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by JavieR / May 24, 2004 / 18:20
Hello everyone. As you can see, there's not a lot of activity around here, but everything can be explained. As a lazy person, I have not created any content made by myself in a long time (except the frybulator skin). Today I've made two new scans, the first one that features Dr. Zoidberg wearing only a towel (not a very pleasing scene). The second scan features Bender stealing "Le Grand Cigar" from the episode "04ACV16 - Three Hundred Big Boys". If you enter to the scans section, you'll notice that I've upgraded it, like some others in the past month.
by JavieR / May 20, 2004 / 19:41
I haven't updated the site because I had that f***ing Disk Quota error once again. Today I've finally upgraded another section, the Episode Guide. Now you can see the episodes by Season or by Production Code, and I've added some missing descriptions of the episodes (but the grammar is yet crapy). I don't know why... but I forgot to upload to this host a bunch of scans made by Paul A. Metcalfe, maybe because of these Real-Temporal-Real Host switching every month. You'll see 8 not new "new" images like the thumbnail. I also added a new MSGBoard, a small one named Futurama Generals.
by JavieR / May 19, 2004 / 13:13
Yeah! This looks like a joke but once again I can upload content to this server, that's why you can see what I just wrote here. I decide to upload the amazing ComicMaker made by Bofr@. This new version includes a lot of new scenes and characters, plus you can charge your own Flash mivoes from your HD or from the Internet. I also uploaded one of the the latest scans from Paul A. Metcalfe that features a teenager Amy Wong from theepisode "Mutant Tenage Leela's Hurdles". Have fun!
by JavieR / May 11, 2004 / 08:19
Hello once again people. It has been a week with a lot of positive changes in the Futurama Comunity. First, the new Futurama Scan Art Central layout, with a lot of new features and inprovements. Second, "La Revolucion" at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, with a breakthrough layout for that Website, adding all the characters of the series to the design.... Going to the main reason of this update, I just finished a brand new Winamp Skin called the Frybulator that features Fry on the Probulator with some of the Probulator's Tools. BTW, it's a Classic Skin for Winamp 5.x but is also compatible with Winamp 2.x and includes skins for the Media Library, AVS, Minibrowser and Video
by JavieR / May 7, 2004 / 15:41
Not even I imagined that today I was gonna update TFP. This site has been cold for almost 2 weeks, but I have my reasons. Since the tfp.killbots.com Webhost didn't allow me to upload content, I was using the temporal host, but since the last update there, I had no content to upload (I was to lazy and without inspiration to create some). This last week has been like Hell. I had a lot of homework and tests that took almost all my time. Today I finally can upload content... and I've finally updated the Wallpapers section, adding the last wallpaper I made a week ago. The section is now more organized, just like the FanArt section. You'll see more features and upgraded sections soon.
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