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by JavieR / January 31, 2004 / 14:32
If you're reading this, you know for sure that I have no bandwith quota in the TFP real webserver. It appears that TFP is using around 130 GB of bandwidth quota, that's why I can upload any content :(
Today I've a new Screen Saver that I was going to upload to the real host a few days ago. This one features Professor Hubert Farnsworth and a Sunset Squad robot from the episode "2ACV10 - A Clone Of My Own". This is a funny saver made by Andrew Cowe and the images were hand made. I hope you can enjoy it.
by JavieR / January 25, 2004 / 21:46
Hello everyone and welcome back to TFP. As you can see, you're reading a new update around here, and I have some content for you. How about a new bunch of new 256/XP icons featuring seymour, pacman, boxy, ariel, beelzebot, nibbler, a poppler, guenter, scruffy and the purple fruit snake, the last one from the episode "1ACV04 - Love's Labours Lost In Space". Please come back because if everything goes well, you'll see something new... from the Old School.
by JavieR / January 24, 2004 / 11:57
That is correct ladies and gentlemen, I finally can update TFP. I was without an internet connection for the past week and some little more. In case you didn't knew, I've never paid for internet access so... what did you expect. You'll see some content soon, meanwhile I let you know that TFP is not dead!!!!!!
by JavieR / January 14, 2004 / 18:37
I wrote that in the title because I didn't had the time this past month to update the site frequently. As you can see, I've uploaded some new 3d Images. The first one features Bender in the PX Lounge relaxing himself in the sofa, image made by Anthony Henderson that I uploaded in the temporal host a long time ago. the second and last features an army metal plate (I don't know the real name of that thing even in spanish!) with the first and last episode production code on it, made by S-Chan, that is creating now that kind of stuff along with his scans..
by JavieR / January 13, 2004 / 23:11
Maybe. I've been out of the WWW for a while... at least from my house. I also had a test that last almost four hours and that melted my brain for a while. I still don't have an internet connection at home but I'm hopping that that will end this week. Today I've uploaded Paul A. Metcalfe's latest wallpaper. If you're watching the thumbnail, then you know that that image is from the episode "The Sting" and that is made in Paul's new Neo-Impressionistic style. That's it for today because I have to go to a class right now. byo.
by JavieR / January 6, 2004 / 19:52
Because I have no internet connection at home, I can't update this site as I usually do (yeah right!!). I only have 3 hours left of time to enter to the web but I'm using that time to update TFP uploading the last 2 scanarts made by Paul A. Metcalfe for this new year. The first one features Fry's head on Amy's shoulder from the episode "Put Your Head On My Shoulder". The other one features Clobberella in that neo-impressionistic style from the episode "Less Than Hero". Enjoy that and the guestbook is now accord with this new layout.
by JavieR / January 4, 2004 / 15:10
This is just great, just when I thought I had no problems with my internet connection, suddenly I had no access until today. If you didn't saw any content uploaded here or in the temporal host all this time, you know the reason. The people that visited the temporal host saw this new design but not complete and just a xmas version. First of all, Happy New Year everyone out there. I've uploaded bofr@'s Comic Maker, a flash online application where you can create your own Futurama comic scene easily. I've also uploaded some scans from some authors. One scan that I uploaded years ago in the temporal host from Zoidyzoid. There are 9 new scans by Lee Roberts featuring Fry, Leela, Amy and Bender. At last you'll find two new XP/MSN Icons made by Kinesis featuring Morcan Proctor.
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