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by JavieR / November 30, 2003 / 16:31
This is true in all the countries that use the Decimal Numeric System (and no, I'm not against the countries that don't use that kind of numeric system). A hundred is also the reason of this update because today I've uploaded Paul A. Metcalfe's 100 scan. The thumbnail is a small preview and features lovely Amy roller-skating from the episode "The Sting". I also uploaded another scan made by Paul that features just Bender advising Leela with a fork. This update was going to realize yesterday but for some weird reason I couldn't enter to the temporal host FTP. BTW, tomorrow you should check the tfp.killbots.com address because it'll be December 1st and TFP will have a new bandwidth quota.
by JavieR / November 28, 2003 / 23:36
Hello once again and welcome. I went to play a soccer game today, so I'm very tired. Today I've uploaded not one but two Flash Animations from Chris Nonis. In case you didn't know, this is the first submitted flash animation. Both animation feature Bender, one drinking some Olde Fortran and the other in the Robot Wash and even with sound. Please take a look.
by JavieR / November 27, 2003 / 09:16
This is just great... amazing!!!! I have to learn how to use a HP 49G Calculator today, because tomorrow I have a very difficult test. Meanwhile I've uploaded a bunch of five new scan-arts by Paul A. Metcalfe. The images feature Fry, Leela, Bender and Leela's Boss (From the first episode "1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000"), and a chalked Amy. The last scan (thumbnail) has an engraved texture and is from the episode... damn! I can't remember witch one.
by JavieR / November 26, 2003 / 18:58
Welcome back. This is a very quick update because I have a test in an hour and I've not studied anything. One of the newest artists around here, Zoidyzoid, submitted a new scan-art or image-art that is very weird. Features Leela and a double Fry in both sides of the picture... kinda like a kaleidoscope. The image is dark if you saw the thumbnail, but please take a closer look.
by JavieR / November 25, 2003 / 21:37
Hello. Once again welcome to the temporal host, once again opened because once again.... well, you know the rest. I'm kinda lazy and I've made no new content, but I have something that someone sent to one of my e-mails for you all. Jesse Barboza submitted a brand new Graphic Guide that this time features the episode "2ACV13 - Bender Gets Made". This guide is in a double page and has a lot of great features that you have to read. This is the first guide I've uploaded to the temporal host (that was a useless statistic... but is the truth). You'll read from me around here soon.
by JavieR / November 23, 2003 / 14:09
Crap!!!! I can't believe I didn't update TFP in 5 days. I have plenty of reasons why I didn't, but the main one is that I'm very pissed-off because it is confirmed, the real TFP exceeded the bandwidth quota... again, so you'll not see updates at http://tfp.killbots.com for the rest of the month. Today I've uploaded two new scans by Paul A. Metcalfe, one with Leela & Amy and the other features Zapp taking Leela's fist. I also uploaded Paul's newest wallpaper of Fry drinking about half of the 100 coffee cups he drunk in the episode "300 Big Boys". I have no time to create new content by myself for the moment but is just for a while.....
by JavieR / November 18, 2003 / 19:09
I'm sorry, I'm sorry and I'm very sorry about the lack of updates on this site. I'm really busy with a lot of homework and I don't have time to update TFP... and as you can see, I can't update the real TFP once again... reason, the same shit (bandwidth quota exceeded). You can see a thumbnail that features Bender Bending Rodriguez relaxing in the Planet Express lounge, very well done BTW by Anthony Henderson that submitted this 3D Image. I'm living you, bye.
by JavieR / November 15, 2003 / 18:12
Hey you fellows, I'm back around this place because I've uploaded seven new scans. I made the first four when I was updating the temporal host and feature Dwight, Leela & Fry, Nibbler and Lrrr & NdNd. I don't know why I forgot to upload those images here earlier. The last three feature a Lumberjackbot, the purple fruit snake and Dr. Zoidberg (thumbnail). I have to go and watch the soccer game "Paraguay Vs. Ecuador" for the World Cup - Germany 2006.
by JavieR / November 14, 2003 / 13:05
Welcome back for me and for us. I'm a little dizzy right now, but I'm still conscious and I'll not do any stupid shit, if you know what I mean. Yesterday I received three new scans for the Submitted Scans section, and I think you'll remember a great artist named S-Chan (a.k.a. Sebastian). Two of the scans features Leela and the third one features Fry with Leela (thumbnail please!!) from the episode "Parasites Lost". There's nothing more to say, I'm feeling kinda sleepy and I need to... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
by JavieR / November 11, 2003 / 15:26
New update around here. I was going to update the site at 16H00 (GMT -5), but I had no time because I was busy with a homework. Is 22H00 around here, and Pjot sent to TFP a brand new Wallpaper that this time features Nibbler looking at Kibbles 'n' Snouts logo. The coolest thing about this image are the lights and the background with the K&S Pig, all in a purple-blue tone. I'll have to leave you with that, because I have to finish another U stuff for tomorrow.
