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by JavieR / November 28, 2001 / 09:48
Finally a had some time to make some scans. I uploaded 2 of them, one featuring All Gore and the other of Amy. I also uploaded 2 new ..I mean old Wallpapers that I found around. The first one features Fry, Leela and Bender at the right and the other one of Kif. I have a new buddie, Futurama Center DE. I think that enough for today. bye
by JavieR / November 22, 2001 / 18:30
Hi. This update was supposed to be seen at November 18th, but after some server problems, the update was deleted, I dunno why. Today I have uploaded two brand new stamps. you can see!! one on the right!!, and the other is of the Hypnotoad. I've tried to fill some lost information of the Museum, but I only fixed some bugs . I'm working in the BenderAmpPro... It will be done later, I don't know when really. CU.
by JavieR / November 14, 2001 / 07:12
Yes, it's true. The Futurama Museum is here again, after the sad "dead" of Planet Roadmap. I've updated a lot of deceased sites and fixed some bugs. Now there's a little tutorial, (if you're not smart enough!) to look and seek a site. I've added sites like Planet Roadmap, Nothing But Nibbler and Good News Everyone. and others. Don't think that I'm happy because "there are a lot of new sites" at the Museum :|
by JavieR / November 9, 2001 / 10:12
Hi people. I was at the Futurama Merchandise Page, and I found a paperdolls of Amy and Leela. I have made the Amy Paperdoll with and without the clothes, as you can see, at the scans section. If you saw a "text" over the Main Flash Animation, It was just a request of Bravenet.net (TFP guestbook) to fix some problems :P
by JavieR / November 5, 2001 / 10:14
Hi People. Now that CGEF is open again I've added the screenshot and a short description in the links section. I also added Futurama Center and Hermes Conrad Site, and updated a lot of screenshot like LiC, ANSTATMAW, SA and more. I'll upload something later::.
by JavieR / November 3, 2001 / 20:50
Why... there's not information without PR. Now that it's dead, not everyone knows that the biggest futurama website is back. I'm talking about CGEF. they have a new URL, www.gotfuturama.com, I hope this time stays forever. :P I'll be opening the Museum updated in the next days. byE
by JavieR / November 3, 2001 / 10:36
There was a problem with the server, this update was supposed to be posted at October 30th. but what tha hell!. Finally I have made some new stuff. I made this great Wallpaper featuring Bender from the "Anthology Of Interest I" episode. Like always there are two BMP files in a Zip File. I Also added the 1024x728 resolution of the Bender, Leela, Fry and Matt Wallpaper, courtesy of John. No more and no less. bye
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