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by JavieR / July 29, 2001 / 11:23
Hi. I said that I was going to update the non updated sections. Well, this is the first one, new Screen Savers. The first one is of Leela (see the example there --->). As you can see those are Four images of the LeelaSaver, but there are more of her. You may expect more Screen Savers in the next weeks and months, dedicated to the main characters. Bye
by JavieR / July 25, 2001 / 11:28
Hey! Sorry about the lack of updates but I've been working  in some of the new stuff for the site (coming soon btw). I added a third futurama message board, this one is from the Futurama Center and is named Futurama Center Message Board (FCMB). I also fixed some links of the menu that were not working like the icons and The Futurama Museum. that's it.
by JavieR / July 20, 2001 / 17:32
Hello. I made some new scans. I uploaded two of them, the first one of Zapp and the other of Leela and Fry. You maybe saw that I moved the counters to the start page, I didn't notice that the refers wouldn't show when the counters were in this page... That's all for today.
by JavieR / July 17, 2001 / 12:14
Hi everybody. Today I made a wallpaper from the comic #4 of Futurama, featuring the sexy one eye alien Leela in a great angle. This is the first wallpaper that I uploaded in ZIP format, containing both resolutions to download. I made it in this way because I want to keep the resolution of the picture and the ZIP file is smaller than the two JPG wallpapers together. I'm going to update almost all the wallpapers in that way. bye.
by JavieR / July 14, 2001 / 20:41
Hello. maybe you already saw the new counter. I changed the counter from to FastCounter, because the first one says that I must pay to have a counter with numbers only. I forgot to say that I added a new site to the Spanish Links, La Peor Página de Futurama, and the new buddy that I have, The Futurama Guide. I also added new screenshots of all the links that have a new design. I would like to know how this page looks in Netscape or just what do you think. You can tell me here.
by JavieR / July 10, 2001 / 15:56
Tadadada! In front of your eyes is the new TFP design. This is one of the best designs that I've made, I hope you like it. And what about the Flash Intro?, is kinda simple, but is ok. Just for this occasion, I made a new brand amyamp, I've changed the concept of the Amy Skin to a more individualized one. You'll see that this skin is a complete Amy Skin. I finished my final exams hopefully and will have time to make more futurama stuff, like redesign some of the winamp skins and update some abandoned sections.
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