites, FrCr - Futurama Chronicles. I know that the banners were made by many different fans, but since I don't know who did each banner, I decided to upload all of them in the same page (called FrCr of course). Have fun!
by JavieR / August 15, 2004 / 08:00
Why, why I can't create new content for the site. I've some stuff to do, so I'm kinda busy (obviously), the problem is that I'm not inspired at all... I'm not in the mood to create some new Futurama stuff, but I believe that is only temporally. Today I've just recalled that this Website has an ASCII Section, so I decided to upload two brand new ASCII Arts. One featuring Lrrr & NdNd from the episode "04ACV17 - Spanish Fry", the other a middle age Professor Farnsworth from the episode "04ACV09 - Teenage Mutants Leela's Hurdles". I also have a new buddie, Couch Potato Central, that features a lot of info, guides and other stuff from many TV Series. Over.
by JavieR / August 7, 2004 / 08:07
As you can see this site is not dead at all, just a little forzen... If you read the title you'll notice that is related with the Futurama DVDs, that I acctually I'm watching. I have a not so legal copy of the First Season, but those are Region 1 DVDs, and can not be played in my PC. I can watch the episodes in a normal DVD but not in the DVD ROM I have (I've not selected a definitive Region yet). Enough of that, let's go to the important. A new wallpaper has been uploaded, this time featuring Bender as a thief from the episode "04ACV16 - Three Hundred Big Boys". The wallpaper is available in the more common resolutions between 800x600 and 1600x1200, please take a look. I couldn't upload content until July 31th, but since August 1st I was so lazy that I haven't made anything new for the site... Sorry!
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