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by JavieR / December 28, 2001 / 13:20
I updated the links section again. Today I've added two sites. the first one is Planet Express (witch is a New Buddy too), and the other is called Futurama Nerve Centre, the  successor of Planet Roadmap (see the Museum). I'll bring you something new in the next update...
by JavieR / December 25, 2001 / 17:19
Hello. I hope everyone had a great and Happy Xmas. I haven't made something new, I just updated the links and fix a few things. I think that's all. BYE
by JavieR / December 19, 2001 / 20:08
I'm sorry. I tried to upload those two wallpapers earlier, but I've bee busy studying. As you can see the two wallpapers features Leela and Amy in Xmas Dresses. You can enter and download the zip file with the two resolutions. bye
by JavieR / December 16, 2001 / 16:29
I've updated The Futurama Museum. I added one of the best futurama sites around, the Futurama Outlet. I've also added some dead sites buttons. Go to the museum to know more about that great site and many others. bye
by JavieR / December 14, 2001 / 11:28
I have made the Xmas theme for TFP. as you can see, it has Xmas colors and scans all around, and  the Flash intro too.Today I've made two scans of the New episode called "Roswell that goes well", one on the right and the other featuring Bender as a UFO. I'm working in two great Xmas Wallpapers that you don't wanna miss.
by JavieR / December 10, 2001 / 14:50
Here it is, like I said in a past update. I was working in a new Winamp Skin, the Bender Amp Pro skin. You can go to the skins section and download this great skin featuring my favorite character. bye.
by JavieR / December 6, 2001 / 11:35
I've emailed Juz from Sweeet.com asking permission to upload some of the great Futurama wallpapers made by Sweeet, but since there's no answer, I've uploaded two of them. One features Fry and Bender Watching TV and the other is at your right. BTW, this update Title is just crap!. Y que Viva Quito!!!
by JavieR / December 1, 2001 / 08:27
Hello people. This is the first update of the last month of the year. I finally saw the last design of TLZ (I mean the actual one). I've updated that Screenshot and I've also added a new site to the links section. Aliens Unlimited and A Big Piece of Garbage. I've also updated some info in the characters bios. Thanks to Bass for that. EC
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