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by JavieR / March 30, 2003 / 20:20
This update was supposed to be online this morning but I don't know what happened, so there you go and sorry. Damn I'm hungry. In fact, I'm having breakfast right now. Stop the nonsenses and lets go to today's update. Lee Roberts, one of the artists that has submitted a lot of art in TFP, sent me a new Wallpaper that features Fry in his underpants (funnier than underwear), Amy in a yellow bikini flying with rockets and Leela wearing a red bikini.
Good Appetite!
by JavieR / March 29, 2003 / 07:14
I decided to update a section that I hadn't updated in a long time, I think almost a year. That's why today I've uploaded two brand new Futurama signs. One of them, the one you can see, features a Buggalo's Crossroad and the other one it's about the Head Museum. I'll try to update some of the other non updated sections. bye.
by JavieR / March 28, 2003 / 11:12
This new wallpaper was named "New Spice Girls" but in fact, the image features Amy Wong, Turanga Leela and three Amazonians...and I don't know her names if they had one. The author of this new wallpaper is Sean Blendon, creator of his own website called Sean's Futurama Picture Palace, that has submitted some great scans here.
by JavieR / March 27, 2003 / 20:53
No update yesterday, well, I'm busy again with College and I had a full day yesterday so don't expect updates the Wednesdays from now on. Back in matters, I've added a new 3D Image made by lambdaphi. It's a Bender 3D cell that looks like a normal scan, but is a 3D image, believe me or go there and check it out.
by JavieR / March 25, 2003 / 15:27
If you can see the image, there's a robot that looks like Bender a lot. In fact, it's Bender but in a 3D Comic style (does that exist?). Anyway, that's not just an image, it's a new Fan Video that Bofr@ from Futuramapix sent me. This new video features a Bender "Bending" Rodriguez 360° head rotation in a comic style, and even that it's not so clear, I think it's great. This video also needs DivX codec if you wanna watch it in your computer.
by JavieR / March 24, 2003 / 17:40
Damn, I've installed Win XP in my PC this weekend, and while I was searching for Sound and Printer Drivers, I didn't had a lot of time to update the site. Today we have a new artist, she is Lee Roberts' sister, her name is Emma and you'll find this image of Leela. I also uploaded 7 scans by Bofr@, one of them features Spock from the episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".
by JavieR / March 21, 2003 / 08:56
You can see Fry very sad in that image...maybe he knows about the war on Iraq. Anyway, that image is a new wallpaper submitted by Paul A. Metcalfe from Futurama Scan Art Central and features Fry, Leela and Amy from the episode "Jurassic Bark". He also sent me seven new scans from different episodes. There's a contest at N-Zone Magazine where you can win the Futurama Season 1 on DVD with no purchase necessary.
by JavieR / March 20, 2003 / 19:26
The most recent artist in the submitted scans section, Little Miss, sent me two new scanarts like the one you see featuring the Digital Leela (great image BTW!). The other scan features Amy kinda happy from the episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch". Lee Roberts also submitted some new art, this time two new bookmarks both featuring Leela.
by JavieR / March 19, 2003 / 16:57
Hello, hello. I'm sorry that I didn't updated the site yesterday but I'm quite busy with some U stuff. Today I've finished a brand new wallpaper that features Amy Wong with New New York City in the back, this one was taken from the episode "A Taste Of Freedom". But this time, I've added the wallpaper as a PNG image because it's not to heavy as JPG but has, I think, the same quality. I also added the Zip file with the BMP images in both resolutions. There's a new buddie, a Simpsons buddie called Springfield Asylum, so check it out too.
by JavieR / March 17, 2003 / 08:37
Today's update introduces a new artist around here. Little Miss sent me some great art. I've uploaded five images like this one that features Bender & Angelyne. There's a great scanart featuring Amy & Kif and other that shows Leela wrestling with Amy. I've started a new semester here in my University so I'm sorry if I can't update the site daily.
by JavieR / March 16, 2003 / 15:02
What do you think this is?... no, it's not a 3D image, is not a wallpaper, but is a new Fan Video that Bofr@ from Futuramapix submitted and that it's now available to download here. This video, needs DivX codec if you want to see it and features Bender drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I also uploaded a two new scanarts by Lee Roberts, one features Clobberella (aka Leela) suggesting an idea and the other Super King (aka Bender).
by JavieR / March 15, 2003 / 09:02
Ok, so I have more scans around here but this time I didn't made them, The person who made them was Paul Metcalfe from Futurama Scan Art Central. You can see one featuring the Fry's (except Philip J. Fry), and there's also scans of Amy & Kif, Fry & Flexo, Fry & Leela and more..
by JavieR / March 14, 2003 / 23:41
Hi, hello and how are you. Today I've uploaded some new scans made by myself. I made exactly three new scans. The first is the one you're wacthing in your human screen that features Kif, there's another of Fry kinda Old, both from the episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch". The third scan features Clobberella (aka Leela) posing, this last from the episode "Less Than Hero".
by JavieR / March 13, 2003 / 15:34
That's right. This new Fan Video features Bender with a nice Machine Gun shooting whatever he finds on his way. The creator of this new video is Bofr@, webmaster of Futuramapix. He has submitted great 3D Images and Scans.
