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by JavieR / October 30, 2002 / 23:52
Hi. As you can see there's a new Scan. It's Amy with a tiny bikini that I made for the AmySaver. I also uploaded a new Scan Art by Unca Dave. Its' about Leela in a sweater.
by JavieR / October 26, 2002 / 23:09
Yes, I know that I have to update more, but, since my vacations ended, I don't have a lot of spare time. Now, I worked hard on this, a new Screen Saver, the AmySaver. You can see 5 (in low quality) of the 12 High Quality images. Just go to the Screen Saver section to download it.
by JavieR / October 22, 2002 / 14:12
Hell!!, I'm so lazy. I've slept 25 hours this weekend. I made three new stamps. Two from the Emmy Winner Episode "Roswell that ends Well" and I have no idea from witch episode I made the other stamp.
Have fun!
by JavieR / October 18, 2002 / 16:31
I tried to update earlier but since I was busy with Homework and a "Fuzzy Logic" Test, I had no time to make something new. I uploaded two of the older wallpapers I've ever seen, the first has all the main characters (images by FOX), and the other was made by Jason Jenkins and features a lot of spaceships in.... space.
by JavieR / October 14, 2002 / 22:45
All right. Today I've uploaded a new scan art from Unca Dave. This time, is a Halloween image of Leela dressed like a witch flying with her broom over NNYC, exactly in front of the Planet Express Building...and Nibbler it's with her. End.
by JavieR / October 13, 2002 / 10:59
Hi there. You have to check the Halloween design of the Space Station Futurama, I think it's great. Ok that's all.
by JavieR / October 11, 2002 / 12:15
I was a little stressed last night, so I decided to work in some new scans. I've made two, you can see one of Morbo on a chair from the episode "The 30% Iron Chief", and the other one of Nibbler with Elzar's hand from the Futurama 2003 Calendar.
JavieR signs off.
by JavieR / October 10, 2002 / 11:09
Ok. Another update without new stuff. I decided to add the Threehouse of the Future Futurama-Simpsons Message Board to the MB's section.
by JavieR / October 7, 2002 / 20:21
Just a little update. The Fry Hole host it's broken, down or stupid (no one knows), so you can go to a temporary host using this address: www.thefryhole.cjb.net.
by JavieR / October 6, 2002 / 09:04
I've been working a long time in a new Wallpaper that I uploaded today. Is Gunter screaming in a classroom from the episode "Mars University". I've added the two JPG resolutions and the ZIP file with the BMP files.
by JavieR / October 3, 2002 / 23:12
S-chan, one of the best artist of the Submitted Scans section, sent me a new scan of the Miss Universe Leela from the episode "Lesser of Two Evils". BTW, there's going to be a Futurama Comic Auction soon, just for newbies at XMoo, for more info go to www.xmoo.com
by JavieR / October 1, 2002 / 07:01
I added a new Art from Unca Dave of The Turanga Pages. This one it's about Leela "dealing" with her taxes. Just go to the Submitted Scans section. I also updated the FAQ section, adding and fixing some questions
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