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by JavieR / June 25, 2004 / 22:17
I was going to upload the content you're about to know yesterday, but I've been quite busy with one of the four projects (4 very big homework) that I have to work on this future week. The content is, if you look at the thumbnail, a new wallpaper made by the well know Paul A. Metcalfe from FSAC. This wallpaper came from Paul's mind (that means that is not related to any episode), and features Fry and Leela lying on a Bed. Is very well done and with the great colouring that Paul's images always have. The four (that I concidere) standard resolutions are online, so check yours and download this one!
by JavieR / June 22, 2004 / 22:21
This is no exception. An unknown human error (in other words... my error!) changed the 3D Images section, that's why if you wanted to see the real size of the image, you only saw the same thumbnail. I let you know once again that there's a new author of the mentioned section called Hobo. Please check out those amazing 3D images.
by JavieR / June 21, 2004 / 17:17
Welcome back. Is time for a new update around here, and this is a cool one. The title of this update is letting you know that there's some new 3D stuff around here and more than that, because the artist that made that images is a new one. Hobo has created 5 amazing 3D images. Two feature an amazing Planet Express building, one renderized with lights and the other in the Futurama comic style. Two that feature Bender, and like the PE building, one has shadows and the other doesn't. The last one features a Robot that Hobo uses as an Avatar, that I think is a Homeless robot from the episode "Xmas Story".
by JavieR / June 18, 2004 / 11:12
I've been quite busy this week with a lot of stuff, that's why I didn't update the site. Today I've uploaded Fanart from two artists. First we have a brand new original scan from Paul A. Metcalfe that features Amy advising Leela, and it was based on a Futurama Fanfic I believe. The other artist is GQ, that sent two new scans from different episodes. One of the images features Kif and Amy (thumbnail), the other features Bender holding the Gender Bender outfit.
by JavieR / June 13, 2004 / 09:52
I know that this site is dedicated to a Television Animation Series, but is always good to read a book or two once in a while (something that I haven't done in a long loooooong time :P). Despite of my advise, you don't have to forget Futurama, that's why a year ago I created the Bookmarks section, that gives you the opportunity to read your favorite book using a home printed Futurama bookmark. This small intro was written here in order to let you know that I've upgraded the section, that is now organized by artists. read you.
by JavieR / June 10, 2004 / 08:01
How are you?. Fine, thank you. This is a new update around here, I've been kinda busy with some stuff and my studies. Some days ago, Paul A. Metcalfe from FSAC sent me his latest two original scans. One of them (thumbnail) features Amy Wong in a very sexy posture. The other features Turanga Leela with a very persuasive swimsuit. The 3d Images Section is available and is now organized by artists (like the Fan Art section).
by JavieR / June 6, 2004 / 17:48
If you're wondering what GQ means, try to guess first (you have approximately 5 seconds while you read this sentence). OK, the truth is that is the newest artist of the Fan Art section. GQ has sent me Eleven (11) new scans from many of the principal characters, such as Bender, Fry, Leela, Amy, Zoidberg and Hermes. The scans came from many different episodes, since the first one to the last season. You'll probably notice that the 3D Images section is unavailable because is about to be upgrade it.
by JavieR / June 3, 2004 / 18:25
I'm back and I have some great stuff for you. I'm of course talking about two new Fan Videos. Both were made by Bofr@, that is now working with some other 3D project that you can talk about at P.E.E.L.. This first video is just a trailer that features a fight between two Benders, the good and the evil. The second and last one is a test scene from the fight, that simulates a Matrix fight scene. That's all for today. RYA
by JavieR / June 1, 2004 / 22:42
What's up people. I have some homework for tomorrow, but I just uploaded the last fanart made by Paul A. Metcalfe. You'll find four new scans. Two images feature Leela and Amy, both original art, not from any episode. One scan features Bender and the last one Space Fry from the episode "3ACV14 - Time Keeps On Slippin". Enjoy those scans for today, I have to go!
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