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by JavieR / January 29, 2002 / 16:03
Hello everyone. As you can see, the menu has a new section,» Submitted Scans ». You maybe saw that some of my Scans are available at the Futurama Scan Art Central. Here you'll find some Scan art by Paul Metcalfe. So, if you wanna see that great Amy scan art just go clicking here. BTW, if you wanna submit your own scans or "futurama" art just send it to mailto:slurmed@yahoo.com. Questions about this new section: click here. Enjoy Slurm :P.
by JavieR / January 28, 2002 / 12:36
Ok. I know that the site has not been updated frequently, but I forgot that this is my exams week at college so you're not gonna see many updates. As you can see, I've added a new Futurama Sign, this one features Fry and represents a "Fool Running".

Something new coming in this days so don't forget to come back

by JavieR / January 20, 2002 / 23:38
I haven't updated the site in the last 6 days. This is my last week in college. I made two more scans. The first one features Amy and the Human Bender at the right, the second one features Fry, Bender and the Professor as Toads both from the Episode "Anthology of Interest 2".
I think that's all but you'll see more later. TFP
by JavieR / January 13, 2002 / 16:30
I've added the newest message board. This one is called Cartoons-R-Us, but this one is not only about Futurama, is about any FOX, Warner, MTV or Nickelodeon cartoons. So sign in there and enjoy. bye.
by JavieR / January 11, 2002 / 08:55
As I said, today I've uploaded the new wallpaper that I made. Features Bender from the episode "The Icebot of Alcatraz", feeding three little penguins. You can enter now and download the zip file with the two resolutions 800x600 and 1024x768.
That's all for today.
by JavieR / January 8, 2002 / 12:49
Ok, let's back to business. Today I've uploaded three new scans. You can see one featuring PacMan from the episode "Anthology of Interest II", the others features the Professor from the episode "Roswell that goes Well" and the other features Fry. I'm also working in a great wallpaper featuring Bender that you'll see in the next update. CU SOON.
by JavieR / January 4, 2002 / 10:50
Hello People. As you can see I've changed the design to the normal one and with a few improvements (that you can not see). I hope this 2002 could be better that the last one. I've no stuff to upload but you'll see something in the next days. bye.
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