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by JavieR / April 21, 2004 / 11:49
I don't know when my computer acquired so many bugs, trojans and spyware. I've been trying to get rid of them for two days, and now that I finally did it (I hope so), I decided to upgrade another section of this site. YOu'll see that the first 30 wallpapers are currently offline and soon the rest of them, but it's just for a few days, until then, hang on once again.
by JavieR / April 16, 2004 / 12:10
I now that the Submitted Scans section was offline for quite a while, but it was all for a good cause (of this site of course). News for everyone, the Submitted Scans section is now the Fan Art Section. I know, sounds like any other website's Submitted Scans but hey!!... that's the point. The thumbnail of this update features the latest scan from Paul A. Metcalfe and it was taken from a scene of the episode "300 Big Boys". If you find any kind of error in the NEW Fan Art section PLEASE!!!!!!!! let me know using the Contact Form.
by JavieR / April 13, 2004 / 19:45
Like I said yesterday [read yesterday's update for more info] here we go with a new update. As you can see (not here!!!... look at the thumbnail), that image features Amy and Kif from the episode "Amazonian Women In The Mood". That's the latest wallpaper made by Paul A. Metcalfe that is now available here. You must have this one, because the background and the shading are great. I almost forgot, the Submitted Scans section will be online again soon.
by JavieR / April 12, 2004 / 11:27
I just wanna say that the all the Submitted Scans are currently unavailable because I'm trying to upgrade the site a little... sorry for the inconvenience. You'll see an update very soon people... just hang on a little.
by JavieR / April 9, 2004 / 11:08
That's true, I finally can update once again around here, but I did uploaded some content in the Temporal Host that is not yet available here. Now is time for a new Wallpaper as you can see. This one features a 3D bender and it was made by Renzo. It is nicely rendered and this Bender has an amazing texture that make him look so real (is has dents and others imperfections) so you better take a look at this one. My PHP "created from scratch" Scripts are progressing and you'll see minimal changes, but a great part of this upgrades I'm developing are not user visible.
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