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by JavieR / June 25, 2001 / 17:44
Hi everyone. As you can see, TFP has not been updated frequently this month. As I said in almost every past updates, I have final exams the next monday and I've been studying (certainly I am). I found two scans that I made a long time ago, one on the right, and the other of leela, when she was a child. I'm working in a new design, but don't expect updates till July 6th.
by JavieR / June 19, 2001 / 14:51
Hi. I haven't updated the site a lot, I know, sorry. I'm trying to improve the site, I finish High School at july 6 and the worst of all, I have to study!!. If you haven't visited Planet Roadmap, there's a new Museum, with better organization and with some updated content. I'll try to make something but don't expect much. :S
by JavieR / June 10, 2001 / 16:29
Hi People. I had time yesterday so I made this great wallpaper of Fry riding a T-Rex, you can see it in your right. It took me some time but I thing that is perfect :P. That's all, and you can expect some changes...CU.
by JavieR / June 1, 2001 / 13:55
Hello. As you can see I haven't updated the site because of High School. I've slept 4 hours per day in this week. Later I have Final Exams and you're not gonna see frequent updates (I apologize about that). I added 2 new scans, one is of Amy, featured in your right, and the other is of Mr. HGB. Hope you enjoy it. bye!
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