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by JavieR / December 24, 2002 / 11:36
I was thinking to add a search option for the site, but since I forgot to do it, I decided to add it today. Now you can search around TFP with the Search form (powered by Google). It's right under the Buddies. If there's something wrong you just have to contact me.

::::: Merry Christmas :::::
by JavieR / December 20, 2002 / 18:43
That's right, why?, because Leandro from The Leela Zone Updated and Rebuilt all the Futurama Fonts. The Futurama Bold Font it's now complete with all characters (ñ, accents, diaeresis and all the other characters). The Alien Alphabet 2 has the all the numbers and lowercase characters, like the Alien Alphabet 1. The Futurama Font Title was rebuilt and looks better. I also updated the Alien Alphabet 1 section, adding the new numbers and characters. New buddie Futurama Collectorama.
by JavieR / December 17, 2002 / 08:43
It's time for a new update. As you can see, Christmas are coming, that's why I've been working in a great Xmas wallpaper. It's based on the Amy Christmas outfit from the TFP logo and has a nice "Merry Christmas" signed by Amy. I added the JPG's and the ZIP file. Amyholics go ahead!! and don't expect any update until this Friday or later.
by JavieR / December 14, 2002 / 12:33
Sebastian (a.k.a. S-Chan) send me some new scan art. I've uploaded a new leela scan, called - Leela Sleeping Beauty - from the episode "A Byciclops Built For Two". I also uploaded two great Leela Wallpapers also by Sebastian. Bye.
by JavieR / December 12, 2002 / 22:52
Hello again. I tried to update earlier but I was a little busy. I've finished a new Xmas Wallpaper, this one features Leela in a original Xmas outfit. I've spent some time on that robe, so I hope you like it. As usual, I added the two JPG's and the ZIP file, both with the same resolutions. Enjoy.
by JavieR / December 9, 2002 / 11:40
I was re installing Winamp v2.80 (Lighter than Winamp 3.x) from a backup CD and I found a lot of old skins. One of those skins was an amazing Futurama skin made by Ovi Demetrian from FOL - Futurama Online (Museum). This skin is now available in the skins section. Neat!!
by JavieR / December 7, 2002 / 22:35
This is an update just to inform everyone that the Futurama site called The Turanga Pages it's partially offline due some hosting problems, but it will be back again very soon. that's all.
by JavieR / December 5, 2002 / 12:19
If you're reading this, then you're watching it, is the Xmas design of TFP. I made the original logo and disclaimer, but with a Xmas style. I also changed the headers and now the background it's red.
I added a two sites to the links section, The Neutral Planet and Bender Bending Rodriguez's Page, this last also added to the Links en Español section.
BTW, que viva Quito!!!
by JavieR / December 2, 2002 / 14:30
Today is December 2nd, and that means that Xmas it's near. That's why today I've uploaded a new scan art by Unca Dave. As you can see, it's Leela with a sweater wishing you a Merry Christmas. Hey, don't forget that if you wanna send here any Futurama Art or Stuff, you can do it to slurmsoda@hotmail.com
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