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by JavieR / February 23, 2002 / 11:12
I haven't updated TFP because I fixed this computer (I meant Windows) and I need some time to configure and install a lot of stuff. I've improved a few sections that had errors like dead links and oderz. I've uploaded the Font of the Second Alien Alphabet made by Leandro, so download it here.
by JavieR / February 17, 2002 / 18:26
I was cleaning up my computer and I found a ZIP file with some old images and TFP logos. I've added three 3D images made by The Futurama Archive (see the Museum) and Sweeet that I found there. there's a 3D Images section in the menu but that's not the new section that I'll bring you so...stay toned
by JavieR / February 14, 2002 / 18:32
Hello everyone and Happy Valentine's Day. You already know about  the Breaking news about Futurama and I said that I was going to update TFP no matter what happens!. Today I've uploaded two scans. One submitted scan from Paul A. Metcalfe featuring Amy fighting with her hair-dryer and the other one is a Scan of Mario Mario from The Episode "Anthology of Interest II". Please send letters to FOX and keep signing the Online Petitions.
by JavieR / February 13, 2002 / 17:53
Can't Get Enough Futurama has a Timeline of  what happened since the Breaking News. There you'll find Real Mail Addresses of FOX executives. There's an online petition to sign. That's all.
by JavieR / February 12, 2002 / 08:43
This was going to be a normal update but since I saw the title


at PEEL and CGEF, I decided to change this update. FOX executives decided not to renew Futurama for a 5th Season and nobody knows the real reasons. If you can send a letter to FOX do it there:

P.O. Box 900
Attn: Futurama, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

and keep it POLITE to make it count. You also can send a Email to askfox@foxinc.com to send your opinions about this news. (thanks to FSAC, CGEF and PEEL for this info)

by JavieR / February 7, 2002 / 16:51
There's a new buddie in TFP. It is Fry Online, a new Fry website since "The Fry File" (see the Futurama Museum) closed. Not much to see right now, but not for long.
/JavieR says bye.
by JavieR / February 6, 2002 / 14:47
I've finished with the last wallpaper I made. This one features the HBender dancing with 2 female humans. You can go to the wallpaper section and choose a JPG file or the WinZip file (a little big - 400 kb) with two resolutions (800x600 & 1024x768). New Section soon...(not to soon!)
by JavieR / February 3, 2002 / 15:35
Ok. Today I made an update in the Wallpapers section. I've added the 800x600 and the 1024x768 resolutions in JPG format of the last 4 old wallpapers that I made,  but I'll keep the WinZip File too. Later I'll add the other resolutions in the older wallpapers....and soon a new great wallpaper featuring HBender. ("Wallpaper word" counter=5)
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