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by JavieR / March 30, 2004 / 13:24
That's right. After 5 years I think all the fans must do something for Futurama. That's why I decided to support the Petition to Bring Back Futurama started by Zeep of Planet Eternium, that you can read clicking here. If you enjoy the show and you really want new episodes to be produced, sign the petition. Everybody knows that is a Long Shot, but we have nothing to loose at this point. for more info, visit Bring Back Futurama PEEL's thread. Today I've updated the links section, adding new sites and deleting the dead ones. I'm also testing some PHP scripts that will make easier to update the site.
by JavieR / March 28, 2004 / 22:08
This is awesome!! When Paul Metcalfe sent me his newest Wallpaper that features Amy and Kif captured by the Amazon Women (a.k.a. Amazonians... or it was Amazonias) from the episode "Amazon Women In The Mood", I didn't believe it had so many details... Amazing Job!. Like is usual in Paul's Art, the image has great coloring and shading. I've uploaded the four more common resolutions. In other news, I'm back in classes so if I can't update the site in a wile, you know why. BTW, I didn't noticed that the counter reached 500K visitors until today, thanks a lot everyone.
by JavieR / March 25, 2004 / 12:05
Welcome back to TFP's Web Server. It has been a while I know, but in case you didn't knew, I was updating the site using the temporal host at http://tfp.ionichost.com. Today I have no new content, but I uploaded all the updates from tfp.ionichost.com. Starting with some scanart by Paul A. Metcalfe and Juliet. There's also a wallpaper (thumbnail) by Paul A. Metcalfe. The Software section was also updated with a Futurama Clock made by Cristian Prieto. The last stuff I uploaded features a New Section called Futurama Banners, that features Futurama products and services as Web advertising. You can also submit your Futurama Banners to slurmed[at]yahoo.com ([at] means @).
by JavieR / March 20, 2004 / 13:29
Buenos Días, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches = Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night. Don't thank me for that free spanish lesson :P Today, as I promised in the past update, I have a new section that some of you will remember from an amazing Futurama website called FrCr - Futurama Chronicles. The Futurama Banners, that feature the series' products and services like Web Advertisement. I've created two banners, one that features the Planet Express Delivery Company and the other one that features Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil. Remember that you can also submit your own banners (680x60 px or 88x31 px) of any product, service or stuff that you've seen in the series to slurmed[a]yahoo.com ([a] = @). Enjoy a lot.
by JavieR / March 18, 2004 / 21:35
Hey, another update :) that's great... isn't it? Today we have a new artist. I've uploaded nine new scans from many episodes, all of them made by Juliet. You'll find scans of Bender, Amy, Fry and Leela. That's all for today, but do you remember that I was going to create new "old school" content... well, you'll see it soon.
by JavieR / March 17, 2004 / 14:22
Hi..how are you today?... I ask this because I drank some booze last night, and I'm kinda dizzy today. Well, that's a hole different story, now let's go with this update. I uploaded a new wallpaper made by Paul A. Metcalfe that features Fry sit on Leela's Bed, talking to her after he get rid of the worms. If you still can remember the episode with the description, it was "3ACV02 - Parasite's Lost" (watch it!!). This is the part of the update when I usually say goodbye.
by JavieR / March 16, 2004 / 07:57
Hello once again from this "not so temporal" site. I still can't upload content to the temporal host, but this is why I made this one :S. Today, as you can see, I've uploaded a new program to the Software+ section. The program is a clock made by Cristian Javier Prieto B. from Colombia. YOu can choose the clock's image if you want, from a list of characters. byE.
by JavieR / March 13, 2004 / 12:29
I really wanted to update this site earlier but since I can't upload content to TFP, there you go six great scans by Paul A. Metcalfe. The images features Fry trying to work out, Amy bending Bender next to Leela, Fry sit on Leela's bed (with Leela) from the episode "Parasite's Lost", Amy gymnast, Amy on stilts and Fry in pain (thumbnail).
by JavieR / March 11, 2004 / 13:38
Hello people, what's up. I've been kinda busy these days, and no, that's not an excuse to say once again that I haven't made new content for this site. I just uploaded the last three scans made by Paul A. Metcalfe that features Fry trying to work out, Amy bending Bender next to Leela and the last one with Fry sit on Leela's bed (with Leela) from the episode "Parasite's Lost". I also updated some of the links and their respective screenshots. You'll see I have a new buddie called Robot Hell that you have to check out.
by JavieR / March 7, 2004 / 17:25
I have another update to remember the past, this time I uploaded the 8th past design that TFP had for 7 months. I know this update has no real content, but since I'm so tired that's all I can do for today. If you have nothing to do please visit the Past Designs section and take a look.
Message Over.
by JavieR / March 6, 2004 / 18:08
Indeed, I've redesigned The Futurama Museum with a new green layout. I also added the last two deceased Futurama websites. "Scanartists Futurama Picture Palace", a great site with lots of scans and wallpapers. "One And Only Bender" a well known website at PEEL dedicated to Bender. That's all I have to say... hey! I spent a lot of time redesigning the Museum :P
by JavieR / March 2, 2004 / 15:31
Good Morning everyone, is 12H00 and I'm finally awake. Today I have for you an excellent wallpaper, one of the best I've ever seen... made by Paul A. Metcalfe. This wallpaper features Zapp laid down next to Leela (when she was sleeping) from the episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch". It has an amazing shading and coloring, and is available in the four most common resolutions. out i am.
by JavieR / March 1, 2004 / 19:47
Is true, is true, I've finally made something, that's because I made a new scan that features Professor Farnsworth about to clone Seymour (thumbnail) from the episode "Jurassic Bark". If actually I made that scan is because I had to do it for the Second Scan Contest at P.E.E.L. You can go there and vote (if you're a registered user) for the one you think it is the better scan between five contestants including me.
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