I also uploaded three new scanarts by Lee Roberts one features Bender upside down and kinda frightened,one of Amy Sliping and the last features a very sweet Amy.
by JavieR / March 12, 2003 / 13:07
Hey, there's a lot of new submitted art around here. First I've added five new scanarts made by Lee Roberts, two of them, like the one you see, featuring Captain Yesterday (aka Fry), one of Leela as Clobberella and other of Leela just as Leela, and the last one features Amy Wong. There's also a wallpaper featuring Clobberella and Captain Yesterday.
by JavieR / March 11, 2003 / 21:56
I'm so sleepy right now, even when is about 11H30 here in Ecuador. That's also the theme of this update if you already read the title (since when the update's title meant anything here?). That's enough for today, let's go to the update. There's a new wallpaper that I started some time ago but I recently finished because I forgot to do it... and that features Leela & Nibbler taking a small nap.
by JavieR / March 10, 2003 / 10:00
I added more art from Sean and Lee. You're watching one of the two wallpapers that Sean submitted joined with five new scans featuring Leela, Amy, Fry, Nibbler and even Al Gore. I also uploaded two new scanarts made by Lee Roberts. One features Captain Yesterday (aka Fry) and the other shows Amy very sad from the episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch"
by JavieR / March 9, 2003 / 14:29
Here we go. Today I've added scanart from two artists. First, fourteen new scans by Bofr@ featuring a lot of Fry (look at the picture), Kif, Professor Farnsworth and some Bots. Second, Lee Roberts sent a great scanart from the episode "Less Than Hero" that features Clobberella (aka Leela) threatening Captain Yesterday (aka Fry).
by JavieR / March 8, 2003 / 21:15
I don't know why I always forgot to check one of my emails, specifically the @killbots.com email. I checked it today and I found some art from Paul A. Metcalfe of the Futurama Scan Art Central. Today I've added seven scans like the one you see of Fry drinking Slurm.
by JavieR / March 8, 2003 / 08:51
Why is Leela so confused, she's like thinking "Why am I doing here?". Lee Roberts, the person that has submitted a lot of scanarts, made this wallpaper that like I said, features Leela very confused on the floor.
I think that's all. byo
by JavieR / March 7, 2003 / 09:44
Wow, so this is my page... it looks different when you're sober. Anyway, I've uploaded new art by Sean. This time he sent me two great images of Leela and Amy in lingerie. I think both pictures were based in the Amy and Leela paper dolls. I also uploaded two wallpapers, one from the episode "My Three Suns" and the other features Leela really mad from the first episode "Space Pilot 3000", both by Sean.
by JavieR / March 6, 2003 / 07:49
Sean has been really busy making amazing new art, and this time he submitted a brand new wallpaper. This one features Bender and Countess on the "Titanic" spaceship from the episode "A Flight to Remember". That's it for today, I'm a little drunk right now (midnight here in Ecuador) So if oyu find some errorss... yo now why.
by JavieR / March 5, 2003 / 16:02
Here we go with four new scans made by me :P. The one you see came from the episode "Jurassic Bark" and features Fry dancing Disco. There's one of Amy very mad, one of Caculon's half evil brother (if this robot has a name, it's a name that I can't remember) and the last one features Dr. Zoidberg dancing as well.
by JavieR / March 4, 2003 / 23:59
Sean Blendon, now with his own webpage, Sean's Futurama Picture Palace, also a buddie, sent me some new art that I should upload yesterday but I was too lazy to do it. The one you see it's Bender in wearing yeah!... a "Bikini" and the other features Fry naked in the Sauna. He also made his first Wallpaper with Leela and Amy on the beach from the 2003 Futurama calendar.
by JavieR / March 3, 2003 / 13:13
First update of this month. As you can see I received 3 new scans from Sebastian (a.k.a. S-Chan) while I was out of town, like the one your enjoying that features a logo with the Planet Express Crew. The second scanart features Fry, Leela and Bender In a Table and the last one features Leela watching TV. There's also a wallpaper that is based in the Planet Express Crew Logo from one of the scans.
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