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by JavieR / October 23, 2001 / 10:31
Hello people. With my the little time that I can use this Computer I've uploaded three new scans. One of them from the 2002 Futurama Calendar, and the other two from the Leela and FrySaver. I've added a new Buddie, Say Argh!. JavieR Says Bye For Now.
by JavieR / October 18, 2001 / 16:35
Like I promised, today I uploaded two of the old Futurama Wallpapers around. I have no Idea Who made this and the other three wallpapers that I have uploaded, so if you know something, contact me. The routine of my life has been reduced to: Eat - Study - Sleep
by JavieR / October 13, 2001 / 12:08
Hello people. You may be wondering why I haven't updated the site more frequently this weeks. This first days in the University make me be a very busy person. I hardly have time to use this computer frequently, so you need to understand me. I've uploaded two new futurama signs that I made recently but now "you know why" I couldn't do it earlier. I will upload some of the old Wallpapers later. bye
by JavieR / October 7, 2001 / 09:14
Hi. I've added the last Futurama Message Board around, The Futurama Message Board. It's fine and there's a lot of replies and discussions. If you saw a Pop Up banner you'll see that I have to put it... I hope you don't mind. I only have time for study :S (I'm not kidding) so it will be a little more difficult to update the site... SORRY...
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