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by JavieR / July 29, 2002 / 22:10
Hi there people, I'll try to update the site more and actually, I'm working in two projects, a new skin and a new flash animation. what's new around here, I made two new scans, one featuring Fry from the episode "Fear of a Bot Planet" and the other over there ==> from the episode "Anthology of Interest II". #36.
by JavieR / July 23, 2002 / 18:14
I'm back in business around here and I had to add one of the few character sites in the Futurama Museum. Say Argh, the only one Zoidberg Website it's now listed in the museum. I'll try to upload the SA old designs ASAP
by JavieR / July 15, 2002 / 15:20
It was a little difficult to update the site the last week, and it's gonna be difficult to update this one, reasons, I'm in the middle of my Final Exams. Now, I've made three new stamps, I hope you can enjoy that.
by JavieR / July 7, 2002 / 12:49
Ok, so I made two new Scans. You see one that features a nice Leela image. I could write some more but I'm busy with some work and I'm to lazy right now. That's all.
by JavieR / July 3, 2002 / 17:03
So, there are three new fan art pictures from Voice of the Many, I specially like the inverse picture of Fry looking at Leela's Picture, and the other two are related to Fry & Leela. Ok, I'm done.
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