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by JavieR / May 31, 2003 / 17:52
Last update of the month an here we go. I wasn't going to update the site today (I have a lot of homework to do), but as you can see, I did it. Today's update comes from Mim (no longer in the TFP fanart section due her request to be removed), one of the scan artists of the Submitted Scans section. I've uploaded four new scans from different episodes. You'll find images of Bender, Amy, Zoidberg and "Captain Yesterday" (aka Fry).
by JavieR / May 30, 2003 / 16:15
Hello and Hi. If you saw today's title, there's a new artist in the Submitted Scans section. His name is Beamer, and he sent me seven scans from a lot of episodes. The thumbnail you're watching right now features Bender from the episode "Crimes of the Hot". There's also scans featuring Fry, Leela, Amy and Zoidberg.
by JavieR / May 29, 2003 / 11:26
What's up people!!! I'm glad to see the site's layout going well. There's a lot of new 3D images for your information, but first, I mixed up the scans I uploaded yesterday. One of them was made by Paul and I put it on Sean's page, but now everything is in the respective place. Bofr@, the man behind Futuramapix, submitted six 3D Images, all of them featuring Bender Bending Rodriguez. If you didn't notice, the Three House of the Future Message Board it's back online since a C&D letter closed The Leela Zone bandwidth host.
by JavieR / May 28, 2003 / 14:41
This is the second day with the new layout. Thanks a lot to all the people that noticed bugs or dead links. If you see something wrong, please contact me. I've updated the Submitted Scans section with scanarts from two artists. Sean from SFPP sent two scans when TFP was offline, like the thumbnail you can see. I've also uploaded four new scans by Mim featuring Fry, Bender, Cubert & Dwight and Zoidberg.
by JavieR / May 27, 2003 / 19:18
I know the site was offline for a few days, but it worth the wait in my opinion. If you're reading this, then you're also enjoying the New TFP design. I made this layout almost a month ago, but it had to wait this long because I'm also using PHP, and I had to clean and update the code of all the pages. Lot's of sections are now easier to update and I also fixed a lot of bugs of the non-updated sections. I've also changed The Futurama Museum to PHP, but it hasn't been improved yet. If you find bugs or dead links please let me know using the Contact Form.
by JavieR / May 23, 2003 / 16:21
They officially killed Futurama on May 15th, 2003. Even now, their lawyers are still trying to close Futurama Fan Websites with those crappy C&D letters. The Leela Zone is offline since yesterday. FOX lawyers sent a C&D letter to SmooveNet's bandwidth provider (TLZ Host). The site is temporally closed, but you can visit the alternative adress: www.leelazone.com.ar
by JavieR / May 22, 2003 / 21:24
I know I've not made new content for the site by myself. I'm sorry but I'm a little busy with the real world and with a nice change that I've been working. Today I uploaded two new scans by Mim, one that features Bender and the other Professor Farnsworth. There's also a new scanart by Lee, this one it's handmade so you should take a look.
by JavieR / May 19, 2003 / 15:51
Weird title even for me. I tried to refer to one the new images that Bofr@ sent me yesteday but that I uploaded today because I was so sleepy last night. The 3D Images have now 7 new pictures that featuring Bender in each and everyone of them. You can see Bender as a cowboy, colorized, with a guitar, reading a more.
by JavieR / May 17, 2003 / 09:54
Hola a todos. That was Spanish and means "Hello everyone". I'm finally out of exams and I'll have more time to update the site. Today I've uploaded a bunch of new scanarts made by Lee Roberts, like the one you're whatching right now. I've fixed the problem with the Winamp Skins, that are now available to download.
by JavieR / May 15, 2003 / 12:05
A new update, and this time it's a fanart update. You already know that Paul A. Metcalfe from the Futurama Scan Arta Central is retired from the scanart business, but he made this nice scan that features Amy Wong going down of the sky that I've uploaded today at Paul's P2. There's also a new scan by Mim that you'll find going to Mim's page. I'm very busy with a very difficult test, no updates till I take a break.
by JavieR / May 14, 2003 / 20:55
The Winamp Skins are unavailable to Download. I'll fix this ASAP.

This is great. I have some new 3D stuff from Mark Haldane, but this time I've uploaded two new wallpapers. On of them features a 500 ft Bender flying in space, the other one is named Ironman that also fetures a giant Bender flying over a group of small bender units (If you're not blind look at the picture). You'll find the 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x960 human screen resolutions.

by JavieR / May 11, 2003 / 11:04
Hey people. I'm back and ready to give you some new stuff. First, Mark Haldane submitted two new excellent Futurama 3D images, both featuring Bender. I also uploaded two new scanarts from the newest artist of the Submitted Scan section, Mim. One of the scanarts it's a polemic image that features Fry with Amy's body (once again). The other one features Kif smoking a cigarette.
by JavieR / May 10, 2003 / 14:18
As you can see, I didn't updated the site in 5 days. I was gonna update two days ago, but the site was down for a few horus and I've been really busy this last Thursday and Friday. Today I've uploaded 17 new scanarts by Sean. The art features Fry, Leela, Amy, Zoidberg and Bender from many different episodes. I also have a new artist in the Submitted Scans section. Mim submitted a fun and weird scanart that features Fry with Amy's body from the episode "Time Keeps On Slippin'". The site's server it's working fine, that means that you'll see more frequent updates ( if I'm not too busy :P ).
by JavieR / May 5, 2003 / 18:39
Wow, a new update around here. This time I've uploaded a great Screen Saver by Karstens Creations Art from www.karcreat.com. This SS features the Planet Express Staff flying in space with the Main Futurama Song in the back. Works in Windows 95/98/ME/XP. Enjoy that and hopefully you'll see more frequent updates around here, and something new too.
by JavieR / May 3, 2003 / 18:20
Hey, hey, hey. First update of the month and I've made some new stuff for the site. I'm still having the same server problem (not to many updates in the last 2 weeks), but don't worry because today I've uploaded a new Futurama Flash Animation. I can't remember the episode of this one in particular, but as you can see, it's about Dr. John Zoidberg eating garbage for lunch (as he always does). Enjoy this one and there's a lot of remastered wallpapers [ here, here and here plus the 1280x960 pixels resolution.
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