by JavieR / November 10, 2003 / 08:58
I'm asking this because I've just uploaded two HTML files of ASCII art. The first one features the Planet Express logo (you know, the rocket with the "PLANET EXPRESS" text around). The second ASCII features a cool character that only appeared just in the episode "Fry And The Slurm Factory", I'm talking of course of the worm himself, Slurms McKenzie.... Click here if you want to go directly to those ASCII files. There's nothing more to say here, byE.
by JavieR / November 8, 2003 / 21:04
One more time, a brand new update around here. I don't have any homework to do this weekend, the opposite to the past weekend when I didn't update TFP because I had so much to do and no time. Today's update features Fry, Leela, Amy and that old lady that I never remember her name (she owns just one Planet Express stock, you know her!). You'll find three new scans made by Lee Roberts in the recently updated Submitted Scans section. I've a soccer game in half an hour so I have to say goodbye.
by JavieR / November 7, 2003 / 11:26
Hey! What's up!. Is finally friday thank God! I don't want to do anything, I just want to sleep all day long. Today I've uploaded a new 3d Image, this one was made by Anthony Henderson and features Bender in an blind alley with a beer and a cigar. The Submitted Scans section was also updated adding an image of the north pole Were-car from the episode "The Honking", made by zoidyzoid (BTW, this is the last scan from the temporal host that was left).
by JavieR / November 6, 2003 / 20:04
Hello. This is going to be a very quick update because I have no time right now. I'm busy with some real world stuff. I've uploaded five new scans by Paul A. Metcalfe. The scans feature Leela, Fry, Bender, Amy and the thumbnail of the Robot X-1 (or robot 1-X... I can't remember, I saw that episode, "Obsoletely Fabulous", a long time ago) kissing Nibbler.
by JavieR / November 5, 2003 / 09:58
Yes I know, World premiere of "Matrix: Revolutions". I have no time to see that movie today (I have a class in an hour), so lets hope a really good and not a predictable end. Back to the reason of this update, you have to know that I've uploaded all the rest of the wallpapers from the temporal host. One by Paul A. Metcalfe that features Fry and Leela going into panic when Bender was about to bear his beer. Two that I made, one of Nibbler and the other of the Planet Express crew shadows with the PX logo. One of Pjot featuring Fry with a Matt Gorening's drawing. There's also a new wallpaper by Pjot (thumbnail) that features Slurm Soda's logo with Fry and Slurms McKenzie on it.
by JavieR / November 4, 2003 / 18:52
I really have to sleep more. Today I only slept one hour from 05H00 to 06H00, and I had an exam at 07H00. It wasn't so bad but after the test I couldn't sleep. Today I've uploaded part of the stuff you saw in TFP's temporal host. First, there you go ten new scans by the great Paul A. Metcalfe featuring Fry, Leela, Amy, Bender, Yancy and even the Iron Cook Host. The second part features a wallpaper made by Pjot (new artist) and features the Futurama logo with Fry on it. Has a blue background with the PX logo and it looks great. I've uploaded the 800x600, 1024x768 and 1152x864 pixels images. that's all... read you..
by JavieR / November 2, 2003 / 23:37
Hello people, as you can see I've updated TFP one more time (obviously)... and today Jesse Barboza sent me a new Graphic Guide, and this is a especial one that features the episode "2ACV12 - The Deep South" in a double page. The guide has some great and funny graphics and the usual stuff of Jesse's guides. I'll try to upload the content that is only available in the temporal host ASAP, but I have a really big homework to do and I have to study for a very difficult test so I think you'll not see any updates here until Tuesday.
by JavieR / November 1, 2003 / 16:07
I can not believe this, but I'm finally updating TFP... the real TFP at tfp.killbots.com. If you came from the temporal host, then you now that I didn't updated TFP since 10.OCT.2003 because this site exceeded the bandwidth quota of the past month. If you didn't knew that there was a TFP temporal site at www.tfpoint.cjb.net, go there and see some content that I've not uploaded here yet. Today I've uploaded two new Graphic Guides from Jesse Barboza. These guides feature the episodes "2ACV10 - A Clone Of My Own" and "2ACV11 - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back". Each guides in a single page. Enjoy and come back.
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